Why Goals are Important in Life?


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Seeing has to be the Goal of life.

Following the daily schedule has to be the goal of life.

To grow and improve upon the daily schedule has to be the goal of life.

With life, what matters is the daily path and the goals. The mind needs both path and goal to move forward in life. Everyone goes through the process of life, but nobody understands, where do the paths or goals come into life.

Where do the goals of life come from?

The goals come from seeing through life. The seeing is to observe life. The seeing with life happens with the mind. When you learn to see directly from the mind, and not through the senses, you develop an ability to look into the past, present and future of any event.

The seeing has nothing to do with your thinking or imagination; rather seeing is an act of the moment.

Goals are the results in the future. With the goals, the mind doesn’t get caught up with what exists in the moment; rather you can foresee the future, and guide the life into that direction. You get stuck at the moment if you don’t have goals in life to take you to the other shore.

Sometimes the life goals are part of the daily needs and want of life and other times the goals are part of our dreams and desires. No matter what your goal with life is, at least the path towards the goal has to be clear in your mind.

Goals are the important aspect of life. It gives you clarity in the moment. The clarity with life comes not with your thinking or imagination, but when you directly look into life. With the goals, your mind remains focused. The goals in life create the path for the mind to walk upon.

The life without goals remains distractive and chaotic affair, but once you develop the clear goals in your life, no matter what exists in the moment, you can always put your mind towards the goal, and direct your life in that direction.

Any problems or crisis of the moment can be overcome if your mind is directed towards the goals.

The life’s purpose comes from connecting with the mind. When you connect with your mind, you start seeing life. Thinking, reasoning, logic, conclusion, judgment is the nature of the mind, but when you take time to connect with the mind, you develop a different power of the mind, and that is to see life. You develop the power to observe life, the way it is.

The seeing doesn’t mean, you see the whole life in advance, but even if you see one step that takes you towards the goal than that one step is enough, to take your life forward.

The act of seeing is to look through the mind. The eyes are just an instrument for the mind to see the outside life. When you understand this simple truth, you don’t run after the things that you see through your eyes, but you hold yourself back and develop the art of seeing life through the mind.

When you develop an eye to see through the mind, you don’t get caught up with the mundane desires of life; rather you see the truth of life in everything.

All your daily plans and schedule towards the goals comes from the act of seeing. When you can see life through the mind, you don’t have to worry, about the entire future, but if you know, what needs to be done for this day, that is enough to take you forward with life.

When you learn to see life with the mind, your life starts flowing inside out. The act of seeing, not only gives you the goals of life, but it also creates a path for you to attain those goals.

Many people make mistakes with their goals and purpose of life.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your goals are, what’s important with the goals are that you see those steps in your mind, that can bring you closer to your goal. If you can see that first step in your mind, then you have already developed the eyes to see through the mind.

It’s only when you can see the goals and the path in your mind, you can succeed with your goals.

Goals are important to take your life forward, but the path towards the goals is equally important, as the majority of your life, has to be spent on the path. So, not only the goals of life should matter to you, but also the daily path, that leads you towards the goals.

The next thing that’s important with the goal and the path is the growth and improvement on the path.

If you commit yourself to walk on your path on a daily basis, you are certainly going to move forward, but if you also hold an intention to grow and improve on your path, you always remain a creator on the path, and reinvent yourself on the path on a daily basis.

Life is as much important in the outside world, as it’s important within. You have to have the outside goals with life, but at the same time, you also need to have a good connection with your inner world.

Your life has to float simultaneously both in the outside as well as the inner world. The way you advance in your outside world, you have to spend an equal amount of time to explore your inner world. Only then you can create a fine balance with your outside goals, and inner contentment with life.

There are very few individuals, who look within for the outside clarity. The goals in life are important if it’s synchronized with your inner life. Otherwise, you may spend your entire life chasing the outside goals, never to realize the crux of life that can only be found by digging deep inside.

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