Your Ego Interferes, with the Natural Flow of Life


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Everyone carries the individual-identity “I”, as a part of their mind. The “I” relates to everything that is happening within and anything that happens to him, from outside.

The individual identity “I” develops his identity, as per his understanding, out of different experiences of life. Whatever he understands, he includes it, as his identity. The individual identity holds an inclusive nature. To include everything, as part of oneself, develops attachment and attachment limits one’s understanding to his inclusive circle.

The life or the energy that runs life, through mind, heart and body comes from beyond. When the individual identity “I” allows the life to happen in the moment, it grows with life and come closer to life.

When you surrender to life, and allow the life to happen, by collaborating with every situation, people and events of life, you simply grow with the natural process and come closer to the natural understanding of life.

To surrender out of the will, with the choice and awareness is different than to feel self-pity for oneself. When you surrender, yourself to life, you simply surrender your own idea of life, and allow the higher idea of life, to take you forward.

With the individual identity “I”, your idea of life always remain limited, but when you allow the natural process of life, to take place, you simply connect with the abundance and unlimited possibilities of life.

The individual identity allows you to inquire, reason, experiment, experience, learn, comprehend your experience of life, and you grow & evolve with it. It serves you to comprehend, everything that you dream and desire with life, but in the process, if you forget the source of life, ego interferes with the natural flow of life.

The individual identity “I” is part of the mind, that uses the mind, heart, body and energy to have different experiences of life. But when you consider yourself everything, you simply disconnect with the natural flow of life.

Each day you receive purest form of energy, from the inner source to experience life, through your mind, heart and body. You create different dreams and desires, and go through different experiences of life, to fulfill them.

“The impressions and experiences of life, develops a belief system, that restrict us with life, and doesn’t allow us to reach to our dreams. These are the times, when we can use our will-power to set us free from our own belief system, and move forward towards the higher possibilities of life.”

The world is beautiful, because of our dreams and desires of life. When you simply allow the natural flow of life, you make good use of the energy from the inner source. You develop trust with the process of life, and everything that happens, on your outside as well as the inner world.

The individual identity “I” wants the things to happen his way. The ego wants to control everything in life, both in the outside as well as inner world. The person wants to make the things happen, simply out of his will-power and thus he calls for the pain and suffering with life.

” As an individual identity “I”, you are not the maker of life, but simply an instrument, who has the choice to either allow or disassociate himself with the natural process of life.”

The mind knows, the basic need of life. He simply knows when you are hungry and when you need water to quench your thirst. You simply need to trust yourself and flow with life, by observing different situations and experiences, to accomplish your daily tasks of life, with effortless ease.

The force or will-power is needed, when you want to break the negative patterns of your past belief system, and make the fresh choices and decisions with life and to stick with it. To initiate the fresh process of life, you need courage and courage is nothing but the use of will-power.

The personal identity “I’ attach with everything from the thoughts and images of the mind to the feelings and emotions, from the physical body to the actions and outcome of the action. This attachment with a different situation, events or experiences of life, gives rise to the ego. The attachment with life limits your understanding with life.

Everything with life follows its nature. The mind follows the nature of collecting the impressions and experiences of life and developing belief system out of it.

The heart follows its nature of creating feelings and emotions, while the body develops energy from the process of heart and mind, and further use it to manifest life on earth. The part of the individual identity “I” is to simply participate in the nature of life.

“Whenever you find interference into the situation, either from the people or through your own inner thoughts and emotions, its always because of your own ego.”

Every person, acts out of its nature. Your own mind, acts out of its nature. Only with the acceptance, you rise above the mundane life, and realize the true nature of life.

“You cannot stop the process of life, but certainly with the acceptance of, what it is, you can develop the understanding towards it.”

The situation of life develops from the past. Anything you wish to change with life, cannot be changed in a moment, as it holds enough energy, from its past. Its roots lie in the past. To initiate the change, you have to implement the fresh process to life. With the fresh process, you don’t try to change what exist, but you simply replace it, with the new energy of life.

The natural process of life, replace the old energy with the new one but never tries to change the old one. The life is always fresh and never repeat itself. It’s always new and fresh, and alive at the moment.

When you allow the life to happen, trust me you grow with the life, that you are experiencing now. You don’t have to do anything, but simply let lose yourself with the attachment of life, from inside. Your understanding simply grows with the natural process of life, and your heart fills with compassion, to experience the joy of life, which is never possible, with the mundane life.

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