You are Unique, So is your Life Path

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You are unique, and so is your life’s path. When you look within, what makes you similar to the other person?

Your thoughts, emotions, or your experiences of life. Your dreams and desires of life too are limited to yourself. You are absolutely unique when it comes to your inner world. No one else, but only you can understand yourself.

Each individual is unique and carries his own unfoldment with life. Your life belongs to you. You have to choose your own path for life. No one can ever know what’s going on inside of you. Even God doesn’t know, what’s going on inside of you. Only you know your truth of life.

But when you are the only one, who knows your inner truth, then it becomes your responsibility to know your truth. When your inner world has an access that is limited to you, then at least you should make all the effort to know yourself. Life’s path comes from within.

Spirituality and Religion.


The purpose of Spirituality and religion is to connect you with yourself. The life’s path is revealed from inside. No other person can ever know, what you want from your life. Your dreams and desires are limited to you. You have to explore your life your way, to realize the truth.

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What is Religion?

A path that leads to God. Religion doesn’t come from God, but the religions are established by humans. The humans those who have realized God in themselves established their religion. The religion is a path. The path that leads to the realization of God. God can only be realized within, and all the religious path can assist you to get closer to the realization of God.

What is spirituality?

To realize the spirit within. The spirit is the part of the divine within us. The sage who realize the spirit and soul develop the path that serves others to have the similar experience for themselves.

You may need support when you are on the unknown path. That is perfectly alright. The religion and spiritual path are the support.

It’s like a new child, who learns to walk for the first time. He needs support from his parents. Religious and spiritual path acts as a guide on the path of self-realization.

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On the life’s path, religion and spirituality help you to connect with yourself, so that you can discover your own path. Remember each individual has to pick his own path. The path is a way to God. No other person path can ever take you to the experience of ultimate.

You have to explore your path on your own. The path of realization is a path of understanding. The understanding cannot be borrowed. The understanding has to be developed from within.

The purpose of Life.


Every person takes its own time, as it asks for the complete development of mind and heart to hold the complete understanding of the existence and to experience the soul within the body.

When you are satisfied with the experiences of life or have a deeper desire to know the creator of life, your emotional body gets detached from the physical body and you experience the soul within the body.

This realization makes the person free from the worldly attachment, and the desire to merge in the Supreme gets aggravated, as nothing on this earth holds you to move on with life.

Each One is Unique.

Each one is unique. Despite following the same religion be it, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, or Buddhism every individual is unique.

You never find two Christians or two Buddhist holds the similar nature. The life’s path is a personal affair. No other person can exist on the life’s path. It’s you and your path. You walk alone on the life path. It appears like you take the path of life outside but in reality, you cover the path inside.

Disease is Dis-ease. Life is easy. When the life is not flowing smoothly in the inner world, you experience disease.

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Life is Easy.

Life is easy. If you create your world with what you see, and not what you feel than you create dis-ease. Life is easy when you allow it to flow from within, and not by imitating the outside world. The feelings and emotions should flow freely inside.

Many times life situation demands us to make the choice against what we want out of life. But if we remain aware in the moment of those choices, and make a conscious decision to be with it, then it no longer creates negative emotions, rather with the acceptance, it turns into positive experiences of life.

Even the sages get into the troubles of life, rather bigger troubles that couldn’t have been avoided. Say for Jesus Christ, the trouble was enormous but he gladly accepted. He didn’t fight with what was present in front of him.

The same happens with Buddha. He was ridiculed for his experiences and was thrown away from every village before people try to understand his teachings. Later on, his teachings went on to become the religion.

Create Life, out of Understanding.

When you develop your own path out of understanding, you observe every situation of life keenly.

You don’t follow the outside situation, but you wait on your path, to allow the things to come to you. When the situation comes to you, you respond, learn and grow to evolve in your life.

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When you don’t have the situation to deal in the moment, you simply follow your daily path. This way your experience gets deeper with the path and your understanding grows with every experience that encounters on the path.

The freedom comes with understanding and with the sense of surrender. When you surrender, the understanding of life comes to you. There is no direct way to understand life. You have to hold patience, to allow the understanding to flow from within.

Your own knowledge about life is a barrier. When you know that you know, you live and act in a specific way, and the life works with so many probabilities, that your idea fails every time. Everyone carries an idea or impressions of life, and this idea or impression becomes the hindrance at every stage.

When your idea of life is strong for the future, you don’t allow the life to flow freely. You fail every time when you expect the life to work your way.

One thing that needs to be clear for every person, that life will never happen your way, rather you have to learn the ways to get adjust to life. To adjust yourself is wisdom.

The Way of Life, According to Laotzu

Life has its own way, to take the person from A to B through different experiences of life. Decide goal and the path on which you have control and you can act upon, and then allow the life to use all the probability to manifest your goal.

Your unique path is for your effort, towards the attainment of your goal, and not to force the flow of life your way. As your understanding develops with life, you learn to mend your ways according to the flow of life.

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