Shambhavi MahaMudra : A powerful technique of Meditation


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Shamabhavi is feminine energy. Mahamudra is a posture. Mahamudra is the right posture that allows your feminine energy to rise higher and give you an experience of awakening.

When you practice shambhavi Mahamudra, you get into the right position and simply observe life happening in you.

You don’t have to make an additional effort, rather all you have to do is, hold your position and observe life. Simply close your eyes and observe everything that goes in you. Sometimes, the most difficult thing is to observe life happening on its own.

We all wanted to do something all the time. When we are doing nothing, we are missing something. When you practice meditation, you learn to observe life. You notice everything is happening on its own.

With a little effort, everything is accomplished. All you require is little awareness at the moment. This little awareness can create magic in your life.

You can spend hours and hours in the company of others, but when it comes to spending time alone, the fear creeps in. It’s difficult for us to live alone. When you are alone, fear creeps in. We like other company’s but we don’t like our own company. We can fall in love with others, but we find it difficult to love ourselves.

The process of shambhavi Mahamudra is simple. It brings you back to yourself. It’s an effortless process. Shambhavi is energy in you. The life energy in you is feminine. Just by observing the energy, the energy moves to its source.

Mahamudra is a great posture. Great posture means, just the posture is enough to help you to realize your higher self. You don’t need anything else, except the gaze and the posture. So it’s called Shambhavi Mahamudra.

Shambhavi Mahamudra is one of the oldest techniques of meditation. You sit straight being comfortable in your position. Close your eyes, and gaze at everything that goes in you.

The life is happening and you as a witness, observe everything that is happening both in the inside as well as the outside world.

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All the different asanas have been developed to make your connection stronger with the self. when you do yoga or do any form of exercise, you connect with your body. Once you make a connection with your body, it becomes easier to make a connection with the mind.

The process of awakening happens through the mind. Slowly you come closer to the self.

The process of awakening is all about observing life. You have to learn the art of gazing. You have to be aware of life happening at the moment.

When you observe your mind, you notice that the mind likes to run into the future. Either the mind is into the past or its into the future. Its never at the moment.

The mind at the moment is conscious of everything that is happening at the moment.

You see everything but you see passively. You don’t use force, rather your look remains gentle. Your approach to meditation has to be feminine. It’s just like holding a newborn baby. No power or effort is required. You need to know, how to hold the child. It requires art.

When you observe, you see as if everything is happening on its own. It’s just like you are watching the third person. Even if you are observing life in you, you observe as if, it doesn’t belong to you. It’s happening to somebody else. Soon you reach the stage, where you feel disconnected with your body and mind.

The process of meditation is to create a gap between the body and the mind.

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You have to understand the technique of meditation and the technique can only be learned by practicing meditation. There is no rocket science to close your eyes and sit in one place.

Your mind will not allow you to be in one place. It will become restless. You have to overcome these moments and be with your mind. Once you overcome the restlessness of the mind, you prepare the ground to experience life beyond the mind.

The truth of life exists beyond the mind.

When you practice Shambhavi Mahamudra you become soft. Your looks get gentle, but when it comes to your position, you are masculine. Your position remains strong but your gaze remains mild.

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In the practice of meditation, what’s important is your attention. Many times, it happens that your mind takes you for a ride, without you being aware of it. You have to stay present with your mind. It’s the mind that observes. You have to be mindful of your mind.

If you become rigid and stuff with your observation, rather opening yourself to life, you tie more knots to your life.

Your spirit is already tied up to the body in a complex way, and more you hold yourself tight, more complexities you create inside.

You need to let loose yourself to experience life with clarity.

The practice of Shambhavi Mahamudra is to untie the spirit from the body. You separate your spirit from the mind and the body so the truth is realized. It’s only with the separation, you see the absolute reality of life.

When your gaze is gentle during the practice of meditation, the spirit starts to untie within the body.

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When you observe your inner world, all the chaos and confusion of life comes to the surface. Many times when we see the danger, we tend to run away from it; but at the same time, if you can hold your nerve, and observe the danger, you receive power to overcome that fear of your life.

In the inner world, you observe the movement of the breath. You sense different sensations in the body. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be observed. You see the dreams, desires, and imagination running through your mind. You observe everything that goes inside and experiences everything as a detached observer.

In meditation, magic happens while you become a witness to life. Your role remains of an observer, while the rest of the things happens on its own.

It takes a while to understand the nature of your body and mind and hold it in one place. The mind is so volatile, that it cannot hold itself even for a moment, and when the mind is constantly wandering into different directions, it becomes impossible to hold the physical body still.

The practice of meditation serves you to develop control over your body and mind. Sometimes the mind remains restless, and thus to soothe or ease your mind before meditation, the best thing is to take a walk for 20 to 30 minutes and then sit for meditation.

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Any form of physical exercise, helps you to release yourself from within and allow the life energy to flow naturally through the body.

No matter what you do in your life, if it matters to you, be with it. Sometimes, things work for you and sometimes they don’t, but if you stay with it, and hold onto yourself, you create space within to move forward.

The same applies when you practice meditation. Sometimes your attention will be fine, and many times you will be carried away by the mind. Throughout the whole process, always remember to stay with the process till the end.

If you learn to stay with the process till the end, the magic will start to happen. If you want something, stay till the end, you will certainly see the results in your life.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I completed the 2 day course last weekend 20/1 may 17. I completed the isha kriya online mandala prior to the course. I have been feeling tired with little appetite this week, falling asleep in the afternoon for maybe 10/20 mins, losing weight also. Mind is calm but I do not feel myself. Is this normal at the beginning of practicing shambhavi mahamudra twice a day, I do not want to stop, just concerned a little.

    • Hello Utkarsh,

      Certainly. But I will suggest you move steps by steps inward. Hold patience and allow the things to happen. Dont push yourself, rather practice surrender while practicing meditation.

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