Wisdom is to know that you know and to know that you don’t Know


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Wisdom is to know that you know. You have lots of information store in your mind in the form of memories. When you realize how much you know, while observing your mind, in a true sense you realize wisdom.

On the other hand, wisdom is also to know that you don’t know.

Life is simple. We make it complicated. You don’t have to have all the knowledge of the world. All you need to know is that you know and all you need to know that which you don’t know. You need this much clarity in your life. It’s enough.

When the outside world remains the center point, we always stay confuse in life. When our attention shifts inward and when we try to understand ourselves, the things happening both in the outside as well as inner world becomes clear to us.

Life comes with possibilities and limitations. Both the possibilities and limitations of a human life should remain clear to the person.

There are things that are possible for you to discover. These are the possibilities of life. On the other hand, there are things which are not possible for the humans to know. For e.g., whats going on in others mind, or what others think about you. These are the limitations of humans.

When you know the things that are in your control, you actively take action to get those things done. At the same time, when you know that the things are not in your control, you show patience in those situations without getting restless in the moment.

Life is all about understanding. Wherever you go, carry your understanding with you. If you try to understand all the different situations, or events of your life, you will have a smooth flow with life, but if you haphazardly jump into the situation, without trying to understand, then you call for the trouble for yourself.

Life functions at the level of mind. Every person carries his or her own stories in his mind and lives with his own perception about everything. When you try to understand the situation, you try to understand the perspective of the other person. You already know whats going on in your mind and thus its better you understand what others think about the situation. Once you understand what other person thinks, it becomes easier to handle the situation.

Majority of us like to go with the force, to get our things done, but that’s not the way of life. With life, you have to understand the flow. You have to see the flow of life in the moment.

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You just cannot force the life in the direction of your choice, but if you stay aware in the moment, you can certainly shift the direction of your life. It requires patience.

We get impatience not because of the outside situation, but because we are not in control of ourselves. When we are in control of ourselves, we always remain cool and calm in the moment, no matter what the outside situation reflects.

Majority of people are driven by beliefs. They all live to fulfill their stories of their mind. When it comes to reality it’s different. The reality of the moment has nothing to do with the pictures you hold in your mind.

The present reality may go your way or may also appear completely different then what you have imagined into your mind.

The best way to experience life is to hold onto your desires, but never force the outside sources to fulfill your desires. The outside life has its own way to unfold and take you to your desires. Stick to your desires but not the path, and allow the life to take you through the multiple path’s, to your desires.

In life, not only to know that you know is important, but you also have to be clear what you don’t know. Only then you can open yourself to learn something new.

When you are sure that you don’t know something, you can learn from somewhere or you can ask to something that you don’t know. At the same time, if you live with the belief that you already know everything then you close all the doors to receive from life. The only way to make most out of life is to stay open to life all the time.

It’s only and only the ignorance that becomes the cause of our downfall. When we remain open to life, we receive several opportunities to correct ourselves on the path. But when we live with our own ideas about life, we only dig our own pit-fall.

When you observe your mind, you realize that your mind wants to be the creator of everything.

If you spend some time observing your mind and move deeper into it, you will realize that you are not the creator of life; rather you are the one who participates in life.

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You are the participator in the cosmic universe. The life is already unfolding in a certain way. You have an option to either participate with life or do your own thing. When you go your way, unknowingly you separate yourself from the life that is happening as a whole.

When you participate with life, you flow with the natural flow of life. With the natural flow of life it doesn’t require effort. You only required force when you go against the wind. When you are flowing with the wind, before you realize you reach to your destination.

Wisdom flows in life, when you allow the life to work through you. All the things of the mind need to be dropped, before you see the life happening through you. Life is not limited to the surface level of the mind, i.e. thinking or imagination rather the truth of life can be realized, if you become the seer of life in the moment.

Its only when you see through life in the moment, the life that is happening in the moment appears to you with absolute clarity. Wisdom is not to fill yourself up with all the information of the world, rather wisdom is the best response you can give into the situation in the moment.

The wisdom responds to the situation. It doesn’t require preparation. All it need is the presence. It’s the presence in the moment that allows the wisdom to flow from within.

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