Trust in Existence


You can frighten, create fear or develop insecurity with life, that’s out of choice, but the truth is, life exists for you and works for you, in every way possible. Sometimes its hard to understand the ways of life, and thus the person gets confused, with different situations and events of his life.

It takes little time, for the life to bring all those things that you desire, to you. If you are impatient in the moment, you create all the chaos with your life, but if you allow the life to happen, all your needs with life, are taken care of.

When you trust life, you develop patience, and your perspective towards every situation of your life change, but say if you are impatient with life, it develops a lack of trust towards life. Everything under the sun takes place, at a right time. You have to learn, when to act, and when to simply wait, for further process to get completed.

The process of life, moves in a circle. Half of the process comes out of thoughts, energy, emotions and efforts, while the rest of the process, comes out of life on existence.

> “Even Jesus Christ after six days work, allow the things to rest, so that the process of life can be completed. Life doesn’t come out, only out of action, but its only a part of the process and rest of the process takes place, with life, once the effort is made.”

An individual has the responsibility, only with the action. Once the action part is completed, what remains for the person, is to sit back and relax and trust in the nature of things.

You choose to work five or six days a week, and then relax yourself. The time of relaxation is a high time, for analyzing, evaluating, and contemplating life. When the mind, heart and body is absolutely relax, you can see the natural flow of life. Once you know the direction of your life, you can accelerate the speed of the process, into that direction.

Sometimes, the wants of our mind and heart is different, and our actions altogether lead us into a different direction. There has to be a synchronicity between your mind, heart, body and action. When you observe your life, you develop that synchronicity inside.

The life is usually divided inside. Your wants of life is absolutely different than your action. The act pulls you in a different direction, while the mind and heart is searching for something else. You have to collaborate the two, so that you can rise above the chaos.

The important thing is not to follow your mind and heart or focus on your action, but the most important part of life is to have the synchronicity between the mind, heart and action.

When it comes to the process of life, it includes all. It also includes your body, mind and heart. Your body, mind and heart is also part of the life on existence. The quality of your thoughts and emotions may vary according to the quality of inner flow of energy, but everything is connected, and moves in a circle.

Life simply knows what you want, and does all the possible things, to bring you closer to your desire’s. Life itself doesn’t bifurcate between good or bad things, or what you want, but it brings to you, what you ask for, and than you are responsible, for the consequences of your desire’s. Life never judge to your thoughts, feelings or actions.

Many people are interested in savoring the pleasures of life, but not ready to pay the price for it. There are few  experiences of life, that happens before, and later you pay the price for it, while the other ones are the experiences, where you pay the price earlier and later you receive the fruits of it.

With life, you cannot accept only the cause or only the effect. Both cause and effect moves simultaneously in a circle. If you ask something from life, you have to ready for the consequence. Its not possible to escape from the consequences, from the cause of it.

Once you know, how the natural process of life takes place, than you understand the process of everything that takes place on this earth.

The life follows a simple process, but its your attachment with the thoughts, feelings, dreams, or desire’s, that allow you to develop single-sided perception, towards different situation, events or experience of life.

Life is neither biased, nor unfair to anyone on the existence, but simply follows its own process. The one who aligns himself, with this process of life, tends to get the benefit out of it, not out of some magic or mystery, but only by simple understanding of the natural principles of life.

Trust with life comes, when you go through fear and insecurity with awareness. You don’t try to run away, but you stay there and experience every sensation, that takes place into your body, while going through different experience. By being available to your own fear and insecurity, within your body, you tend to rise above it.

When the fear or insecurity hovers in the form of situation or experience, first thing you do, is react. This reaction simply create more chaos with life, and you simply lose your control in the moment.

Even when the situation or moment pass, you don’t tend to think about it, or try to understand what happened in those moments. If you really bother to look into those moments, you can see your fear and insecurity, and not only that, you also see the futility of it, in the moment and with your life.

The fear and insecurity not only stays for the moment, but it will certainly come in different forms, unless you sit and understand it, from its source. Only the source of life, allows you to free from all the fear and insecurity of life.

You don’t have to hold your anger, fear, or frustration but you have to understand, what happens in those moments, that doesn’t allow you to stay in control. If you can figure out this for yourself, next time, if you get into the same situation, you can remain more in control, to face the same situation of your life.

Everyone is playing his or her role, and is responding to life, out of his inherent nature. At different times, different process goes through each one of us, and thus, when we expect a lot from others, even from our loved one’s, and for some reason, they could not meet our expectations, we feel betrayed, but in reality, each person is going through his or her turmoil, inside of him, and it may not be possible, for them to behave in the same manner, all the time.

When you look deep inside, and notice the changes that occur, at the level of mind, heart and body into different situations and experiences, you understand, the very mechanism of life, that takes place inside of you. This too allows you to understand, whats going on, in others life.

The life is a game of awareness, and better your awareness in the moment, the more joyful and pleasant your journey with life will be. The awareness to life, is only possible inside out. More and more you are aware about yourself, more and more you will be aware, about the things happening around you.

> “Trust with life develops by trusting yourself. You cannot trust life, unless you trust yourself. If you hold fear for life, the entire existence will reflect fear. If you are in-secured, every aspect of life, will scare the hell out of you.”

If you begin to develop the trust within, slowly your trust begin to develop outside. The wisdom and understanding with life is only developed out of experiment and experience. More and more you experiment with life, and observe and analyze different situations and events of life keenly, more you develop the understanding towards life.

By observing, analyzing, evaluating, experimenting and accumulating experiences you develop understanding towards life, but to realize the source of inner as well as outside life, you have to dig deep inside.

Understanding can be available on the surface, but realization happens when you realize the source of life, deep within.

The highest experience of life, is of self-realization, and when the person realize his higher self, he also understand the natural process of life, out of which both the inside as well as outside life takes place.

With the self-realization, you realize the connection between inside as well as outside life. The life that is happening outside, is part of the circle, and the full circle gets completed, inside. The inner world, and the outside life completes the circle.

If you develop trust within, you begin to develop trust with outside life. Half truth is taking place, inside of you, and the rest of the truth, is part of your outside experience. The outside reality is a reflection, of the part of the truth, that you carry inside. Trust with life allows you to settle down in the present moment.

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