Your Perception Expands with the Awareness in the Moment



The perception is the impressions created by your mind of the situation, out of the thoughts, emotions, and energy that exists in you in the moment. When you stay present in the moment, your perception expands in the moment.

No matter what you see with the expanded perception become clear to you. Perception is to see with the mind. The eyes are no more than a camera to capture the outside world, but the space from where you see the world is your mind. The perception forms in the mind. If you are conscious of this moment, your perception expands in this moment, giving you absolute clarity of this moment.

When you think about the past or the future, the mind utilizes different situation, people, and experiences of life to create a different perception in your mind. Your perception towards life always remains limited to yourself. For a while, you can make others understand your perception, but then unless it’s the absolute truth, it only remains the projection of the individual mind.

The individual perception has no relevance with the absolute truth that exists inside all of us.

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If you see two people in a conversation with each other, and if both the people are known to you, your mind will create the perception of the situation and whatever the past impressions or the experiences that already exists within you about the similar situation. Your mind will start to create the perception of it.

Once your mind caught hold of the image of the outside situation, it starts to think over out of its nature about the situation, and if the situation is positive, the mind thinks positive thoughts, but if the situation is negative, you tend to create further impressions about the situation into your mind.

The problem starts when your mind gets caught up in the negative situation, and it seems difficult for you to drop it from your mind.

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When you come across the situation, it creates an impression on your mind. The impression in your mind acts as a seed. This seed out of its nature flourish within you. It can flourish either on the positive side or you can turn the same seed into negative. Once you start to flourish the negative thoughts, it certainly turns into experiences of your life.

Nothing in life comes out of the blue, but over-thinking about the situation and people turns it into an experience.

Awareness of your life keeps you more alert with what you choose out of life. You are responsible for the impressions, experiences, situation, and people into your life.

When you are not aware of the happening of events, the mind directs you according to its impressions and experiences from the past, but when you are aware in the moment, you are more responsive towards life situation, and slowly you start to leave the past impressions and experiences behind.

You have the choice all the time, to plant the positive or the negative seed in your life. When you pick the things, look for the consequences of it. Only act once you are clear about the cause and effect of it.

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Sometimes the mind picks up the situation or the person, and the negative thought process starts over it. In such situation, all you can do is to observe the situation and look into the deeper aspect of it.

Don’t act on it, or try to participate, in any which way. You may not be able to turn the situation, but you can always avoid the situation by not participating in it. Slowly when you don’t act, your mind leaves the negative thought patterns and you can again direct your mind into the positive direction.

The best way to deal with the negative perceptions of life is to remain aware and alert all the time with your life. You cannot take any moment of your life for granted.

The awareness is the key to life. When you are aware, you don’t allow the negative perception to develop within you or even if it enters, not to develop further impressions out of it.

You cut the root of it, out of awareness and switch the mind into the different direction, or you add positive perception to the same situation so that your mind starts to think into a different direction. Every situation has a positive side to it. The situation is simply a situation. You add your perspective towards it. You can take the life’s situation either on the positive or negative side. Life exists before you were present on this earth, and even when you will pass away from this life, it will still exist. All you do is, you add your perspective towards life.

When it comes to life, life doesn’t change but your perspective towards life change with the time. Rather than to connect yourself with the outside life, when you connect with the perspective you carry towards life, you can slowly move in the direction towards improvement.

Life improves outside when your perspective towards life improves inside. All the life’s events hold its roots inside of you, the way you perceive life. When you use all your power to create the life out of your perspective, you bring the positive change to life.

” When you improve your perspective towards life, your efforts will be in the direction of enhancing the beauty of life.”

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The experience of the present moment can happen, when you consider the outside situation, people or experience as a stagnant entity and your role is to improve upon it.

Move on with your life, and have a pledge to improve upon it, with everything you come across in your life. The improvement with the stagnant life can only happen when you improve upon yourself.

The process of evolution is all about to improve the perspective towards life. The creativity and innovation in life happen when you can perceive the life with the broader perspective.

The mind is the source of all the perception of this world, and the mind can grow if you clear your mind with the past data. The mind does wonders in life if you know the art of emptying the mind. When your mind is empty, you can view the life clearly, and once the things are clear to your mind, you can direct your mind into your desired direction.

If you only hold the history into your mind, how do you expect the future out of it?

The future belongs to creativity and innovation.

The mind gets emptied from the past impressions and experiences of life, with physical exercise, practicing breathing technique and with daily meditation. Every day, if you don’t exercise or silent your mind then your mind goes on accumulating different impressions and experiences of life, and this keeps your mind heavy all the time.

The stress and suffering is the result of overloading your mind with the useless data.

The deepest layers of the mind are full of wisdom and bliss, and when you hold onto the experiences and impressions from the past, you cover the joy and happiness of life from your past experiences and impressions of life.

With physical exercise, practicing breathing techniques, meditation, being aware and alert all the time, you shed away all the layers of experiences and impressions from your mind and you allow the fresh life to happen through you.

The process of evolution takes you towards enlightenment, where you experience the life beyond mind. You are not just the body, but within you, you also have the emotional body, mental body and the soul, which is constant. The experience of the soul is possible when you touch the deeper layer of the mind.

The senses are directly connected to your mind. When your attention with the senses is outside, then you accumulate more impressions and experiences of life into your mind. You accumulate more layers on the mind.

When the same senses are turned inward, you start to reveal the mysteries of life. The practice of meditation is to take all the senses from the outside world and direct it inward, so that it can rise higher from within, to give you the glimpse of your higher self.

The soul, within you, is the source of energy for the mind, body, and emotions. When you pull out your energy from the outside world and direct all the energy back to the source, the mind starts to reveal the information.

The mind is like a Google, whatever you write inside, it reveals the information about it, and you are the one knowingly or unknowingly write on your google.

Imagine if you resist something with your life situation, you resist what you have written and now rather than writing something else, you go on resisting, what you have already written.

You reach nowhere. The higher intelligence asks you to accept what already exists, and write down something else to have different experiences with your life.

When the mind holds too many layers from the past, it takes time for you to get in touch with the deeper reality of life. But if you stay with it, slowly the past layers of life starts to drop and you move more and more inward, to touch the deeper aspects of life.

Life asks for patience. When you move inside, you may not find anything except your breath, but if you be with your breath little longer, slowly you start to recognize the sensation. This sensation takes you deeper into the feelings and later into the thought process of mind. You come across different layers of the mind.

To understand life, be with it little longer than you expect, and slowly the mess gets cleared out from your life, layer by layer. Your perception towards life improves once you dive in, and your awareness too grows towards life, with the clear mind.

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