What is Duality of Mind, and How to Rise above it?


This post was most recently updated on July 9th, 2020

Duality means two. When the mind has two paths, two ways, two alternatives for everything, it’s been called duality of mind. Now, unless the mind understands that, which is, one, it always goes its way, whatever little it understands about life, out of its experience.

To rise above the duality of mind is to understand one or something constant, that doesn’t change with the nature of mind. Even if the mind changes, it doesn’t change.

When you realize something within you, that is ever constant, and although mind changes in different ways, it doesn’t change with the nature of mind, you can rise above the duality of mind.

On one side of the mind, you have experiences of life, which you experience with the body, and thus you have a personal identity, into your mind, which is developed over time, with your different experiences of life.

Whenever you face any situation, events, or experience in life, your mind looks at the personality. Now, if your personality already had the experience in the past, it will pick few experiences, good or bad from the past, and the mind out of its thought process will create different paths for you.

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From this point, the confusion with life arises. At any moment of life, you can choose or pick any path, but when you have several paths to choose from, and you don’t know the process of life, you only pick the one, where you are most comfortable, or that which you have experienced in the past.

On the other hand, if you are into the situation, where you haven’t experienced in the past, you make sure to avoid such a situation and never think to move into it. Even if you do, you only go with fear, and you know, what comes out of fear? With fear, you create a fearful experience and now realize what happens, if you come across the same experience in the future.

Duality is two paths. No matter what the situation is, if you have two paths in mind that means your response will come from the past.

To rise above the duality of mind you have to find something in you, i.e. constant, so that whenever the situation arise for you to take a decision, you don’t reach to the dual space of the mind, but reach the spot within i.e. constant.

Lifting the Veil of Duality

When you reach to the constant state or the state that you experience after self-realization, you experience every situation of your life for the first time, and you don’t simply act on the situation, but you see the past, present, and future of the situation and then make your choice and decision at the moment.

Once the choice is made, you give everything to your choice, and no confusion arises in the mind. Once you chose the path than the confusion doesn’t remain of the choices you made in the past, but your mind remains steady at the moment, and if you face any obstacle on the path, you focus on the solution, to remove the obstacle, and keep moving forward on the path.

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The hardest thing with the mind is to make a choice and then to stick with it. The nature of the mind is such that, it always comes up with two options, not only before you make the choice, but while you are on the path.

“It’s easier to stick to a single path, after the self-realization, as your only desire remains to become one with God, but even at the level of mind, if you can choose a path, and stick with it, and remove all the obstacles from the path, you can certainly reach your goal.”

The nature of mind is ever-flowing and thus it becomes impossible to stay with one idea or thought. It’s constantly changing with time.

Life is possible, beyond the duality of mind and the time you look for the ways, to rise above the mind, the path is created inward, where you can move beyond the state of confusion, and find a place within you, which is constant.

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Self-realization is a state of mind, where all the dualities of mind end. The positive and negative thoughts co-incise into one. Just like electricity, you have positive and negative subtle thread, flowing through your body, and when you realize both the thread and reach to its source, you realize the powerhouse within you.

Our mind can produce ample paths, out of a single situation, but if you connect within you, i.e. constant, you can figure out the path, that best suits the present situation, and you can walk on it, till the end.

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Life is a process of evolution at the level of mind, and when you simply drop the process of mind and realize the self, you rise above the process of mind, and look into the entire process of life, both within you and outside.

The experience of God, Soul, and spirit connects you with one. With one, the energy and mind become stable. Whatever you relate with, it becomes your nature. When you relate yourself with God, everything that you experience with him becomes your nature.

Your identity is developed over time, out of the experiences and impressions; you have accumulated over time, with the senses of the mind.

When you put your attention on one, i.e. constant be it God, soul, spirit, or atman, slowly your mind begins to pick impressions and experience of it, and you develop more stability inside, by being with one.

All the chaos with the mind happens when too much thinking goes on in the mind. When you put the attention on God, your mind doesn’t have to think much rather you keep your mind engaged with one, i.e. God.


More and more you be with him, the more you develop his nature, in your daily life. You don’t pick the things from the past, but you allow the things to come to the surface.

With mind, you always have two choices, but with God, you don’t have to make any choice, rather any situation that comes to you, you simply act on it, with all your heart. All the situations, events, and experiences of life become God-willing and you rise above the duality of mind.

There are two ways to go about life. Either you act on everything, and you face the dilemma of choices and decisions, or by putting your mind, one with god, you allow the situation to come to you, and you give your best to it.

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To know the natural process of life is to know, what is needed for the moment, and to simply act on it. You don’t worry about the past or the future, but give everything that comes to you, in the present moment.

Remember, you simply walk on your daily path, and whatever comes to you, you give everything to it. You don’t make unnecessary desires to face the dilemma of choices with the mind.

The more desire you create more choices you have to make with life. With no desire, all you have to do is focus on the things that come your way, and not to be bothered about wasteful desires.

Desires with life, simply waste your energy, and even after achieving them, you feel empty from inside. When you are satisfied from within, your role remains to serve the present moment or present situation, with all your might and not to be worried about the past or the future.

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