How do you Empty your Mind?

How do you empty your mind

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You can explore new possibilities with life, once you empty your mind, and the mind can be emptied, once you clear the air from the day. Each day, you have certain task to accomplish and when you write those tasks on paper, you empty your mind from the task, and the written paper remembers all it needs to remember, instead of your mind.

In general, people have a tendency to remember things with their mind and move forward with their life, to carry on their tasks of life. When you hold everything in your mind, you reduce its efficiency to produce the quality result, and along with it carry the chaos with the mind.

When you put everything on paper, the mind becomes relax and provides you different perspective to look at life. You need a different perspective. When you explore life from different perspective, you come across new opportunities and different ways to accomplish your day-to-day tasks of life.

The mind flourish and nourished by different perspectives of life, but this can happen, when you allow your mind to rise above the routine thinking patterns, and create the space for the mind to explore more with life.

When you rely only on your physical effort to accomplish the task, you spend more energy than required and accomplish less in life. At the same time, when you use your body, mind and heart effectively and in efficient way, you achieve more with a minimum efforts. When you achieve more, it’s easier for you to share with others. When you toil hard for something, it’s not easy for you to let go those things.

That’s the reason, you find the billionaires, to be a philanthropist, as it’s easier for them to create wealth and to give away as well.

Life follows a certain patterns, and more you understand yourself, the more you connect with the patterns of life. If you are one with the patters, you can never go wrong with the life, and the more you come closer to the patterns of life, the more you start understanding the signs of life.

When you write down your daily life on paper, you clear the air from your mind and create a mind map to accomplish the daily task. When you have a mind map, prepared in your mind, its easier for the mind, heart and body to follow.

“Imagine, if you already have a map that can take you to the destination. Writing down your life on paper, is exactly the map for the mind. When you write down your daily schedule on paper, you tell your mind to follow the map.”

You don’t have control over the outside situations, people or events, but you always have control over the actions that you are supposed to take in a day. When you are clear in your head, about how to go about the day, than you stick to your mind-map, and keep on moving on the path.

Few things go your way and few things don’t, but when you are prepared in your mind, you don’t get disappointed with any events of life, as you have already prepared yourself with it in advance.

Physical body is an instrument, through which you work. Physical body is a vehicle for the mind and heart. Yes you have to take care of it, the way you take care of the car, that takes you to different places. You cannot allow the health to slip away, but with it you also have to remember that, the actions comes from the mind and heart and not the body.

When you carry an idea that, body does everything, than you don’t give any importance to your mind and heart. But in reality the mind is the source of the action.

“Move from the mind and not from the body. Whenever you act, simply connect with your mind and then act. Only than you can do justice to your actions.”

When you write everything on paper, the mind becomes free and when you need to see something, you look into the paper, and can recall your next task. When the mind is free and relax, it can bring more awareness to the action on hand and you create qualitative acts with your life.

The mind doesn’t think only about work, but it has too many other things to think about. Even the relationships are something, that fills the huge part of your mind. The mind has to be clear about what he expects from his relationships.

With life, you cannot live with “If’s” and “But’s”, but you have to be absolutely clear with what you wish to have out of your life. Once you are clear in your mind, than only the mind gets relax and doesn’t bothers you with too much unnecessary thoughts.

It’s not necessary though, that all the clarity of life can come in this moment, but you have to start the process. The mind is filled with the garbage of life-time.

Each one of us carries the belief system, which is divided in five parts.

The first part of our belief system comes from our basic nature, which is full of bliss and wisdom.

The second part of the belief system is acquired from our past lives. When you just look into your life, and see the patterns of your life, you can figure out that your life cannot come up, in a certain way from one life. It has to have a traces behind into the past.

The third part of the belief system is acquired from the parents. Either you believe it or not, but your parents belief system is acquired by your genes. More of the mother and less of the father, but one-third part of the belief system comes from the parents to the child.

The fourth part of belief system is you acquire from your own understanding, out of your surroundings and environment.

The fifth part of belief system is developed, when you explore your life and try something new in your life. This part of belief system, allows you to rise higher than your second, third and fourth belief system. When you can rise higher than your fifth beliefs system, you come across your original nature, which is full of wisdom and bliss.

Your original nature accept life with all its colors, and doesn’t divide life, in either ways and embrace and accept life, as a whole.

When you are open to view life with different perspective, doesn’t mean the things will change outside, but when you move into the deeper layer of your consciousness, you come with the better and clearer perspective with the same situations, people and experiences of your life.

The mind forms a layer from its belief system, and if you hold a habit to look at life, from the same layers of your belief system, than you don’t allow yourself to rise above the layers of your present belief system, to experience the life from the higher perspective.

Life is always perfect in the moment, we are the one’s who has to rise with our awareness and reach to the state of pure consciousness, to experience the perfection.

Life is a never ending process and you can never attain perfection, outside of you ever. If you carry that idea for life, I will request you to move deeper, to come at life with the higher perspective.

Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Lao Tzu, have reached to the height of pure consciousness, the state of mind, from where the life seems perfect. To take yourself to the same heights, you have to drop all your belief system and be open for life to explore new possibilities.

Be open with everything. Plan your life, but don’t be rigid with it. If something different happens in your life, embrace it and cherish it. It could be the steps towards the change. Remember the life supports you in equal proportion, with the steps you take towards life.

If you bring positive change with your life, life will add its part to it, and if you look for negativity, life will not hold itself back, but bring more similar situations, people and events in your life, that serves your negativity too.

The life on this earth reciprocate what you ask for. Life doesn’t have its own thinking process.

All the problems of your life resides in the mind. When you empty your mind, you free yourself from all the troubles of your life. The troubles and obstacles with the situations and people in life are, because of your incapacity to handle them. When you can handle any situation or correct the events of your life, than it doesn’t remain a trouble or obstacles.

The thrill with life is not only to overcome your obstacles of life, but to rise above one’s own obstacles, and move out to explore new possibilities with life, and serve others too, by giving them the higher perspective of life.

If you can hold a right intent with your life, your inner positive energy grows every day. All you have to do, is to direct the same energy in a right direction. Don’t worry about the effect of it. If each day, you can work with your life to create a positive action (cause), the effect will certainly be positive in the future.

Your future is all about the seeds, you have planted in the past and the present.

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