What is Life-Cycle, and how to Break the Life-Cycle?


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The life cycle is a daily process of life. Each day you have different situations and events to experience, which leads to future events and the life cycle go on and on and on.

With the mind and senses, life is experienced outside in the form of situation, events, and experiences, but it’s subtle impressions forms inside. To break the life-cycle is to have an experience of your subtle life that exists inside, and move to the source of it.

When you realize the source of life-cycle in you, the process of life-cycle still continues, but you become a spectator of it. You participate but as a spectator. When you can realize the life-cycle in you, and understand the process of it, you can consciously choose to enter and exit the life-cycle. To move out of the life-cycle consciously is what defined as a moksha or liberation in the eastern religion.

There is no life, other than this world, and you understand the process of life of the existence, once you understand the process of life, that goes in you.

“Self-realization is a state of mind, where you rise above your life-cycle and consciously participate in it.”

Self Realization

Life seems complex when it’s out of order. Mess or chaos is part of the mind. With the self-realization, your mind gets in order, and everything around you begins to fall in place.

The highest experience of life is to experience the source of life within. With the experience of the source, you rise above the life-cycle. When you come back to life, you don’t associate yourself with the things of the mind, rather you become one with the process of life. The mind gets clarity about the process of life, after the self-realization.

Life-cycle is a continuous process. With the mind, you go on moving into the circle, to fulfill your obligations in life. You fulfill one, and other appears. You go on moving into the circle unless you make a conscious choice to rise above it.

There is no way to move anywhere else, with life. The kingdom of heaven and hell is on this very earth and there is no other life than what you are experiencing right now.

You find the angels, and devils on this very earth, but still, it’s important to know the purpose of your existence. You cannot go on living, without knowing why do you exist, or what’s the actual truth of life?

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Once you realize your own truth out of experience and not in any form of information, all your queries related to God, Soul, spirit, or the process of life gets resolved.

Before you rise above the life-cycle or break the life-cycle, you have to observe and understand your life-cycle. Each one has his or her own life-cycle, and this life-cycle is nothing but your daily situation, events, and experiences of life.

This is a life-cycle where you are simply moving into a circle. One situation or event leads to another and you again run the next day to catch those events or situations of life.

The wisdom of life is to understand the life-cycle, that is going on in you. It goes within your mind and makes you repeat the same circle of life over and over again.

The process to understand the life cycle begins when you observe your daily life. You observe your sensation into different situations and events of life. You have to be prepared to go through all the pain and pleasures of life, in the present moment.

With the mind, you are either living your past or creating your future. Even you experience pain, it’s because of the past, and if you feel good, it may be, because of the future, but you never experience life, in the present moment.

“If you are really present in the moment, you don’t experience pain or pleasure, but only experience sensation.”

You Are Here

You want to run into the future. Your movement is, for the future. You want to either get rid of the past, or you want to create the better future, but anyway, you are not experiencing life at the moment.

Life-cycle is happening within your mind, and it works through the body through sensation. If the mind shows the past or the future, you still get the sensation, according to the imagination, that your mind creates, of the past or the future.

The present is present. It has no relevance, with the past or the future. With the present, life is happening without the interference of mind. Your expectations break only because of your mind. Your mind looks into the present situation, either in comparison to the past or with the expectation of the future. It never looks the situation, in its natural form, and thus because of your mind, you suffer.

If you are really present in the moment, you do whatever is possible, to serve the need of the moment, and leave rest to life.

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The present moment is all about sensation. No thought, or feelings or emotions, but the sensation. The sensation allows you to experience the present moment, and with the sensation, when you rise above the mind and move deep into your being, you experience the source.

You not only experience life through sensation but because of the sensation, you are tied up with the life-cycle. To understand the life-cycle, it’s necessary to understand your daily life situation and to understand the situation, it’s necessary to understand the different movements that take place in you, through sensation.

By observing your daily life, you connect with the sensation within you and once you connect with the sensation, you experience all the different situations and events of life that take place in the subtle world.

Whenever you get into the pleasant or unpleasant situation, the mind goes on thinking about the same situation over and over again. Now that’s your subtle world, where all the process of mind takes place.

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More you move inward, into the subtle world of thoughts and imagination consciously, slowly your sensation begins to move into the deeper realm, beyond the subtle world of your mind.

You have to experience in you, the source of life.

The nature of the source in you is exactly the same as the nature of the creator. The source within is part of the creator.

Once you experience the source in you, it takes time for the mind to understand everything that takes place inside, and slowly the wisdom of life is revealed to the mind. It takes time for the mind, to have absolute clarity with the inner process.

The bliss and wisdom are possible only with the source, and at the level of mind, life can only be lived well, with the proper understanding of one’s true self and the creator.

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