You Only have Life, all around You




You experience life, in proportion to the life, that exists inside of you. Life is energy. Life is movement. Learn to differentiate between living and dead thing. Your car you drive, the house you live in, is not alive, but the people, you are surrounded with, are as much alive, as you are alive from inside.

Your inner flow of energy creates the perception of your life. Life flows within you, all the time, in the form of energy. If you stay connected with the inner flowing energy, it becomes easier to experience life outside.

Look at your left hand. It carries life. Can you feel life in it?

No, because you are not connected with the inner flowing energy. Life is within, and the inner life, allows you to connect with the outside life.

If you feel that, you are surrounded by dead souls, than you are part of that world too, and you too hold the dead soul, inside of you.

Connect with your inner soul and make it alive. Don’t live the robotic life; rather get into life, by connecting with your inner life.

You are surrounded by life, all around you. It’s true that, each one carries the energy of its own. The time you connect with your inner moving energy, it will become easier for you to read the energy of others.

Animals, plants, trees, birds, even soil, carry energy of its own. The existence is very much alive, but you can experience the liveliness of existence, if you can experience yourself from the deepest core of your being.

Everything that exists in the universe, carries the energy of its own, be it you, sun, moon, earth, or Galaxies. You don’t have to look around anywhere to connect with life, but look inside, and you will find the source of your existence.

The source of life exists in you. You are very much alive. Feel yourself. Don’t live a dead life. You will only experience life, if you can experience the life within you. Life is throbbing within you and everyone around you.

Life dances within you, all the time, even during your sleep. All your thinking, imagination, feelings and sensation is possible because of the life, that flows within you. If you are looking for life outside, you simply lose the direction with life.

Life is happening all the time. Don’t miss to experience life, in everything that happens around you. Feel the liveliness of everyone around you. Try to see the life in everyone. Remember when you notice the life in everyone; it’s not the imagination of your mind, because even if you cannot feel the life in others, still the life exists. It’s only you, who miss to see, what exists because of your chaotic mind.

If you are already somewhere else, you fail to see the life, present in the moment. Look at the trees around you; look at the plants around you. See the animals. Observe the people. What you see?

Its life. Only life makes the living possible. If you don’t have life, you are simply dead. You are alive, right?

Can you feel your energy? Is it possible, for you to connect with your energy, in this moment? Can you feel your heartbeat? Can you notice the inflow and outflow of your breath?

Can you experience yourself, while reading this blog? You are alive. Bring all your energy in the moment, to experience yourself and life around you. Your inner flow of energy, will allow you to experience, life as a whole.

When you perceive the outside world, do you see life or you see something else. You only see, what your mind wants you to see.

I want you to see life, and not the perception of your mind. Drop all the perspective and perception of your mind and become one with life. It’s the life’s energy that runs the mind and not the other way round.

Connect with life, and the world that comes out of the mind, will be taken care of. If you connect with the source of life, which is the primary thing, all the secondary thing, will be taken care of.

Your inner flowing energy, keeps you in the present moment. If it seems hard for you to directly connect with the energy, connect with the movement of your breathe. Even sensation is part of the same flowing energy. The source of breathe and sensation too, is the inner energy.

Don’t get lost in the matter, and connect with the moving energy. All the manifestation on the existence is possible with the moving energy. Even the moving energy, in the outside life, can be controlled by the inner moving energy.

All the knowledge, information and wisdom of the mind, is part of energy. All your feelings and emotions, is possible, because of energy. You create dreams and desires out of your inner energy and you fulfill them too, with the help of inner energy. Energy is life. Your inner flowing energy holds the key to everything.

When the energy is directed outside, you create and manifest life outside, and when the same energy is directed inward, you reach to the ultimate truth of life.

People are lost with the thoughts and imagination of their mind.

The phrase, “change your thoughts, change your life”, doesn’t stands true, if you don’t connect with the inner flowing energy. Remember, you don’t create thoughts, but the quality of inner flowing energy, creates thoughts and imagination, into your mind.

The only option remains for you, is to choose or pick the things, that is available to you, out of your thoughts and imagination. When the quality of your energy is not good, it shows in the quality of your thoughts and imagination, and at those times, if you make any choice or decision, with your life, you bear the consequence for it.

You don’t create your thoughts, but you choose your thoughts. To pick the right thoughts at a right time is what wisdom is all about.

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