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Focus on your Strength and create your Life around it


You have to figure out your strength. You need to know, what you are good at. It gives you a psychological edge in life. Your focus has to be on, what you want out of life.

In life, you don’t have to convince the world, rather you have to convince yourself, and if you convinced yourself, anything is possible for you in life. Don’t spend your time thinking about others; rather utilize your energy on focusing your strength and making most out of your life.

Connect with the Joy of Life

joy of life

Meditate, Exercise, listen to music, have good food, work that you love, visit the places you like, follow your hobbies, travel a new path, do new things. There are many ways to connect with the joy of life.

The thing is, are you choosing the path of joy, or you are allowing your life to slip into the sadness?

Count your Blessings and Manifest your desires

Count your Blessings

Count your blessings. You have heard it many times, but you might not be aware that, if you don’t count your blessings, it will be perished.

We take our life’s gift for granted. Many times we don’t even realize the people, situations and events in our life as gifts, rather consider it to be a part of road-routine. This allows us to act and treat them differently.

Develop an Eye to look into the Perfection of Life.


If your life is a road routine you need a break from life. You don’t have to leave anything; rather all you need is a little time for yourself so that you can have a better perspective towards life.

No matter what you are experiencing in life, your life is already perfect. All you need is an eye to see the perfection of the moment.

Your Focus determines your Success


Life is deep. To understand the process of life, you have to sail along with life.

Your focus determines your success. Now, before you put your mind to something, it’s necessary that you connect with your mind. You need to know the activities of your mind. Only then you can direct your mind in a specific direction.

Can you see the Heaven and Hell at the Moment?

heaven and hell

To experience the heaven you have to walk down the path, and to experience the hell too, you have to walk the path.

If you can see both the heaven and hell in the moment, you can choose your path and walk in that direction. But the point is, can you see the heaven and hell at the moment?


stick to your goals

To dream your life is easy, whats hard is to stick to your dreams. Stick to your goals to see the result. Your dreams certainly manifest, provided you stick to your dreams.

The life as a whole exists to serve you. It’s only you who give up on life. You need to show patience with life. All our goals and dreams manifest at a right time, but that right time is not when we want the things to manifest, but the right time is when it manifests according to life.

Your Attention is a Solution to all your Problems


When you feel, you are caught up in the problems of life, look at your attention. Wherever you put your attention, your life energy begins to move in that direction. The life energy is a driving force of your life.

The same life energy can be utilized to your advantage if you can consciously direct the attention of your mind to your choice.

Stick to your Schedule for Success

stick to your schedule


Every day you come across many situations, experiences, and impressions of life, that distracts you from your daily life. Your role in life is to stick to your schedule.

Many times, we are pulled back by an unforeseen situation and at times, life surprises us by the situations, which becomes impossible to handle. In the midst of all the chaos and confusions of life, always stay on your schedule.

It’s your daily schedule that keeps you connected with the daily life. At times, our mind gets caught up in the daily problems of life, and we refuse to move forward. We may shift from one place to another, but for some reason, if our mind gets stuck in the past, it gets difficult to move forward in life. Following the daily schedule helps you to connect with the life of the moment, and you experience each day fresh, leaving all the past and the future behind. Only then you can make most out of life.

Life surprise’s us with different challenges, but at the same time, it also keeps the doors of opportunities open for us. Usually, we are habituated to look at the closed doors, and simply give up in life.

We never try to look at the situations, beyond its immediate problem and thus miss to see the opportunities in adversities of life. Everyday life comes with its twist and turn, but when you stay aware at the moment, you can make most out of every situation of your life. The Adverse Situations are Opportunities for a New Life

The wisdom of life teaches you to stay connected to your daily life. You simply follow your daily schedule and all the solutions to your problems come on its own. The struggle with life happens when you resist with life or simply ignore the life of the moment. The moment is always perfect and you have to live in the accordance of the life of the moment.

The life is magical, but to experience the magic of life you have to stay connected with the everyday life. With the daily living, don’t forget to do your daily task, and the life of your choice will be waiting on the way.

Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living 

It’s not your thinking or discussion that manifest the life of your choice, rather it requires daily action in the moment. It’s always your effort that makes the life possible of your choice.

Follow the habit of doing one thing at a time. Too many things lead to chaos. When you do one thing at a time, you receive clarity of the task at hand. When the mind is focused on one thing, you receive clarity of the things at hand. The confusion arises, when you run your mind at all the different ends.

With life, the action is less important and the clarity of the action is more important. When you follow the habit of doing one thing at a time, you receive the clarity of the action beforehand. You don’t engage your mind in too many things, rather you try to do one thing at a time.

Everyday life has its surprises for you. Remember any situation you experience in the moment always carries its neutral perspective. You may experience it as good or bad, but the situation itself always carries its neutral perspective.

Every situation or event of life carries its neutral perspective, but when we see the same situation through the individual mind, we see through the biased perspective. It’s our attachment to the situation, that doesn’t allow the situation to appear with absolute clarity.

The situation itself cannot be biased, but when we see the situation with biased perspective, we miss to see the neutral perspective out of it.

Life wants you to be aware at the moment. When you stay aware at the moment, you see through the situation. When the present situation appears to you with utmost clarity, you make most out of every situation. Clarity with Mind, Allows you to see Future Events.

Any situation, event, or experiences of life can be molded into as many ways as possible. It all depends on the person, what he makes out of the situation. If you know deep down inside, that every situation comes your way to take your life forward, you make most out of anything that you experience in your daily life. At the same time, if you feel that every situation of your life, exists just to pull you down, then you may experience the same for every situation.

Life follows a neutral way, and it depends on the person, what he makes out of his life’s situation.

Your ultimate goal should always be clear to your mind. Every day you experience good as well as not so good situations in your life. There are situations, that will accelerate your progress, while you will also go through the experience’s that will pull you down.

When you have a clear goal in your life, even in the midst of all the chaos, you will proceed forward in life. In life, it’s always the clarity that precedes the mastery. You have to be absolutely clear in your head, what you want in your life.

Our life is all about understanding, and when we follow our daily schedule, we connect with the real wisdom of life. The life exists in us, which is beyond the understanding of our mind, and the time we understand this truth of life, our perception to view life completely change’s in no time.

The process of life can’t be understood by struggling with life, rather the process of life can only be understood by bringing your conscious attention in the moment.

Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life

When your mind remains out of control, it dwells into the places, of which even you are unaware of. But when you consciously bring your mind to the moment, it serves you to understand the life that is happening at the moment.

You have all the answers of life inside. All you need is a little belief in yourself and the courage to walk the path of your choice. When you walk the path of your choice, you also understand the unfoldment of life in the outside world. All the Life’s Query and its Solutions exists in the Mind

Both your inner as well as outside life are inter-dependent. It’s always your inner life that attracts the outside life while the outside experiences of life form your inner world.

Connecting with the daily process of life connects us with the life that functions as a whole. We all are the mediator between the life that functions in the outside world, as well as the life that functions in us.

The personality of the mind always keeps us separated from the life of the moment. When we consciously try to experience life leaving our personality of the mind behind, we experience the life of the moment.

Life is simple when you view it from the neutral perspective. It’s always our nature of mind, that makes the things complex into our mind. To experience the natural process of life, we have to come out of our mind and experience life in its natural form.

Sticking to our daily schedule of life not only unveils the present truth of life, but it also connects us with the natural process of life.

An Unhurried Leader: The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence

Wisdom for Daily Living

wisdom for daily living


All your pain and suffering exists in the past and future, but when it comes to the present moment, all exists is life. We all need wisdom for daily living. In life what matters is this moment. You have to bring all your understanding to stay in the moment, and experience life in the moment.