Life is full of twists and turns


This post was most recently updated on July 11th, 2020

Life is unpredictable. If you can adjust yourself with the unpredictability of life, you can sail through life. The mind cannot stop imagining things for the future. But when it comes to reality, reality always differs from the imagination of the mind.

The mind imagines something else, while life happens out of its process. No matter what you try to achieve in your life, you are bound to experience twists and turns.

There is no straight path to success. You have to go through all the different phases of life before you reach a stage, where you can call yourself successful. The benefit of twist and turn on the path is, you fill yourself up with different experiences of life. You prepare yourself for life.

If you, again and again, go through the same experiences of life, you won’t add any meaning to your life. Life becomes dull and boring if you don’t explore life.

Whenever you try a new path, you will experience the twist and turn on the path. The problem is not with the path, but the problem is your unfamiliarity with the path. Once you get familiar with the path, the same path becomes a road routine and you move to explore some other path.

The new path always comes with its challenges. It always takes time to succeed on a new path. You have to stay watchful of your step on a new path. You cannot take any moment for granted.


The Tao of Daily Life

modernagespiritualityThe problem on the new path is an experience. Its the fresh experiences of life that mold you for the bigger challenges of life.

You can prepare yourself for the twist and turn in life. It’s always your idea that becomes the hindrance on the path. If you stay clear with your goals and move towards your goals, but don’t carry any preconceived idea about, how things will lead you to the goals, then you can easily reach your destination.

Many times the life follows its natural process, but when it doesn’t follow the plan of our mind, we experience the same situations as a challenging one. The challenges don’t lie in the situation, but the real challenge lies with our perception. It’s our idea that separates us from the present reality of life.

The challenges don’t lie in the situation, but the real challenge lies with our perception. It’s our idea that separates us from the present reality of life.

The challenges get bigger when we are not prepared in life. Life can throw different challenges at you, and if you come out as a winner, you prepare yourself for the bigger and tougher challenges of life.

Life appears scary when you run away from the situation. As a human, we all are born with fear. But at the same time, we also dare to overcome the fear and face different challenges of life.

Life is uncertain at every step. You just cannot predict your life based on what’s happening outside. The life that you experience outside, a similar life also exists inside. Both the inside as well as outside life hold the power to influence each other.

But, when you consciously connect with the life that is happening inside, at least you understand the relationship between the outside as well as inner life. Both the inner as well as outside life are co-related.

We assume life to be a physical based reality, but that’s not the actual truth. Physical reality is only the consequence of the subtle reality. The subtle reality happens within the physical reality.

Everything that exists at a physical level, holds its blueprint at a subtle level. It’s the subtle world that allows the manifestation of physical reality outside.

All the confusion in life arises, because we assume the physical reality to be the actual reality of life, and miss to see the process that happens beneath the physical reality.

To unlock the mysteries of life, we have to connect with the subtle reality that works beneath our physical body. The subtle and physical world operates in the same manner in every creation.

“If you figure out the truth of your subtle world, you can also unlock the truth behind every creation.”

All the twists and turns in life make life interesting. If life would have been predictable, then it would have been boring, but it’s not. No matter how much experience you accumulate or you have unlocked the wisdom of life, but when it comes to life, life always has something different to offer you in terms of experience.

No matter how much experience you accumulate or unlock your deepest wisdom, but life as a whole still holds the power to offer you something different which is yet not part of your experience.

Your idea doesn’t work when it comes to the natural unfoldment of life. All the mysteries and chaos of life can only be solved if you observe the natural process of life and become one with it.

Your individual idea has to be dropped at every point to move forward. When you think, life will behave in a certain way, no sooner you will experience the twist of life.


The Road Less Traveled

modernagespiritualityIf you think, nothing is happening in your life, you will come across a situation where everything is happening all of a sudden.

This is how life behaves.

To become one with the twists and turns of life, we have to learn to drop our ideas of life and stay open to the ways of life. Goals or destination is not the problem, but staying rigid to the path is a problem. If you want life to happen in a certain way, then you experience the problem.

Take your steps forward, but don’t hold any idea of life. Embrace life at the moment and look for ways to take the things forward. Even if the midst of all the twists and turns of life, you will always find a way to move forward.

You unlock the code of life with one step. It’s always one step after another that pulls you out of the chaos and takes you to the destination. All the twists and turns are part of life but when you accept life whole-heartedly, you always find a way for yourself.

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