You are the Link between Life and God



If you wanted to know your importance, then you can say to yourself, that life in the universe doesn’t exist without you. You are the reason for the life in the universe. The life in the universe exists because of the human.

When it comes to god, god is not an individual or a single person, but god is a process, out of which the life gets formed.

When you look at yourself, you think you know yourself, but the truth is you don’t know yourself. Take a piece of paper, and start writing about who you are and what you know about yourself, and you will know the truth about you. You just don’t know yourself.

You too are the process. The process at its ultimate is no less than god. When you realize the self beyond the functions of the mind, you realize the inner process of life. This inner process of life gives you the making of the universe.

The way you have been designed from inside, and the way your inner functions process for you to experience life outside in a similar way, the life in the universe too has come out of a process, and because of this process, we can experience life on earth.

The god is the process, that allows the life to happen in you and in the universe. The process is the same. The way to god and the way to life can only come through you.

You have to realize yourself first before you realize god and life. The creation exists for you. The creator manifests itself in the human form, to experience its creation.

When you are lost in the creation, you forget you are the creator of life. Unless you realize yourself as the creator, you can never become free from life. If you are the creator of life, you know the whole process of life. You create life out of the process.

The process of life works very much the same in everything in the universe. Every human at its highest self-holds the creator in him. The source of life exists in all of us. The process of life comes from the source.

When you realize the source in you, you also understand the process of life. With the realization of the self, the creator and the creation too is realized. With the realization of the self, you realize yourself as the creator. You figure out the source of life in you. You experience the process that works through you, that allows you to experience life.

Once you experience the inner truth, the same experience allows you to understand the external truth.

Life comes out of the process and out of the same process comes the humans. When you develop an understanding towards the self, your understanding also gets clear about life.

Life is divided with the mind. with the mind comes the sense of individuality which is natural and individual perception to perceive life. This individuality develops with different experiences of life.

When you realize the truth in you, beyond the individual identity of the mind, you realize the eternal process of life.

The realization of the self doesn’t separate you from life, but your life becomes alignment with the eternal process of life. You don’t do things with the mind, rather you follow the natural process of life.

You relate yourself with everything that happens outside, but you are the one who has created the things, that is happening around you. When you detach yourself with your creation, you come closer to the true self.

The experience of outside life and attachment with the people and situations of life is like a painter lost in his creation, and consider his painting as its identity. If the painting gets destroyed, you don’t get destroyed with it, but you remain. You can create fresh life, anytime you want.

The mind can focus on one thing. Either you spend the time to understand yourself or others. As you move deeper in understanding your own self, slowly the outside world appears in its true nature. Everything carries its nature within themselves. Nature is the process, through which the things manifest, or appears in a physical form.

The life energy in you is never stagnant. It keeps moving inside out and outside in following the inner process of life.

Life is understood, with the detachment. When your mind is deeply engrossed into the experiences of life, you don’t bother to understand life, but your interest remains to experience life. It’s only when you experience the pain or suffering, you look for the understanding of life.

The suffering makes you detached with life. With the detachment, it becomes easier to observe life. When you simply observe life, slowly life becomes clear to you. Not everyone is interested in knowing the truth of life, as each one is deeply engrossed in the process of life.

Unless life gives you knock on your head, you never even bother to know life. The realization of truth is part of the process of life. No matter what you dream or desire, at last, the mind craves for the truth.

For the truth, you don’t have to seek god or to understand the whole creation, but the time you make little effort to know yourself, slowly with the time, the creator and the creation itself reveals to you, within. You don’t have to search anything in life outside as everything exists inside.

You are the link between the outside life and god, and the way to the experience of god or to the experience of actual reality can only come from within.

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