Your Attention is a Key to Life


Attention is to see. Now when you see life, with your senses, you see life, with what you want to see, and not that already exists. Now, this makes the whole difference with life. When you are not ready to see, what exists and wants the things to be, the way you want to see, then you live into a delusional reality, of your own.

To see the truth is to see what exists. It’s hard to put oneself, out of the picture, and see things, and thus, its difficult to see the reality of life.

What is a reality?

Reality is what is, and not what we think, it has to be, in the present moment or let say in the future. Now, if you can see the reality, or you see what exists, you can decide, what you have to do with it.

In general, people try to avoid what exists, and go on living life, into the imagination of their own. They go on projecting the future and get themselves drag into the present moment.

“Life is not somewhere in the past or the future, but life exists in the moment, pleasant or unpleasant, and what you can do, with it in the moment, creates your future out of it.”

Present Moment Wonderful Moment

Unless you are ready to accept, your present situation, you go on denying life, and no real change can happen with your life, or you cannot expect better future, than the past or the present.

The real change with life happens, when you accept the present moment, that has arrived from the past, and accept it wholeheartedly at the moment, and see what can be done, at this moment, with the screwed past, so that you can expect better life, in the future.

Now, if you have already committed some error in the past, there is no way to rub the error completely from your life, except accepting it wholeheartedly. If for the screwed past, you have to suffer in the present moment, then let me tell you, you have to go through the suffering and there is no alternative to it. If somebody can give you a magic band than it’s a lie.

Every person who walks down this earth, goes through the phase of life, where he commits mistake and has to go through the process, where he rectifies his mistake in the present moment and creates better future for  himself and his loved ones, but this is not possible, if you run away from life, and live only on hopes for the better future.

People live on hope, for a better future. The future can never be better if you discard the present life and only carry the beautiful imagination for the future. All the changes with life are possible in the present moment and attention is a key to it.

Life is all about going through different situations of life. When your understanding is dim, it gets difficult to understand different situations, and the life that can be a smooth ride becomes a chaos for few.

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Attention allows you to see things. With attention, you halt your mind, at this moment. Remember the nature of mind itself is volatile. The mind doesn’t like to be in the present moment, and if you don’t have a way, to keep your mind in control, it can create hell for you, on this very earth.

Attention with life comes with practice. The inner functions of life, is so quick that without you being aware of it, life goes on taking place, and you participate, in it unconsciously.

You don’t find many, who are ready to raise query on life. Everyone is more interested in solving the present problem, and on the way, creating many more, like the same. You get a solution for one, and ten problems arise, at the moment. Now, you simply get into the circle, by solving the problems of life, and creating a new one, but never figuring out the way, to rise above it.

The attention is the cure for all the problems of life. The attention in the right direction can make you, one with the source of life. The process to know life starts with attention.

No matter, in whatever phase of your life, when you begin to observe your daily life or pay attention to life, you can initiate the process of conscious evolution.

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Evolution is not to attain something, but to drop which is acquired over the time. When you live your daily life, you acquire different experiences and impressions of life, throughout the day. Now imagine, in twenty, thirty or forty years, how many impressions and experiences, you have acquired.

All these acquired experiences and impressions get stored within you, in one form or the other.

You might have heard the saying that, the experiences with life, is good for the growth and development of life, but nobody has taught us, the difference between the fresh experiences and repetitive experiences of life.

Fresh experiences of life, serves us to create a new path for life, while the repetitive experiences of life, simply turn into a deep belief, which in the later period, gets difficult to get rid of. Experiences are good, but you need to understand, which experiences of life, serve you to take you to the greater heights, and with which experience you simply repeat the same process of life.

Attention is a key to break the chain of repetitive process of life, and once you break the chain, you don’t have to do anything, but life will simply flow through you.

Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance

You cannot live without doing anything. There is something or the other always holds the attention of your mind. You have to choose, where you have to put your mind upon. If you fix your mind, that drains your energy, then you understand that it’s not possible, to grow with life.

If you know, what takes your attention, throughout the day, you can divert your attention in the right direction, so that you can make most out of life.

Life is lived with energy, and anything you do, you require energy to get the things done. If you waste your energy, on unnecessary things, and most of the energy is wasted through your attention, then it’s not possible, to reach to the ultimate peak, that every soul, savors in his heart.

Be more conscious and aware about your daily life, and the practice of awareness in the moment, itself will help you to shed all the unnecessary things from your life, and once you know, what is useful for you, naturally you will be able to take your life, to the next level, by focusing on the right aspects of life.

The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness 

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