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Dive Deep into the Moment

Dive Deep into the Moment

Dive deep into the moment. You have heard about the past and the future. You also have heard about experiencing the present moment.

How about diving deep into the moment?

Our past and the future exist when we separate ourselves from this moment. The time we dive deep into this moment, we rise above our past and future conflicts, and experience the bliss of this moment.

This moment is beautiful from all sides. All the practices are needed to dive deeper into this moment. The practice of meditation serves you to dive deeper into this moment.

Experiencing the present moment is the thing of the past. Now, you have to dive deeper into this moment. This moment is part of the whole. You become one with the whole process of life, when you are in this moment.

The feelings of joy and bliss will move up and down, but when you are into this moment, you experience life whole-heartedly.

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Life is worth knowing. This knowing happens in this moment. To be with your breath is the best way to be in this moment. The ever-flowing movement of your breath keeps you connected with this moment.

Experience life in this moment, and move deeper into it. The experience is totally different. Our mind likes to wander into the past and the future,but the truth exists in this moment.

You know what you are holding into your heart?

You only realize when you are part of this moment. Life is best lived in this moment. We all strive with each passing day to make our lives blissful. All the effort is required to connect with this moment, and all the joy and happiness of life will come at your door step.

Life is joyful. But to experience that life, you have to consciously move in the direction of joyful life. Life follows a process. If you follow the process, you feel happy. If you follow the ways of your mind, you feel sad. The best thing is to understand the ways of life, and align yourself with it.

The present moment holds the hidden secrets of life that can only be known if you experience life in the moment.

The mind lives in the perception. The life in the moment happens without perception.

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When you are part of the moment, you are not deceived by the tricks of your mind. The mind has its own ways to take you for a ride. At the same time, if you are aware in the moment, you can also observe the tricks of your mind.

The life can be best understood by simply observing life. If you become conscious of the things around you, you receive clarity in life. Life is known through the practice of mindfulness.

All the solutions of your problem lie in the moment. Life has a tendency to unfold on its own. You don’t have to push yourself harder, nor have to sit down and do nothing. All you have to do is, follow the ways of life and everything will be accomplished on its own.

The mind likes to wander into different directions. It doesn’t like to be into the moment. It requires a practice to experience life in the moment.

Meditation serves you to experience life in the moment. More you meditate, more you become part of the moment. All the complexities arise, when you are away from this moment. The time you become part of this moment, life becomes simple.

Life is simple when you live moment by moment. In the moment life is simple. You don’t have any need to control life in the moment. It’s happening on its own. It’s moving on its own. You too flow with the flow of life.

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Its only when you disconnect with the reality of life and move into your mind, the problem starts. In the moment, life is precious. When you are away from this moment, you are not part of this life. You are into your mind. Be part of life, and experience the ecstasy of life.

In the moment, you can shift the direction of your life. Life is all about choices. You can choose your life in the moment. When you are in this moment, you always know what you want out of your life.

We all can create the life of our choices, provided we know, what we really want out of our lives. Most of our lives we live in illusion. This illusion adds more illusions into our lives. When we get on the path of truth, we attract truths from all sides of life.

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In the moment, you are authentic. You are pure. Your body, mind and soul moves in synchronicity. You don’t find the conflict or confusion rather you live your life with clarity. When you are one with life, everything flows in motion.

You find immense synchronicity in both the outside as well as inner world. Life brings to you, what you hold inside. If you hold love, you attract love. If you hold life within you, you attract life.

If you wish to see, what life brings to you, look what you hold inside. To experience the magic of life, you have to believe that magic exists.

When you are in the moment, you leave your ego behind. You don’t live to nourish the identity; rather you live to nourish life. Usually we live to nourish the identity of the mind, as we have no clue of other aspects of life.

You have life beyond the mind. You have to connect with that life to know the truth of life.

Law of Attraction and the Mind

law of attraction

The relationship between the mind and the law of attraction. Your mind attracts everything into your life, knowingly or unknowingly.

Your mind is a magnet. Whatever exists in your mind, similar things gets attracted to you. So, you want to see what you attract into your life, look into your mind.

Your mind gives you the brief picture of your life. We all wanted to know the truth of life and the truth of the laws of attraction. Here’s the truth. The truth is your mind. Your mind is the doorway to all the answers of your life.

Look into your mind, and you will know, what you attract into your life. Your life cannot be different than what exists into your mind. All the changes if needed, than its needed in your mind.

You may struggle to change the outside situations of life, but the real change is needed in your mind.

Whether it’s good or bad, your mind creates your life. The change is possible in your life by changing the things of your mind.

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How the things of the mind get form?

The mind is formed by the choices and decisions you make on everyday basis, consciously or unconsciously. If you go on living unconsciously, still you create your life and attract things into your life, but you will never know why you attract those things into your life.

At the same time, if you start making conscious choices and decisions in your life, you will observe the conscious shifts in your life.

Laws of attraction starts with your mind. You put one thing into your mind, and your mind like a magnet start attracting similar things to you.

The Law of Attraction

This is the law of gravitation, and this is the law of magnet and this is the law of attraction.

It seems simple, but it takes lots of practice to keep your mind to one thing. The mind likes to wander into different directions, and thus your attention scatters into various things, and it gets difficult to attract what you desire in life.

No matter what you want, you can attract into your life, provided you keep your attention to it. Life is not happening on its own; rather each individual is attracting what they hold into their minds.

Life is magical and you can experience the magic of life by connecting with your mind.

The mind comes with the powerful energy called soul. This soul is the driving force of the mind. If you consciously direct your mind out of your choices and decisions you can manifest anything out of it.

But at the same time, if you keep your mind idle, and don’t make any use of it, it may unconsciously attract all the negative things that can take your life altogether in a different direction.

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One thing that you have to be careful is of the awareness. The mind has the power to be aware. You have to be aware of the things that are happening inside, you and around you. This awareness will always keep you alert and on your feet in your life. The time you lose your awareness in the moment, your life tends to shift backward.

There are two ways to go about life. Either you go with the happy heart, or you go with the heavy heart. If you go with the heavy heart to attain something, life becomes heavy. If you go after things, with all the love, you not only make most of your manifestation, but you also love the journey towards your manifestation.

Your mind is a place where you attract your life. You have to be careful with every choices and decisions you make on every day basis, as everything attracts similar things into your life.

The mind is a space where law of attraction takes place. All the manifestation of life takes place in your mind. You have to start with your mind. Your life should shift inside out.

Your mind is the source of life that you experience outside. You have to be aware of everything that goes into your mind. The process of self-realization is all about realizing the true potential of your mind.

To make most out of the laws of attraction, you have to make most out of your mind. Your mind is the center point of the universe. Whatever you think in your mind, you create that space to attract it into your life.

Be careful with your choices and decisions in your life. Sooner or later it will become a part of your life.

Money, and the Law of Attraction

2 Hour Rule for Focus and Creativity


The process of life is all about flow. If you want to achieve success in any respective field, you have to try 2 hour rule.

What is 2 hour rule?

The 2 hour rule is, to devote your focused 2 hour on one thing. These 2 hours has to be without any distraction. When you spend those focused 2 hour on one thing, things tend to unfold on its own. When you become one with life, things tend to flow in motion.

Whether it’s your personal or professional life, or you are working on your craft, or writing books or doing things that you like. Follow 2 hour rule, and see the difference in your life.

Explore Life

explore life

Do you want to know the meaning of life?

Explore life. Explore your daily life, in all the directions and you will find the true meaning of life.

When you look beyond yourself, you find the true meaning of life. When the mind is occupied with its own tiny self, it separate itself from the life as a whole, but when it consciously look beyond the identity of the self, it comes across the life which is far bigger and grandeur than the self.

Exploring life is the human need beyond the basic needs of life. When you explore all the different facets of life, you come across altogether a different perspective towards life.

Life is way beyond what you think, and thus to experience life in its entirety, it’s important that you learn to drop yourself and experience life as a whole.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. On the contrary, choose the path that you have never walked upon, and explore life with all its colors. To experience something different you have to try all different ways of life. Its only on the different path, you can have different experiences of life.

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The different beauties of life can be experienced on a different path. You have to open your heart to life.

To explore life, the first thing you need is to have an open heart. You have to stay open to life. You can’t live with a pre-conceived notion. You can’t live by predicting the future; rather you have to live by experiencing life at the moment.

The next thing you need to explore life is a quest for learning. Have an open mind. Always stay hungry to learn something new and apply into your life.

Remember this, learn that you can apply. Simply information will only burden your mind.

When you learn, you find something new to experiment with your life. When you try something new, it opens up different possibilities in your life. Learning is a wonderful tool to take your life forward.

If you think you have been stuck or life is not moving forward, start learning about the subject that seems important to you, and you will notice that you will find the way to move forward.

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Learning is a way to move forward. It helps you to release your blocked energy inside. When your inner energy starts rolling you can do anything with your life. Learning helps you to grow.

Life is magical, only if you are open to experiment with your life. That’s where the magic of life lies. The magic lies in the unknown. The fear keeps you away from the path of the unknown.  

Exploring life is walking into an unknown territory. You have to surrender yourself to the moment. The best way to rise above the fear is to surrender yourself in the moment.

 Ego is the root cause of all your fear. When the mind contemplates life, it contemplates around the ego. When you think by dropping your ego your perspective changes towards the situation and life. Ego wants you to hold your old identity, while the life wants you to leave your ego behind and experience life.

When you follow the daily routine, life becomes monotonous. You can go on repeating the same life day in day out. This stops you from experiencing life, beyond the identity of the mind.

Your mind holds a pattern. When you follow the same repetitive process of life, you simply hold onto those patterns. When you bring awareness to your daily life, you can consciously break that pattern, and look beyond your daily routine.

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It’s important to explore your daily routine. When you explore your daily routine, you start enjoying every bit of life. Your life is your creation. You can create either heaven or hell, depends on your daily choices of life.

Want to know your life and know yourself?

Sit down, and write down all your experiences that you went through yesterday. Do it for a week, and your life will be on that piece of paper. That’s where you will find your daily patterns of life. People are scared to look into their lives. Everyone is interested in peeping into others lives, but nobody is interested in looking into one’s own life.

 Life is not boring. People are boring. When you join hands with life, you make most out of your life. You have to learn different ways of life. That’s the reason learning is so important. Learning connects you with the very core of life.

Life is wonderful, if you connect with the very source of life.

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You have to stay open to life. When you already know everything, you stop listening to life. When you realize you don’t know anything, you stop, you wait, and you listen to life.

When you already live with the idea that you know everything, you separate yourself from the life as a whole. Every moment of life comes with endless possibilities, provided you remain open for it.

There are two ways to go through the process of life. In the first case, your identity takes you through the process of life.

In the second case, the life itself takes you through the process of life. When you follow the second one, you experience the life as a whole.

You rise above the duality of mind, and experience life in its natural form. The purpose of life is to express yourself to your full potential. If you give everything that you have to life, you receive everything that you desire in life.

Soaring Among the Stars: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Astral Travel But Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Astral Travel Gothic Levitation Dark Goth Fantasy

If you’ve watched the 2016 blockbuster film “Doctor Strange”, you may have noticed the interesting sequence where Dr. Stephen Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) traveled out of his body and into a mystical realm. This process is called astral travel, and it’s a popular concept in many schools of thought and cultures all over the world.

What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel, also called astral projection, is an out-of-body experience where an individual intentionally leaves their physical body and allows their consciousness (usually appearing as a spirit form of themselves) to travel. Most ideas regarding astral travel usually revolve around the thought of being able to visit any place within the universe, but there are also those who believe that you can travel through time as well. The modern term of “astral projection” was coined and made popular by 19th-century Theosophists.

This travel occurs on the “astral plane”, which is one of the planes of being. Humans live on the physical plane which is completely separate from the astral plane. The idea of the astral plane has significant roots in mythology and new age spirituality.

Is it Possible for Anyone to Astral Travel?

When people hear about astral travel for the first time, they generally tend to brush it off as something that’s too supernatural and “out there” for them to experience in their daily lives. However, those who experience astral projection on a regular basis actually believe that it’s an experience that’s far more common to people than many know.

Many believers say that astral projection is simply another form of lucid dreaming, which is also known as “conscious sleeping”. Have you ever had that sensation where you were just about to fall asleep, then you were suddenly awakened right before it happened? Do you remember that strange sensation of “falling”, even though your body hasn’t moved at all? They say that this sensation is brought about because your astral form is suddenly “falling back” into your body, and that you were actually in the first stage of astral projecting.

Astral travel has also been linked to meditation, where one is said to be able to travel out of their physical body once they have reached a deep meditative state.

How do I prepare Myself for Astral Travel?

If you want to experience astral travel for yourself, you must prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally beforehand. Unfortunately, it’s not something that you can just jump into without particular preparation. You must also prepare your surroundings to make sure that the whole process is safe and goes off without any problems.

         Choose and Prepare Your Surroundings

The first thing that you should do is make sure that you are in an optimal space for astral travel. Make sure that you are somewhere cool, dark, and quiet. Most people choose a particular time of day for astral travel to minimize outside distractions and interferences such as late night or very early in the morning.

         Get Comfortable

You need to get comfortable and relaxed in order to enter the trance state that’s required for astral travel. Some people find that lying down is their most comfortable position, while others prefer sitting. There is no “one” position that’s perfect for astral travel; it will depend on your preferences.

Take note that you will need to remain motionless for a long time, so you might want to wear something light and cool. Choose something that won’t get in the way.

         Remove Any Obligations

Make sure to remove anything that can cause a disturbance. Put your phone on silent (without vibrations) or turn it off completely. Turn off any electronic gadgets that might emit sounds, no matter how small or muted. One of the best things about trying to astral travel during late night or early morning is that there will be a smaller probability of being disturbed by anyone, whether it’s your pet, your partner, or your friends.

         Relax and Let Go

Now, the final step: just let go. Let your mind wander. Take deep and slow breaths. As the minutes pass by, your body will naturally relax and your mind will be more receptive to astral travel. 

Be Informed about Astral Travel

            While there are many benefits of astral travel, you should still be cautious when you try to perform this process. Since it involves your consciousness separating from your body, it is best if you know as much about your spirit and soul as possible before you attempt it to ensure that you are safe. Visit freeastrology123 to find out more about the human spirit and you can reach a deeper understanding of yourself through astral travel.

Listen! Listen! Listen!

Listen! Listen! Listen!

Listen! Listen! Everyone likes to talk. You have to be different. Try Listening. You will find something more than normal. Listening connects you with the life at the moment. Not only people, rather everything is trying to talk to you.

You have to develop the ability to listen, not only to people but life as a whole. Life is all energy. When you open yourself to life, you connect with the energies around you. When you try to understand life in the form of energy your perspective changes towards life. You experience life beyond your mind.

The point here is, are you listening?

Our mind is so engrossed with its own thought patterns, that it hardly finds time to listen to something else. Even when you are communicating with someone you are more interested in what you want to say, rather trying to listen what others are trying to say.

When you learn the art of listening, you open yourself to a new life. Listening connects you to the life at the moment. It requires your awareness at the moment. You remain present when you listen.

The mind likes to wander into the past and the future, but the life is always happening in the moment. The art of listening connects you to the moment.

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 When you listen, your whole energy gathers in the moment. You become part of this moment. Listening is a powerful tool to stand apart. Everyone around you likes to talk and when you try to listen, you pick more out of the moment. The listening ability allows to stand different from the crowd.

The art of listening allows you to understand the people and the situation with absolute clarity.

The art of listening allows you to drop pre-conceived notions of life and you experience life first hand. Most of the time, we perceive life out of our beliefs. Life never appears to us as it is, rather we only perceive what exists in our mind. To experience life first hand, it’s necessary to drop the things of the mind, and look into the life in its natural form.

 Make conscious effort to grow your listening skills. Consciously try to listen others. Be more aware throughout the conversation. Just don’t speak. Silently listen to others and you will have the most fulfilling conversation of your life.

When you are all present in the moment and try to listen others, you also give other person the chance to speak the truth. The truth or lie of the other person depends on your ability to listen to others.

When you consciously listen, you allow the life around you to speak to you. The process of learning is associated with the process of listening. The more you listen, the more you learn.

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You must have heard the word called “Intuition”. Intuition is very well connected with your ability to listen. Listening doesn’t happen only outside, but it also happens inside.

How often you sit silently, and listen to your mind and heart, and your aspirations?

Life talks to you, if you choose to listen. You know when the child grows, the only ability that helps him to grasp the things around him is his ability to see and listen.

Your mind remains open when you listen. When you speak, you repeat, what already exists in the mind, but when you listen, you open yourself to the new world. The mind comes with many possibilities.

Conscious listening allows you to respond to life. With the response you can change the direction of life. Reaction comes out of impulsive nature, rather response comes out of peaceful mind.

When you respond you create. You can give direction to the life at hand. The reaction always comes out of your past life.

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To create you need to listen to life. To know your calling you need to listen to life. Listening is not limited to people, rather listening is to stay attentive in the moment. The inspiration can strike at any moment.

There is a magic in attention. When you give your attention to others; even the other person opens to you. If you want other person to speak the truth, just listen. Don’t interrupt but listen.

All the creative ideas pour in, when you silence your mind and simply stay present to life. The habit of listening keeps your mind to the moment. You stay aware in the moment when you listen.

Listen from your awareness and not from your chattering mind. When you observe life in silence, you will notice that you are more than your individual identity. You are awareness in the moment. You can experience life at the moment, directly from your awareness field.

 Stay present in life. Don’t push the things rather allow the life to unfold. There is a magic in nature’s unfolding. Your role is to stay aware and observe the unfoldment of life.

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When you listen, you not only pick up the words, but you can also observe the energy behind it. The words may lie, but the energy won’t. The attention in the moment, allows you to experience life not only at the physical level, but also at a metaphysical level.

Listening should happen without interruption. Your thoughts should not be imposed on others. Listening happens, when you allow others to speak their minds.

You will notice that, when you listen others more, they will listen to you with more attention and awareness. Life reciprocates around you. If you don’t allow others to speak, it’s hard to speak your mind in front of them.

The understanding of the present situation comes with the ability to listen. When your mind is already prepared of what to speak, you always misjudge the situation, but if you have all ears to the moment, the solution pops up instantly in the moment.

The solution already exists in the conversation. All it requires is your complete attention in the moment. Life is all about expanding your senses, and with it expanding your experiences of life.

By developing the ability to listen, you expand one of your senses. This allows you to expand your perspective towards life, which enhances your experiences of life in the moment.

The difference between media, channels, and inspiration


The medium presents itself as the interpreter of intangible spirits, most often the dead, for the benefit of the living world, incarnated beings who have not yet fallen asleep who have not developed their spiritual abilities. To note, the spirits are not related to energy as source of life.

In fact, he is a spiritualist, a creature that uses inanimate support materials (turntables, ouija boards, playing cards, tarot knives, crystal balls, coffee powders, tea leaves, etc.) or who enjoys trans which, very often, is only a nuisance personality, a kind of psychic dissociation, close to schizophrenia. In general, he receives his information from fun, mischievous or malicious entities that take their information from the brain or subconscious people.

So, a little credible, this public entertainer does not hold traditional spiritual training. By the way, a medium who needs to dress up in strange costumes, to take a hierarchical attitude, to make the whole courtesy around him, to use symbolic props or to use various supports is not really needed. But he shows himself to be more entertaining than dangerous, even though he can make people who are easily deceived in illusion or who are weak in dependence.

The channels

Channels are creatures which, intentionally, offer themselves as vehicles of intangible entities, seem to be eager to teach humanity about spiritual path, spiritual questions or metaphysical subjects, thanks to a body’s temporary dwelling or fusion the spiritual of two entities, which are temporary possessions by supernatural powers. Sometimes these creatures develop this ability suddenly as soon as possible, for example as a result of painful or exhausted experiences, which initially adds to their curiosity and confusion.

Incarnate beings

Anyone who understands the previous definition will realize that, in three cases of incarnate beings who claim to issue revelations from the higher realms of Divine Consciousness; there is only one that is truly authentic. That it is legal to do so with a view to promoting the common good and the evolution of humanity. This is the proven privilege of Spiritual Instructors, thus mandated by the cosmic Hierarchy itself and approved by the Absolute.

To better understand the problem of following the mode of communication with the invisible plane than others, it is necessary to understand the origin of the various practices lost in memory of Time, but who know repetition in the last century. In fact, it began with the New Age revolution, which was intended to weaken various traditional religions and to discredit original spirituality, with a view to forming a new world order, which seems to be launched in the New Age. but, ruled by the Shadow Forces, in a kind of Satanism with white faces, but pretending to oppose it, to cover up their deep intentions to rule the world, to conquer and dominate humans, already qualified in Greece, in ancient times, as “cattle gods, namely “false gods”, evil aliens, reptilians.

It is Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who reveals to the West the existence of the Tradition of initiation, which is connected with the invisible Sources and the invisible Hierarchy of Teachers, which ensures the formation of a spiritual superior to the religions, by publishing her book. Book The Secret Doctrine, which founded the “Theosophical Society”, in 1875, with American colonel Henry Steel Olcott, who at the same time created a stir in the religious community, but as a feeling of liberation among the nations, initiated a new way to lead the search spiritual and achieve Enlightenment. Connecting with online psychics is suggested for anyone willing to know more.

New Age movement

For its part, the New Age movement began with the Theosophist Alice LaTrobe Bateman, known as Alice Ann Bailey (because of her marriage to Foster Bailey), pushed theosophical revelations further and accelerated the decline of so-called traditional religion.

For “channeling,” which mainly rages on the North American continent, but which is now sweeping away like a destructive powerful background wave in the world, representing words that refer to English spiritual transmission, similar to the old spiritualism session, a communication between humans and entities belonging other dimensions, usually to astral. This word clearly belongs to denatured “New Age” literature, which is based on skilled occult manipulation techniques, which are intended to condition the masses of certain appropriate thinking forces.

It must be known that for several years, under the Cosmic Consciousness, a hierarchy of evil and corrupt spirits had been formed, with artists and parasites who were thirsty for negative energy, the result of emotions or lusts, which they never said, but who communicated with humans very talented, seemingly special messages, embroidering love, peace, spiritual light, but who, without their knowledge, are erratic messages that only serve the interests of this humanitarian enemy.

Because this is the nature of channeling, the means of communication between human beings and entities possessed by subtle dimensions, the first serves as a medium to receive the second message, in an almost unchanged consciousness or in complete trance state, this second case becomes more dangerous.

The invisible communication technique

So, for several years now, this invisible communication technique has attracted more people, filled the room where these practices took place, also made countless numbers of practitioners, because, how ridiculous it was. giving a course that will develop in a short period of time in a faculty or gift of channeling, to establish proper contact and be protected by this disembodied entity, the very devil, who pretends to be a prestigious spiritual entity, seizes the Brotherhood’s name and authentic initiates, while they do nothing but harass humanity, in their search for prey that tends to produce a strong flow of energy to their advantage.

For others, this is the reason why they are mainly handled through media improvisation, without traditional training, besides being naive, gullible and uneducated, easy to be fooled, tend to only see fire, to teach them, to convince them, ways that it is said to be perfect for protecting themselves, by connecting themselves to the highest fields of cosmic consciousness, but which in fact only appears in the brighter astral layers, which makes them dangerous to the public and blind people who guide the blind.

To mislead people, the minds of the dead are sometimes hard and guilty, sometimes flattering the ego, continuing to convey the repeated syrup message, almost unmodified, and promising a quick victory in a troubled world today, thanks to the coming of the coming Era of Paradise. Thus they pose a threat to the mental health of the people they parasitize, by extracting their vitality and by exposing them, through their dependence, to mental disorders that are difficult to reverse. Everyone who wants to be free from this “vicious situation” needs to improve his/her clairvoyance. Here is the clairvoyance definition.

These entities with strange names, borrowed from world legendary heroes, but sometimes never identified in legitimate Traditions, which are even more confusing with aspects of novelty, also pose a threat to other human members they have. manipulate, divide and give false information, under the guise of spiritual truth, while there are many spiritual theories as transmitters, claiming to provide incarnate spiritual seekers, in their search for truth, a teaching that acts only because he listens or reads it, even if he just catch it mentally.

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Meditation, Happiness, Playfulness and Service


Meditation is for the soul, happiness is for the heart, playfulness for the daily activities of life and service for life. Such has to be the attitude for life.

Meditation connects you with the very roots of life. Consciously choosing to stay happy connects you with the core of the heart. Having playful attitude towards the daily activities of life gives you altogether a different perspective towards life while service to others gives you the fulfillment in life.

What is your Anchor in Life?

Anchor in Life

Your anchor belongs to you. It comes from within. It comes out of your daily experiences of life. You learn and grow wise with the experiences of life. No matter what’s happening in the outside world, you know what you are supposed to do at the moment when you follow your anchor.

How to manifest anything in your Life?

manifest anything

Life wants you to go through almost everything before you achieve something substantial in your life so that you don’t stumble at the top.

You can manifest anything in your life, which is possible as per the elements of nature.