You are an Angel of God



You are an angel of God. You are part of the creator. You have all that inherent qualities that god or the creator himself possess. You are part of the whole. When you stand as an individual, you stand separate from the life as a whole. When you surrender your personal ego, you become one with the whole.

The angle of god is the one, who lives with the flow of life. Who understands the nature of life and becomes one with it. The angel cannot separate himself from anything but consider everything as part of him.

The angelic life is all about living the divine qualities. You have all that you need inside. Your role in life is to search for your true self and make it your center point. In Bible, there is a description of angels, and many religions talk about it.

Angels of god don’t come from the top of the sky, but the humans who choose to awaken their inner qualities and live them on this very earth becomes the angel of god.

You are an Angel.

Every individual holds the potential to live the angelic life. You rise above all the sins and live the inner truth. The sins of life can only be washed out by living the truth. You don’t have to repent for every sin, but living the truthful life from this moment is enough to wash away all the sins of the past.

The angels fly from within. You don’t find angels flying in the sky, but when you realize your spirit inside, and your spirit moves to a higher plane, those are the moments, you rise high with life.

You get birth out of your desire. Once your desires are fulfilled, you create fresh desires to remain to entangle with life. You never try to know the truth of life. The truth is revealed to those who seek. Ask and you shall receive. You are part of the whole. Whatever you ask from life gets fulfilled out of natural order.

Once you understand the process of life, you create life in alignment with the natural order of life. The angelic life follows the natural order of life. With the natural order, life happens effortlessly.

With life, either its positive or negative, it comes out of you. The life as a whole is neither positive nor negative, but it all depends on the seer. You add your thoughts, feelings and emotions to life. You hold life, and life doesn’t

You hold life, and life doesn’t hold you up at any point. You hold both the positive and the negative aspects of life. This becomes the cause of your suffering. When you learn to let go with life, slowly you see yourself open up from within.

You create everything that goes into your mind, heart, and body. When you are the creator then you also hold the power to change anything that you dislike.

Life at no point is compulsion but a freewill. You can change the direction with life at any moment.

The Eye of Wisdom.

Life is a dream, and that can be realized, when you develop the power to look at the world through the eye of wisdom. You have the wisdom, that can experience life beyond the surface reality of the mind. That wisdom can be tapped if you are ready to drop everything that you hold in your mind.

The wisdom too is part of the mind. When no personal ideas, thoughts, or imagination goes through the mind, the wisdom flows through the mind.

When you experience the no-mind state, you realize the wisdom eye to perceive the world. With the third-eye, your perception gets clear with life. No illusions remain in the mind.

The mind always holds two options for every situation of life, and that creates confusion. The first option encourages you to move forward with life, and if you delay taking action, the second option will always be ready to ask you to drop your first option with the valid reasons.

Understanding Grows with Experience.

The confidence grows not only with success but even with failure. Life doesn’t want you to win. Life wants you to grow and evolve from the life’s situation.

All the success and failure with life is momentary, but what it makes out of you, stays with you forever.

The understanding of life happens with evaluation, and the evaluation is needed on a daily basis. The life is happening moment by moment, but to observe each moment needs a heigher level of awareness.

People underestimate themselves, as they don’t know how to unlock the hidden power inside of them, and once they start to make use of it, the power grows within. The life on earth has its own rhythm and the one who understands the rhythm of life, don’t resist the situation or people but gets himself in tune with everything.

The Truth is Explored Inside.

The life of an angel is possible, once you are free with your physical, emotional and mental world. The inner world of everyone is so occupied, that it’s impossible to experience the angelic body inside. You have the angelic body beyond the chaos of the mind and heart.

The angelic life starts where the life with the mind ends. You have to rise above the mental plane, to live the angelic life. The higher world is an angelic world.

To the mind, it may seem like a hypothetical thing, but the truth of life can only be experienced beyond mind. The mind cannot look into the things beyond forms, and the angelic world is the world beyond form. The angelic life is life with the pure energy. The life with the energy happens effortlessly.

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