Authors Bio

Roshan Sharma is an Author of “Meditation:The Beginning of a New Life“.

He runs a blog under the name “”, and has written over 500 blogs covering the topics, from God, religion, spirituality, philosophy, mind, meditation, psychology, consciousness, and many more.

He is a regular practitioner of meditation and prefers walking or running for physical exercise. He is an avid reader of life.

His thoughts on Life:

If you are new to the process of meditation, then meditation is certainly a beginning to a new life for you.

Life is all about understanding, either you work with the outside world, or you explore the inner reality. It’s only with the understanding, life grows and evolve on this earth.

Meditation is one of the tools that give you an understanding of life. It helps you to know yourself and serve you to realize the source of life that exists in you.

When you understand how life works, you also receive the working of life that takes place outside.

With the practice of meditation, all the mysteries of life get resolved. Once you realize the source of life, you don’t live with the idea about life, but you have a direct experience of the truth.

The life follows an eternal process and it unfolds naturally in the moment. The practice of meditation gives you an eye to see the natural unfoldment of life. Once you see, how the life unfolds naturally, all you do is connect with the natural ways of life, and allow yourself to flow with it.

The one purpose of life with which, all other purposes of life is served, i.e. to realize the source of life in you. Once you realize the source of life, you not only experience the absolute bliss of life within, but you also serve the outside life with the highest wisdom.