Who are You?



You identify yourself with the body, mind, and emotions, but who are you?

The real identity of a person always remains hidden in him, and he lives life with the acquired personality from the outside world.

You identify yourself with everything and but who is the identifier in you?

Try to search yourself inside, and see what you find. Even in the process of searching for yourself, you will shed many illusions of life. The real search is needed. If you find nothing that’s alright, but the inner search is needed to get to the truth.

The life has given you the mind, heart, and body. Try to understand the nature of your mind and heart, that creates life in you. The real truth behind you is hidden in you. The mind holds the nature to think and imagine things, while the heart is filled with all different feelings and emotions. Your real identity resides behind the normal functions of the mind and heart.

You are not your thinking, feelings or emotions, but the whole process of mind and heart takes place in you. You can become the witness of everything that goes in you. You hold the power to direct your mind and heart in the direction of your choice.

When you utilize the inner power to direct your mind and heart, you can make the best use of it, and get the solution for any problem of your life.

When it comes to your life’s situation and your own thoughts and emotions, you hold absolute control over them, but the time you forget your true identity and associate yourself with the false one, you call for unnecessary suffering.

Everything that exists both in the inner or the outside world is your creation, either you like it or not and thus if you don’t like the experiences of the inside or outside world, you always have the power to make the different choices with life, so that you can experience the different reality with life.

Each moment of life you hold the power of choice. The simple choice can change the path of life. The life with choice gives you the power and control over your life.

The choice doesn’t mean always an action, but non-action too is a part of choice.

When you go on living life without understanding it, you add more misery to life. When you don’t make any effort to know yourself,  there are fair chances of you doing more wrong than right.

The natural process of life takes you closer to the realization of life. If your happiness is not increasing and your understanding doesn’t grow with life, then you are not aligned with the natural process of life. The nature of life is to grow and evolve and as you grow and evolve, your happiness and knowledge too grow with it.

What you see and experience in the external reality is the creation of all the human beings with their thoughts, emotions, energy, and actions. Your inner world manifest the outside reality. The inner world of thoughts, emotions, and energy creates life.

The life is possible beyond the surface reality of the mind. When you take the attention from the physical world and direct it to the inner world, you realize the life beyond the surface reality of the mind.

All the pain and suffering is considered to be the negative aspect of life, but when it comes to existential truth, the pain and suffering can connects you with the deeper truth.

No better way to connect with the inner world than to observe your suffering. When you are joyful, you don’t even have the sense of self. You forget yourself completely. But when it comes to suffering, you remain aware of everything that goes inside of you. Pain and suffering connect you with yourself.

With the joy and happiness you are least interested to know the existential truth of life, but the real query with the life arise only in the moments of suffering. Your suffering can certainly become the doorway for the realization.

You can observe your suffering if you choose to remain detached with it. When the suffering comes you forget to even look into your suffering. People suffer more psychologically than physically. Once you learn the art to observe your suffering, soon you will learn to separate yourself from it. It’s your attachment to life, makes you suffer more.

When you practice meditation, you learn the art of observing everything that goes inside. You don’t relate yourself with anything but you simply observe life happening both inside and outside as a third person. You can observe your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in meditation as a third person.

Your attention has the power to penetrate deep inside. It’s the attention of the mind that reveals the mysteries of the existence and when the same attention is directed inward, you realize the source of life within.


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