Not Five, but Nature has Six Elements


This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2020

Earth, Water, Air, Space (Void), and Fire (Energy), these are the five elements of which everyone has heard of, and Energy is the primary element, out of which the other four elements, comes from, but how the energy gets into existence.

The energy or fire too has its source and the source of energy is vibrations. Vibrations are the six elements and the source of life, and the source of vibrations is vibrations itself. There is nothing beyond vibrations.

The life on the existence and life in humans follow the same principle.

The life that takes place within you, out of the same principle the life on existence follows.

The source of life is vibrations. The fire or energy comes out of the vibrational force, to which we have given different names, such as God, Natural laws, cosmos of the universe, Pure consciousness, life, and many others.

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The energy creates a void or space, both into the Universe and for the physical body, to take shape.

The physical body is made up of cells, and the formation of the cell is possible because of the energy, air, and water into the void space. The cells multiply into the void space, to create a human form.

The same energy later works through the human body, heart, and brain to manifest life, out of the different elements of the existence.

A single cell of the body has been made just like life on existence has been created. The same natural laws follow in every creation, of an existence.

The life on existence comes out of a higher vibrational force that formed energy and energy formed a space.

Energy into space formed an air, and air with different levels of energy formed water and when the energy in its purest form comes together with both air and water, it created the element earth.

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The vibration and consciousness that exists within the body and that allows the process of the universe is the same.

The universe goes on to expand because the vibrations and energy exist inside, the void space of the universe expands, and the same principle applies to the physical body.

The physical body has a limitation, to expand and it expands within a limited period, on the other hand, it takes a longer time, for the universe to expand with the consciousness.

The universe and the physical bodies are the same and the same process takes place, in both of them. The void space of the universe is expanded through energy and vibrations and the physical body too expands in the same way.

“On the other side of black-hole lies the space of energy and vibrations, which is the source of the universe. No physical or subtle matter, will ever pass through the black-hole, because of its higher energy and vibrations. The same black-hole lies within, beyond the no-mind state.”

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Beyond the no-mind state, is the space of pure energy and vibrations. You don’t experience anything of the physical or subtle world.

The physical and subtle world exists in the energy and vibrations, and in the same way, the universe exists in the higher energy and vibrations, and thus anything of the higher energy can enter into the universe, but lower energy cannot enter into the zone of higher energy and vibrations.

To understand the nature of life, you have to move beyond the no-mind state.

Once you experience life’s energy and vibrations within the body, you understand the process of creation and how life takes place both within the body and in the universe.

The energy element is the source of the function of life on earth. When life’s energy goes through the brain, heart, and body, it experiences life via a mixture of elements in different forms.

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When you experience life with life’s energy or consciousness, you see life, out of the natural process, and experience life, in its natural form.

The truth of life is possible, beyond mind, at the level of life’s energy and pure consciousness.

The life is an ever-going process, as far as humans are concerned, but at the same time, it’s always possible for the humans to escape the physical as well as the subtle world, and experience the world of pure energy and vibrations, within themselves.

The space of pure consciousness within the body gives you a glimpse of the natural process of life, that takes place on the existence and within you.

You are part of the whole, and exactly have been created the way the life created on the existence, and even the life in you work exactly the way, that life takes place in the universe.

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