Your Energy (Aura) Affects the People Around You


You attract the life around you, according to your inner moving energy (aura). When you experience people, situations, or events in your life, knowingly or unknowingly you have attracted them in your life. Some times the person remains the same, but the quality of person you come across depends on your inner moving energy.

Life is all about (aura) energy. Everything that you see and experience in life is the energy in motion. When you experience yourself as energy you can also read the energy around you. The source of life is not physical but subtle. To understand the process of life, you have to take your attention inward and realize yourself as energy. Only then you can discover the truth of the outside life.

The root cause of your thinking, feeling, and emotion is energy. Don’t struggle to change your thoughts and emotions, as even the thinking or feeling is possible because of the energy. It’s your inner moving energy that takes different forms in you.

Any form of physical exercise or the practice of meditation can help you to purify your inner flowing energy and serve you to experience life with more clarity.

Our mind is filled with the outside activities and thus we don’t get time to understand the truth behind life. The life is happening at a subtle level and everything that you see or experience in the physical world holds a blue print of it in the subtle world.

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If you make changes in the physical world, it remains temporary, and the changes happen only at the surface level, but at the same time, if you change your life following your subtle energy, you make permanent change with your life.

The subtle world is not limited to the things of your mind, but the subtle world takes place way beneath the mind at the level of energy. It’s the inner moving energy that sustains life in you.

What kind of experience you go through in your day-to-day life, is entirely depends on the vital energy as well as the life energy you hold in your body. The life energy is constantly moving in the body, and sometimes it moves on a higher side, while the other time of the day, it flows in the downward direction.

When you notice all the different changes in your body at the level of energy, you become more conscious with your response towards life. You associate yourself with the moving energy in the body and not the things of the mind.

Either you make choice of the situation or the situation choose you, in both the cases it depends on your inner moving energy. Even your response or reaction at the moment is part of the subtle energy.

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Thus if you are lost at the level of mind, it’s difficult to get to the truth of life. You have to lose the things of the mind, and explore life beneath the mind, to experience life at the level of energy.

Life is a spiritual journey and not the physical one. The physical body is meant to experience life.

Try to look into your mind, and see what you associate yourself with?

Do you associate yourself with the identity of the mind, or you search for life in you, that exists beyond your individual identity?

Most of us remain in confinement of the identity of our mind, and these detached us from the actual truth of life. We never bother to look beyond the things of the mind and explore life that exists in us.

When you at-least open yourself to experience life beyond the physical realm, you come across a new reality, that connects you with the roots of the physical life.

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The spiritual path is the longest journey possible. It’s the only path where you walk down the unknown road. You have no clue what exists in front of us, still, you keep walking on an empty road.

If you can hold onto the path, for the longest time possible, you can certainly experience the miracle of life. Your perspective changes not only towards yourself but also towards life as a whole.

We experience life with the thoughts, ideas, imagination, perspective, perception, feelings or emotions. When we get on the spiritual path, the first thing that needs to be dropped is the individual perspective towards life.

Although it gets difficult to digest but individual perspective always remains biased to oneself. The individual perspective only allows you to view life from your own perspective and thus the absolute truth of the moment remains hidden from you.

When we drop our individual perspective, we don’t see or experience life with our past or the future; rather we experience the events of life, as it’s happening in the moment.

When you drop the things of the mind, you enter into the space of no-mind. This is the space, from where you experience life with complete detachment. You experience life in its natural form.

From this space, you prepare yourself to experience life at the level of energy. You see yourself not limited to the body or mind; rather you explore the empty space of the mind to unlock the hidden potential energy that exists in you.

The clarity of life comes not with the mind, but when you learn to read the energy around you. When you experience yourself as energy, you can also read the energy in different situations, events, people, or in your surroundings.

Subtle Energy and the World We Experience

The individual identity differentiates between the things of the world, but it’s the inner moving energy that unites us all together. The subtle energy that works in you cannot be different than the subtle energy that works in every living or non-living creature. It’s only a matter of frequency.

When you realize yourself as energy, you also read the same energy that works in you, also works in others. It’s just that few people make effort to dive deep inside, to realize their true potential, while others take a repetitive circle in the confinement of their minds.

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