Your Eyes Show the Strength of Your Soul


When we meet someone, we try to avoid eyes contact. When we look into the eyes of others, it shows our honesty, & if we can’t do that, then lots of cleansing is required inside. Your eyes show the strength of your soul.

When we meet people in the present moment, & some other thoughts cross our mind, we miss to have the eyes contact with people and doesn’t give our complete attention to the person.

To bring the person to the present moment, look into his eyes, & you will catch his attention, & bring him to the moment.

When the turning of the wheel, happens in a person’s life, then the eyes, start developing the strength of the soul. An honesty of a person can be revealed into his eyes. The strength of your soul can only be developed by working on yourself.

When we have the courage to honestly look into our life, & correct our self, at every step, then slowly & gradually our eyes get clear. The clear perception of the world gets developed by cleaning our body & mind.

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Our whole body & mind is covered, by the senses. Put cold water on your head, & you will feel the sensation. Place your feet under the hot water, & the sensation under the feet will be felt.

Our every cell of the body receives the message, from our experiences and impressions of life. So, when we start the cleaning process, we start at the level of body, then work on our feelings and emotions & then move at the level of mind.

“Each day our body & mind, accumulates the experience’s or belief’s, without our notice, through the senses. So, the process of cleansing our body & mind should be followed each day.”

Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships

The senses are a mediator between the world and the mind. The body is an instrument for the mind, & all the information gathers by senses, moves directly to the mind.

The senses of our body should be clean, so that the correct message can be received from the outside world, & can be captured into our mind. The better perception towards life gets develop with a clean & clear sensory perception.

The mind makes a man goes mad, through the senses. All the stress, suffering, anger, & frustration happen through senses. We hold lesser awareness in the moment, so we react out of the situation, rather than understanding the situation in the moment.

This impulsive attitude happens out of corrupt senses. The mind has its effect on the body through senses. If the senses are in control, the mind, lose its power over the body.

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As we develop more awareness towards life, we can recognize the role of our senses, mind & body. All the emotional, physiological, psychological, to sexual centers, in our body gets aroused through the senses. All the different energy level, have the nerves directly connected to the mind.

Say for e.g. if a person suffers from an emotional needs, so at any time, any emotional subject is discussed in front of the person, that person will immediately react to that subject.

Our senses receive the message from the mind, & triggers different part of our centers, & we move accordingly.

When we feel desperate or obsessed about anything, we think it’s the need of our body & mind, but actually, we really don’t have any such needs, except the actual need of understanding our different centers, & move to the next level of evolution.

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The better awareness in the moment, is possible, with clean senses. Senses can be clean through physical exercise, walking, running, yoga, pranayama, meditation, as the whole body covered with the senses, & with the exercise, we can clean the senses of our body.

We should make all our efforts to clean our senses so that our senses should not decide our movements in life, rather, we can consciously choose each and every act in our lives.

When we are proactive towards life or live out of choice, we take power, back to our self, & as we grow with it, slowly & gradually, senses lose its control over the body & the mind.

It’s difficult to directly control the activities of mind, so different techniques have been developed, to get our self-free from the mind.

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master

It takes a sincere effort to understand the mind, & utilize to our advantage, rather following the mind.

Our soul knows the real strength of our body, mind & emotions, & so it directs us to the right place, & at the right time if we learn to listen to our soul. Our heart or the emotions of the heart is part of the soul. The soul speaks to the person, through the feelings & emotions of the heart.

Sometimes, we misunderstood the message of our emotions, when we are unable to differentiate between the message of the soul and the senses of the mind. Until we have developed the capacity to understand our feelings & emotions, our senses may betray us through the mind.

We have to follow the heart, even if we may go wrong, with the message. This is how; we can develop the capacity to listen to our heart.

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Follow your heart, & don’t be afraid. If you need something, you will receive the help from the existence, if you are really committed to your heart. Stay secure with the existence. It’s always there to serve you.

The eyes hold the difference between the king & the pauper. The king not necessary be the king of the city, but the king of his own world, & the pauper may be the king of the city, but if he hasn’t developed the strength of his soul; he will be the pauper, in front of a man, who has developed the strength of his soul.

The real power lies within the self, & not outside. If one is self-sufficient, he can survive on any corner of this world, & bring the best out of his life. But the person who doesn’t know about life, & doesn’t make any effort to know life, suffers unnecessarily, even after having everything in life.

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The strength of the soul gets developed after going through the intense sufferings of life. The soul has whole existence, under his control, & the existence holds equal respect for the soul realized being. Life attracts life, & life happens to those, who look for life.

It’s very important to know our self, & our true calling before we leave this earth because that is the real purpose of our life, & even if we live one day on the purpose, we can fulfill our self completely at the level of the soul.

Trust: Living Spontaneously and Embracing Life (Osho Insights for a New Way of Living)