How the Spirit of the Universe Works?


These may not seem to be the pertinent question for the people, those who are deeply engrossed at the level of mind, but the question is relevant for those, who are ready to explore life beyond the realm of the mind.

Yes, first thing first, the universe has its spirit that allows the different functions of the universe.

If you see the earth revolving around the sun, the moon that is taking his own rounds stars near and far-shining in the sky, the sun shining bright, and every other activity of the wind, earth, water, or fire is possible because of the spirit of the universe.

Everything that expands and grows individually carries the spirit in it. Be it the universe, humans, animals or plants, if it can grow and expand it has its own spirit. The things that are stagnant for e.g., mountains don’t have a spirit and exist from the time of the creation.

It’s the spirit that grows in everything, while the things that don’t carry the spirit, becomes stagnant.

These don’t mean that the things that carry the spirit don’t perish. It does perish but it has to go through its process of growth and once the process of growth and development reach to its limit, the things begin to move in the direction of deterioration.

Every cell of your body multiplies grows, and perish due to the nourishment of the spirit.

The realization of spirit opens a new door of vision for you. You perceive life not with the limitations of the mind, but you see things the way it unfolds out of its natural process.

The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness

Is it any way you can know how the spirit of the universe works?

Yes, the way is to realize your own spirit that works beneath your mind. The word spirit has been used by saints since ages and revealed that the spirit is the door for the life’s wisdom, but nobody tries to look for the truth behind it.

The whole universe can be observed in one’s mind, provided you see your whole mind in you. If you are habituated to perceive only outside life and have no clue what’s going on, inside your mind, the truth of life will be a far-fetched thing for you.

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Your mind is capable enough to unfold the whole universe in you, but for that, you have to realize your mind as a whole.

When you don’t know your mind, you only perceive things that are shown by your mind and not actually what they are. This simply adds illusion to life. The life as a whole is not an illusion but the way you understand life in your mind is an illusion.

It’s your individual story about life is an illusion, and the actual truth of life always differs from the story of your mind.

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With the life that grows and expands is the spirit. It’s only the spirit that knows how to grow and expand and the expansion of the spirit takes place within. The life from the perspective of the spirit begins to reveal the minute details of life.

When the hand is part of the body, it receives nourishment every moment from the spirit, but when the hand is separated from the body, it stops receiving the necessary nourishment and the process of decaying starts in the hand.

Till the things are part of the spirit, it gets necessary nourishment to grow and flourish but the time the things get disconnected from the spirit, it becomes stagnant and the process of die and decay starts within the things. The spirit is the life of the universe and within the universe.

It’s the mind that directs the spirit of your body. No matter in which part of your life you direct your attention of the mind, your spirit begins to arrange itself accordingly in you.

You can consciously direct your spirit in the outside world to manifest your desires, or you can direct the same spirit towards God, by taking your attention inward.

Living the Spirit-Formed Life

The spirit of the universe and the human is one and thus every human holds every possibility that hold by the universe. The time you realize your spirit, you also realize the spirit of the universe.

Your spirit reveals the natural way of life. You don’t strive for the individual aspiration with the spirit, but you follow the natural way of life. Your guidance comes not from the mind but with the inner movement of spirit.

With the mind, you are more intended to drive your spirit, of course, staying unconscious about the life that allows you to experience outside life, but when you realize the spirit, you surrender yourself to the ways of the spirit and follows the ways of the spirit in your life.

I Loved what Einstein Said, “You cannot change the patterns of the universe. All you can do is, understand them and become one with them.”

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