How to experience spiritual energy?


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Spirit is the pure potentiality. Its the life energy. Spirit is the source of the functions of mind, brain, heart, and body. It’s important to mention mind and brain as different because many consider mind and brain as the same thing.

Why it’s important to know the spirit in the body?

Your understanding of life lies with the images of the mind. Some consider thoughts to be the source of life, but that’s not the actual truth. Whatever happens in your life, the spirit is behind it.

All your imagination, thinking, feelings and actions depend on the spirit. Your intelligence too depends on the spirit.

Now, unless you realize the spirit in the body, you can never have any clue about it. You never even sense that it exists in your body. The reason is, all your attention with the mind is shifted outside. You never try to understand what’s going on within you. Unless you turn inward, you never realize the spirit in the body.

The sensation you experience in the body comes out of the spirit. It’s only because of the spirit you can experience the sensation in the body. The sensation is something that you are familiar with, but you don’t know the source of the sensation. You have never tried to figure out the truth behind the sensation.

Human Spirit.

Move deep in your sensation, and you will realize the spirit in the body. Your life is possible only because of the spirit. The spirit is your power house in the body.

With the realization of the spirit, all the truth of life is revealed. The physical reality is the manifestation of your subtle reality, but the source of your subtle reality has to be known to you.

The source of your subtle reality is the spirit. It’s the movement of the spirit in the body that allows the process of subtle reality in the body. The quality of your thinking and imagining things depend on the flow of the life energy in the body.

The spirit is part of the eternity. Try to observe your mind and it’s been filled with all sorts of experiences and impressions of life. Your life simply repeats the circle of the mind. It seems like something new is happening all the time, but in reality, your mind only adjusts and readjust your experiences and impressions from the past.

You can never realize the truth of life with the process of the mind. All the thinking and imagination and experiences and impressions of the mind need to be dropped so that the truth can unveil itself in you.

When your mind is occupied in the experiences and impressions, your external process remains to keep on moving and you don’t get the chance to get closer to the truth. To realize the truth, you have to take your attention beyond all the functions of the mind.

The mind has the capacity to remain absolutely empty for the lifetime. You don’t need to fill yourself up with everything that comes your way. The natural flow of life happens not by filling yourself but by emptying yourself.

Empty your mind.

More and more you empty your mind, more and more you come closer to the spirit in the body.

Remember it’s the spirit that works through the mind and body. It’s not that you have imagined things in the mind, and the physical body begins to act, but it’s the spirit that allows the mind to think and act through the body.

The spirit follows the process of the mind, and the time you begin to empty your mind, nothing remains for the spirit to follow, and thus, spirit begins to move towards its source.

When the spirit moves back to its source, this process has been named by Gautama Buddha as, reversing the wheel of karma.

Just sit with yourself and see, can you stop yourself from the actions, and not only physical but even subtle. If your mind is continuously working, you will never realize the spirit in the body.

The spirit is only realized; when your mind is absolutely empty. You have to experience the no-mind state, and then hold onto that state. The spirit is connected with the main nerves of the physical body at the navel center. The navel center is the gateway for the spirit to enter and exit the physical body.

It can expand and contracts in the body. The spirit is the subtle thread in the body. The whole mind or pure awareness field is part of the spirit.

When you talk about the mind, it can be experienced separate from the physical body. The mind too enters the physical body along with the spirit.

The spirit and the mind.

Till the time, your mind follows the desires, the spirit is there to serve the mind to fulfill the desires, but the time, you empty your mind and remain still in the no-mind state, slowly the spirit begins to move back to its source.

The spirit and mind are connected, while in the deep spiritual experience, it can be separated from the physical body. Although it doesn’t leave the physical body, but remain in it.

The spirit and the mind cannot leave the physical body before death. The role of the spirit is to serve the mind without exception. Whatever you put in your mind and the spirit is bound to work through the brain, heart, and body to accomplish the task.

Nothing in the universe is the waste and everything serves the purpose of life as a whole. The realization of the spirit allows you to experience life, not in the form of thinking or imagination of the mind, but your base to perceive life becomes energy.

Your perception turns into an energy. You see things from the perspective of energy. Your perspective to view life moves beyond the normal functions of the mind and you perceive life, as the energy.

Life force energy.

When you perceive everything as energy, you don’t rely on the mind to create life, but your base of your every action becomes the energy. You don’t think or imagine things, but you sense the energy. You allow the life to unfold the way energy unfolds in you.

The spirit is the life energy that unfolds in different ways inside. You put your attention, not on the external reality or what exists in your mind, but you remain with the different movement of the spirit and allow your life to unfold accordingly.

With the spirit the life is different. With every act, you come out of the source. The spirit is part of the eternity and thus when you direct your mind to the spirit; you learn the eternal ways of life.

With the spirit, mind don’t think or imagine things but remain present with the movement of the spirit. One after another action happens, but the mind remains still with the spirit. You act but without any effort. You don’t jump to things, but you allow the life to unfold on its own.

When the mind is focused on the spirit, the clarity remains in the mind, and everything in the moment remains absolutely clear. All the doubts perish with the eternal ways of life. Your daily living gets adjusted to the eternal ways of life.

All the perceptions of life transcend from the experiences and impressions of the mind to the movement of the spirit. The spirit occupies your mind, and thus anything that happens in the external reality appears absolutely clear to you.

Detach yourself.

The spirit follows the mind and the mind follows the external life. When the external reality is dropped from the mind, you experience altogether a new reality.

The sense of “I” or personal identity develops in the body when the spirit comes in contact with the main nerves of the physical body. Your personal identity of the mind only remains, till the spirit is connected with the main nerves of the physical body.

When you consciously learn to detach the spirit from the physical body in deep meditative experience, you lose the sense of the personal identity, and for the first time, you understand the formation of “I” in the body.

The “I” is the biggest hurdle in the realization of the spirit in the body. The “I” will not allow you to drop your mind completely and you will keep on holding one thing after another in your mind. To empty your mind is equivalent to the mortal death of the personal identity. You are so attached to your illusory personality that you cannot lose itself, even for the ultimate truth.

The ultimate truth of life can only be realized if you are ready to let go. The truth can only become your reality if you are ready to lose your limited self.

Best Self: Be You, Only Better

If you cannot leave all at once, at least begin the practice to move inward with the attention on the breath. Slowly as your inner journey gets initiated to move inward, the truth of life will be revealed to you, and as the truth of life will be revealed, it will be easier for you to drop the illusory reality of your mind.

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