The Life that Starts at 3.0 a.m. (Brahmakumaris Ashram)


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Here’s the world that starts at 3.0 am. The people in Brahmakumaris ashram daily gets up at 3.0 am for Raj yoga meditation.

Raj-yoga meditation is a spiritual practice to make the connection with God. Raj means the kingdom and yoga mean union. The Raj-yoga means to establish the kingdom of heaven by becoming one with God. In Raj yoga meditation, you realize yourself as a soul and connect with the supreme soul, i.e. god.

Raj-Yoga Meditation.


I was in Mount Abu in Brahmakumari’s Shantivan Ashram, and here I am sharing the elevating experience that can serve you to transform your life and inspire you to experience life with a higher perception.

In Brahma Kumaris ashram, the day starts at 3.0 am for Raj-yoga meditation. Before you move for your morning meditation, a tea is served to keep you alert at the time of meditation. Everyone gathers into the main hall, to practice meditation.

You can pick any spot in the ashram to practice meditation. The morning meditation is the best time to have an elevating experience. Even in the evening time, the meditation is practiced, whereby the whole activities of the ashram gets stopped and everyone practice meditation together.

Raj-yoga meditation is to realize oneself as a soul and connect with the supreme soul. The Supreme soul is another name for God. We all are the soul’s in a human form. When you see yourself as a soul, it gets easier to connect with the supreme soul, i.e. God. The soul doesn’t have a form, and neither does the supreme soul. We all are the children of the supreme soul.

People do make the image of God, in their own form, so that it helps them to connect with God, but as your understanding gets deeper, you touch the higher dimension that allows you to break the illusion of God in a human form.

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The raj-yoga meditation helps you to touch that inner reality of the self so that you can experience the truth of life both inside as well as outside.

The experience of meditation takes place in a subtle world, and thus it gets hard to express it in words. As love can only be experienced, the soul is subtler than any feelings or emotions, and thus it gets difficult to bring the experience of soul in words.

Normally, people relate themselves to the physical body, and thus it gets difficult for the mind to understand the truth of the soul. To realize the soul, the attention of the mind needs to be directed inward.

Raj yoga meditation helps you to have the first-hand experience of the soul. Once you realize the soul, it gets easier to understand the supreme soul. Experiencing the supreme soul is realizing the source of life.

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 Whenever in your lifetime you will experience the soul or realize the truth of God, you will face the difficulty in expressing your truth to others.

The way the child and mother’s love cannot be measured but can only be felt and experience, in a similar way, the benefit out of raja-yoga meditation can only be savored as an experience for oneself and cannot be proved or measured in a physical world. With raja-yoga meditation, you can make the connection with God.

The experience of raja-yoga meditation is so strong and powerful, that you lose complete sense of self-effortlessly. People hold their thoughts, emotions and the personal identity (ego) so tight that even when the time comes to drop themselves for their own good, it becomes impossible for them.

In Shantivan ashram, the energy and vibrations are so strong that you remain in meditative state effortlessly. Thousands of people meditate every day on God, and their energy and vibrations you can feel in every corner of the ashram. In the ashram, you lose complete sense of the self and find yourself in full ecstasy of positive energy and vibrations.

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Murli or The Nectar of Wisdom.

The murli class is conducted every morning from 7.0 am to 8.0 am. Murli is the wisdom from Brahma Baba. Brahma Baba is the one who has initiated the BrahmaKumari’s Organization. It’s been said that the wisdom from Brahma Baba comes from his elevated spiritual experience’s. Even the wisdom from Brahma baba holds the power to give you a spiritual experience, and take your life to another level.

Bible, Bhagavad-Gita, Quran, the Avesta, are not the ordinary knowledge of the mind, but the wisdom of the soul. The wisdom serves to create the path for the seekers and help them to realize their soul and further the realization of God.

The wisdom of murli serves the people to create the path that leads to the realization of soul and makes further connection stronger with God.

People have their own ideas about the word wisdom, but in simple terms, to have the wisdom means to have the complete knowledge about the self and the source of life. When you realize the source of life, you also understand the life on existence.

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Murli or wisdom from Brahma Baba is not only limited, to attain the spiritual heights but also serves the purpose of achieving success and fulfilling obligations and responsibility of the external world. It serves the purpose of fulfilling the obligation of worldly life as well as developing the inner path that can serve you to realize the true self.

Wisdom from murli can be applied in your daily life, and you can note the positive changes in your life.

The wisdom connects you with the higher truth of life so that you can analyze and evaluate your daily living and make necessary changes in your life.

Once you analyze and evaluate your life by measuring with the wisdom from Baba, the path of life gets clear to the mind. People suffer because they live far away from the truth. They only believe what they see, and the mind projection always project half-truth.

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The wisdom from Brahma Baba helps you to look at the truth, while the raj-yoga meditation gives you the power to face the truth and live the truth.

People feel heavy all the time, as they carry their past in their mind and heart. With the wisdom and Rajyoga meditation, you learn to drop your past from within and feel light inside.

The wisdom from Brahma Baba,

” Give away your life, but don’t give your inner happiness for anything.”

” Remembrance of the God, helps you to wash away the past impressions from your mind.”

” You develop powers by following the right path.”

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Break-Fast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner.

In your daily life, you don’t give much importance to food habits, but when you visit the ashram you will have an eye-opening experience when it comes to what you intake in terms of food.

You don’t give much importance to your thoughts, emotions, energy, and vibrations, but in Brahmakumaris ashram, the food is cooked and served in the remembrance of God, so that pure energy and vibrations get to the food and then to the person, whosoever eats that food.

Everyone in the godly service in the ashram is highly conscious at the time of preparing the meal and at the time of serving the meal so that even the daily food can serve the purpose of spiritual growth in everyone’s life. In the ashram, every activity has been taken care of in a minute detail so that every act serves the purpose of the spiritual growth.

Your daily food habits change the chemical reaction of your body either positively or negatively according to your food habits.

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There are farmers, who are part of the Brahmakumaris community. All the vegetables, wheat, and rice are sown on the field keeping in mind the tradition of the organization and thus you feel charged up with every meal, at the ashram. Every meal carries with itself the positive vibes.

The World of Silence

Lectures from different Masters.

The one who has attained wisdom for himself in Brahmakumaris community renders their wisdom on various topics to the seekers. Everyone is a student in Brahmakumaris community, from the highest order to the lowest one. Each person in the community is learning every day and evolving every day with life.

Every month, the Conference is conducted on different aspects of life, where the higher faculty of BrahmaKumaris share their light on different topics of life.

There are Dadi’s, senior brothers and sisters, who have attained enlightenment, under the guidance & teachings from murli and raj-yoga meditation, and share their wisdom with the seekers.

Each teacher has his own expertise and everyone holds the experience of not less than forty years. Each member of the community is an enlightened being, and they all serve from one platform. They have surrendered themselves in godly service to share what they have attained with the world.

Brahma Baba is the creator of the BrahmaKumaris Organization. Brahma Baba himself has shared his light on different issues of life. The Murli or wisdom is hand-written by the Brahma Baba himself. It’s been said that the supreme soul himself guided the wisdom through Brahma Baba to share with the world.

Every lecture from the senior brothers and sisters are worth to cherish for. You can have the vast pull of wisdom from each lecture, that otherwise, you may not find even after reading hundreds of books.

I Know How To Live, I Know How To Die

Daily Activities that Empowers the Soul.

In BrahmaKumaris Ashram, there are small-small rituals that can help you to empower your soul. There are systematic ways to do everything. Every single activity in the ashram is carried out in proper order.

Disciplined life, traffic control (meditation for two minutes 5 times a day), morning, and evening meditation, healthy food habits, moving to bed as early as eleven, afternoon rest, no workload, surrendering the act to the Supreme soul are the few rituals followed on a daily basis.

Everything in the ashram is meticulously planned, considering all the different facets of life.

“Your life is not made up of just one great act, but your daily actions in part makes one great life”.

Peace Of Mind

In the ashram, every act works as an empowerment of the soul, be it the traffic control, where 5 times a day, you meditate for 2 minutes in the remembrance of God, or the disciplined life where each work is rightly conducted.

People don’t overdo themselves at BrahmaKumaris ashram and work in a small-small shift. The daily working hours never exceed more than six hours unless in some special case.

The purpose or primary goal of life is to realize the soul and establish the kingdom of heaven. All the other activities are the byproduct of the primary goal.

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These thoughts are given the prime importance in the ashram and everyone is more inclined to the self-growth, while in the process work takes place effortlessly through them.

Everyone is silent and peaceful in BrahmaKumaris ashram and in the ashram, you will find more work and less talk. When you compare the outside world with the life of the ashram it seems completely opposite.

The daily activities of people at the ashram are more inclined towards the self-empowerment. Each one meditates, gains knowledge and applies to their life, work for six to seven hours a day, and follows the rituals developed out of an experience and not beliefs, that leads to their further growth and personal empowerment.

“The discipline develops power into the act, says Brahma Baba.”

The Story of the Brahma Kumaris, A Spiritual Revolution

There are literature departments, full of spiritual and religious books. Library too is the center of attraction, where you find the world’s literature.

Every corner of the ashram, you find the inspirational quotes to lift you up, and keeps you highly motivated all the time. You are never out of the purpose, as each act leads you to the purpose and helps you to fulfill your higher goals in life.

Eternal Blessings

Experience the Ashram for yourself.

To experience the ashram’s life, and to imbibe the same culture in your daily life, I will highly suggest you visit the ashram. You can visit the link below if you choose to visit the ashram.

Brahmakumaris Contact Details

P.S.: Before you visit the BrahmaKumari’s Ashram, you have to do the seven days course, in the nearby Brahmakumari’s centre, available at your locality. You can find the Brahmakumari’s center, at your city, and visit the centre to learn Raja-yoga meditation.