You Learn, through the Process of Life.



The process of life teaches you everything that’s needed in life. All it asks from you, is to follow life, rather forcing yourself on life. With life you cannot allow yourself to go your way. No one can pull out his or her own plan on life. Life exists before you were present and it will continue to exist, once you pass your short time on earth. Life is an opportunity for each one of us, to explore both the inner as well as outside life.

When you follow life’s plan, you learn different lessons of life. When you think to live your way, you stop the natural process of life, that can take you far away than you can ever imagined for yourself.

Life is a process, and more you are open to life and follow the process, the more you learn about the different aspects of it. Each day brings new life to you. When you are open to life, you pick the best lesson’s out of life and move on further to explore life.

Slowly with the time, you create life which is more closer to the natural process of life. The life follows the process, and you too have a liberty to associate your life, with the process, out of your own understanding. With the natural process of life, you don’t struggle, but you simply flow with life, by accepting everything that comes your way, and making the use of it, with the best of your advantage.

Resistance with life happens, when you place yourself or your own ideas ahead of life itself. The mind allows you to perceive yourself bigger than the life on existence, and you push everything around you, to work your way out.

The life follows the natural process, where the things happens by its own. The human has a power of logic & reasoning & with understanding sometimes, he keep himself away from the wisdom of life.

You only learn out of life, when you are open to life. You cannot force yourself upon life. Remember when you try to force yourself upon anything, be it the person, situation or any events, you fight against the whole existence. You have a choice. Either be one with the existence by accepting every aspect of life and simply trusting life or stand against the existence, by resisting even with the small aspect of life.

All in one and one in all. You are one with the existence and everything that exists on earth. If you separate yourself from anything of this life, be it the situation or person, you separate yourself from the life itself. From the root level, each one of us are connected and our intent to connect or separate from within, directly impacts our connection with the life.

The one who tries to separate himself from anything, he stands against everything by default, out of the natural process of life.

Try to view life in this way :

We all have the common source and we all come from the same source. Anything that exists on earth, too is part of the same source. Each individual is present, to serve the purpose of his own and life as a whole. But when the same individual, takes shape of ego, it stands against the life itself, by resisting with the outside life, and thus calls for his own suffering.

When you consider yourself one with everything, you can transcend every situation or moment of life. It may take time, and not everything can happen all at once, but this understanding of oneness, allows you to keep patience with different situations and people, and when the right time arise, you can mold the situation or person towards the natural process of life.

The source is one, and you are part of the source. Like you, everyone is part of the source. When you stand against one, you stand against the source of life. With life, it can never be a matter of right or wrong, it’s always about acceptance and resistance.

Either you accept life or resist life. When you accept, you cannot accept in part, acceptance happens in total, while you cannot show your resistance towards any one thing, but the process of life makes you resist with everything, as the resistance happens inside of you.

Everything needs time to grow. Life happens moment by moment. You cannot have everything all at once. You have to go through the process of life, with your body, mind and heart. It needs constant checking and evaluation, with different situations of life.

The primary focus of every person should be for his personal growth and towards the understanding of the process of life. By understanding the process, all the other things of life fall in place.

The real struggle with life, is only towards the understanding. When your attention is on achievement, the mind constantly hovers in the future, and you miss the learning part of life. You create life out of understanding. When your understanding is lesser, you cannot explore life, but you make less use of the available resources be it the situations,  events, your body, mind and heart.

The quality of life depends upon the way you manage your body, mind and heart. When your efforts are in the direction to improve your inner-self, slowly you see the result, outside.

The life happens in mind. The mind is directly connected with the natural process of life. When you set your mind in a right direction, it brings you closer to the natural process of life. You have a free-will and a power of choice. You always have a choice at every moment, and free-will to execute your choice. Even god doesn’t bothers you, to interfere what you choose with your life.

“When you choose the right things, that serves you to grow and evolve from inside, you create your daily life, closer to the natural process of life.”

When you start the process of life, you live out of your own beliefs from the past. On the path, you go through different experiences and impressions of life, and with the understanding you pick the best one’s, that serves you for the future growth.

The process of life repeats everyday. Once you carry an attitude of learning, you pick the best one’s from the past experiences and drop the things that didn’t serve in the past. Over the time, you create life, where each experience and every situation serves for your internal growth, and serves you to improve your outside world.

Life grows and evolve from within and improves and get better in the outside world. In the outside world, you expand the thoughts and images of the mind, while moving into the inner world, you explore the deeper reality of life.

“When you move in the outside world, you expand your inner world, outside, and when you move inward, you move towards the realization of the source.”

When you explore the inner world, you learn the natural process of life, while exploring the outside world, you create and innovate with the physical world. You only learn with the open mind. When the mind already have a desire, it cannot look anything else out of the situation.

“Only the open mind, can see the things beyond the present situation, and look far away in the future.”

The process of life is all about efforts, and actions and then the evaluation and analysis of that actions. Once you evaluate your past, and contemplate in the moment, you just get better with life.

Be it your personal or professional life, you have to face people. If you can analyze, evaluate and contemplate different experiences and events of life, on a daily basis, you improve both with your personal and professional life, and at the same time, create the space within, to explore the deeper truth of life.

Ask yourself, how much time do you sincerely devote in introspection, learning and understanding life?

“If you don’t do anything to understand life, and expect the miracles with life, than you fail to understand the process of life. With life, efforts comes first, and then the lesson’s or understanding out of it.”

Buddha experimented on himself, for six years before he attained the state of enlightenment. The life didn’t end with enlightenment, but he further explore the inner truth, to the state of nirvana, where he freed himself from the cycle of birth and death.

There is no limit to life. Life is open, only human’s mind are closed. You don’t have to go through all the huge volumes of wisdom to understand life, but the day you have lived yesterday, is enough to give you the glimpse of life.

Every individual’s life is equally important, like the life of Buddha or Christ, and no one needs anything, other than his own experience, to reflect back on life, and learn the life’s lesson out of it.


  1. 6 years of Lord Buddha was the really nightmare. He studied the path to the enlightenment from many teachers. One of them told him that if you follow my words and still not succeed, it is not your fault. Yes, because to do something is not the way to it.

    To do nothing is the way to go.
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

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