Your Thoughts Describe your Inner World



The thoughts are the signs of whats going on in your inner world. All the ideas, imagination, experiences, impressions, past or future can be read with the ongoing thoughts.

Your present moment thoughts are the description of, whats going on in your mind. The mind doesn’t think in the form of thoughts, but it thinks in the form of images. The mind only forms subtle impressions and further, the description of those images happens at the throat center.

The words don’t get formed in the mind but at the throat center. The throat center describes whats going on in your mind. Once you know, how to connect with your thoughts, you can know at any moment, whats going on, in your mind.

The inner life is not limited to the mind, but you have also had the life energy that continuously functions inside, for the smooth function at the level of mind, brain, heart, and body. The thoughts can also describe the quality of life energy that’s flowing inside.

You create your life with the actions. When you connect with the thoughts, you can figure out whats going on in your mind. The best result with the action can be derived if your inner world is in synchronization. The positive thoughts are the signs that everything is going in a flow inside, and if the thoughts are negative, it’s better to hold yourself from the actions.

Unless the life moves in synchronization within, you cannot achieve the efficiency with your actions. The life has to flow in order within and the best way to check the inner order is your thought process.

You don’t know what’s going on inside, and you may not even know, how to read the signs of life, but it’s very simple to connect with one’s thought patterns. You can always connect with your thinking patterns. Your thoughts can confirm either its the right time to act, or you have to wait a little.

When you hold yourself in the moment, you allow the inner flow of energy to move back to its natural order.

Peace in the Present Moment

If your thinking is not right, you cannot have a better perspective towards anything. Unless you are positive about any of your action inside, you are bound to create a mess in the outside life. It’s always better to be late than to add more mess to life.

To connect with the thoughts need daily practice. Each day early in the morning, it’s easier to connect with your thoughts. You can read whats going on in your mind. Once you learn the art to connect with your ongoing thoughts, and then even in the middle of the day, you can apply the same method and sense whats going on, in your mind.

If life seems a mess, it’s because of your mind, and if you feel good inside, that too depends on, whats going on in your mind, at the moment.

You have the power to change the images of your mind. Once you can read your thoughts, you can notice either positive or negative impression passing through the mind.

In those moments if you can hold yourself back from life, and simply remain present in the moment, slowly you will notice that your negative thoughts are replaced by the neutral thoughts and soon you can notice the flow of the positive thoughts.

Your entire life is summed up in a day. Whatever you do in a day, decides your life. Your life is not more than, what you live each day.

If you cannot see the real change in life, it’s only because you don’t understand the process of life and don’t even make any real effort to understand life. Life can very well be understood and you can become one with the process of life.

People do get evolved by nature, but the process of nature is so slow, that it takes many births to get in terms with our true authentic self.

The Thoughts can be Improved Upon.

Science is more interested in improving the external life and with it improving the living standard, while spirituality is more interested in improving the inner life, to improve upon the standard of living.

The science and spirituality both are equally important to improve upon the standard of life on earth. If you remain attached to one way of living, you will call for the suffering from the other end.

Science has its own place in the external reality, while the real bliss and wisdom of life can only be experienced inside. Life has to be a balance of both the science and spirituality.

The quality of thoughts can be improved with your daily experiences and impressions of life. What you live on a daily basis, becomes the impressions and experiences of your mind and the same impressions and experiences show up in your thinking patterns.

If you consciously choose your daily life, very soon you can improve upon your thought patterns. You cannot directly improve your thoughts, but your thought patterns change with the changes in the experiences and impressions of life. With life, all comes down to your daily living.

Trust Yourself More.

You can only fulfill your dreams or desires if you stay with it little longer. No matter what your mind imagines, if you know how to stick with it, it certainly becomes your reality of life. That’s how the life works.

For the majority of people, it’s hard to hold onto their dreams and desires for the longest time possible. Very soon they give up on their dreams and choose the mediocre life. The life has a right time to manifest. It doesn’t need your efforts, it needs our patience.

The one who knows to wait, will understand the process of life.

Wait and See: Finding Peace in God’s Pauses and Plans

People don’t trust themselves enough. If you don’t trust whats going on inside, how do you expect the world to believe you? The life offers to those who trust themselves enough.

The person who cannot trust himself, cannot trust the process of life. The life works out of the process. Things don’t manifest sooner or later but always manifest at a right time. The way spirit enters in the body, just at the time, when the child comes out of mother’s womb, in a similar way nature has its perfect time, to manifest everything on this earth.

Whenever you choose to take a leap, from one stage to the other you need to trust life. You need to trust the process of life. Trust with life allows you to observe in the moment. When you are already caught up in the confusion of the mind, you cannot see life with the clarity. Trust allows you to see things clearly.

The inflow and outflow of breath connect you with the present moment and with the internal rhythm. With the attention on the breath, it’s easier to read your thoughts. The attention on the breath serves you to change the quality of thought patterns.

Keep on moving with life, with the intention to improve upon everything that you come across, and you will grow with every aspect of life.

Thought Vibration:the Law of Attraction in the Thought World 


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