What is the Reality of Life?

What is the Reality of Life?

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Whatever I experience with life is it a mind-made thing or it’s the reality?

If I throw you, in the cage of hungry tiger’s, will you be eaten by the Tigers in real or the tiger will just be the imagination of your mind?

You know the answer.

How to differentiate between the illusion and reality of life?

When you look into the existence, with the sensory organs, all the five elements of life, Sky, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire seems real. It’s real and eternal.

You can create a perception of the five elements of nature, but once you look into your perception, you will realize the difference between the illusion and reality. The illusion is that, which you create into your mind, other than what already exists.

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Sky exists, earth exists. Now, you can create a different perception of the earth, and the sky and water, and fire and air, but it simply is. Even beyond our perception, it exists.

Other than the five elements of nature, you experience the physical manifestation of life, which is the creation out of the five elements.

All the buildings, offices, car, and anything that you see in the form of physical manifestation comes out of the, five elements of nature. Physical manifestation out of the five elements too is real but it’s temporary. It’s not permanent. It’s real but temporary. It has time duration attached with it. Anything that is physical carries the time duration with it.

Next, comes the subtle reality. The subtle reality is, the way you perceive life, which means your perception. When you perceive life, you form the image, create thoughts, feelings, and actions and create the complete experience out of it.

The experience in relation to any person, situation or event that you hold within your subtle world, is very much real, but again it changes often. The subtle experience you create, out of the situation, people or events of life, is real but changes quite often.

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Say, for e.g., you develop a relationship with a person. As the time passes by, and as you begin to know that person, slowly you create an impression or experience, with that person. Out of that experience or impression, you decide, either you wish to be, with that person, or you would like to drop that person, from your life.

If you can drop that person from your life, then it’s alright, but somehow, that person is your wife, or husband or boss, then your experience or impression of that person, changes often. You judge that person, out of your perception. Sometimes, he is good, and sometimes he may not behave the way, you have imagined in your mind then you tag him into a bad category.

So the subtle reality, that you hold within your mind, about a situation, people or event change often. Experience or impression is real at the moment, but it’s temporary and changes often. You cannot hold any subtle experience or impression forever.

The subtle world you hold inside is real, but temporary and changes often. More importantly, your perception towards life is always your individual perspective towards people, situation, and events of your life, and you have the power to alter them, by working on yourself.

You create both your subtle as well as physical reality, and you have the power to change them, according to the need of the moment.

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More rigid your ideas, thoughts, and feelings towards the situation, people and events of life, more time it will take, for you to change those experiences, with your life. It’s hard for people to change their old habits because they are too rigid from inside.

Life is all about your perception, either it’s your personal life or professional life, and you have the power to change anything outside or within, by altering your perception.

Your ideas, thoughts, impressions, and experiences of life, are your own. Nobody can know, what you carry inside of you. Only you have the power to change your perspective towards life, by looking for fresh experience, modifying your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

You can create absolutely new reality, both in your personal and professional life and with the same people, by altering your perception towards life, and by putting necessary work into it.

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The process of the subtle world is simple. You form image, thoughts, feelings, and action to get the experience of life. Sometimes, just out of the image, thoughts, feelings, and expression, you create impressions and hold onto that impression.

Life can be experienced, only with the brain, heart, and body. There is no life, with the spirit and soul. Spirit and soul experience life, with the brain, heart, and body. It’s the brain and the sensory organs that allow you to experience life in different ways. Spirit needs the brain, heart, and body to experience life.

Soul and spirit enter into the womb, create the brain, heart, and body, and nourishes it, to experience life. When you don’t spend the time to understand the process of life, you only remain lost, in your own perception towards life, without knowing the ultimate truth of life.

All the subtle and physical experience is possible with the brain and sensory organs. Usually, when you experience life at the moment, you never look into the present life, but you look into the experience and impression of the past. Your reaction or response in the present moment always comes out of the past experience.

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Your perspective towards life, is your individual’s perspective, be it your personal life or professional life, and you have the power to change the perspective, towards any situation, event or people, and with the change in perspective, you can change the consequence of your present situation.

Life is not limited to the five elements of nature, physical life, or your individual subtle perspective. There is something more lie beyond your subtle as well as physical reality, i.e. the source of life. You have a subtle thread of the spirit along with the soul.

The spirit and soul experience’s life, through the brain, heart, and body. The subtle thread of the spirit creates, operates and rejuvenates your brain, heart, and body.

If you are only lost, in your subtle perception of the mind, you will never experience life, beyond your present identity.

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Beyond the subtle thread of the spirit, you have pure consciousness or soul within the body, which is part of the creator. The experience of it, confirms the creator, its process, and its creation. The life as a whole can be known with the realization of the soul.

With life, there is nothing that is an illusion and everything is real. The only thing that we need to figure out is what is temporary and what is permanent, and that knowing can be developed, only with the realization of soul and spirit within the body.

The more you know yourself, more your choice and decisions with life will be closer to the eternal nature of life, and you will begin to separate yourself from the temporary things. The process of evolution takes you closer to the eternal life.

The knowledge or information from different source can be misunderstood, unless you experience life, within. All the wisdom and bliss comes from within, and you can have, all the answers of life, when you look inside.

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With life everything is real, and all the efforts with life have to be used, in understanding one’s own life. The realization of the subtle thread of the spirit and soul can give you the clarity towards life, but again, you have to come to the brain, heart, and body to experience life.

Each individual’s life is limited to his or her own perspective, and more you look into your perspective, the process of life begins to get clear to you. Only by knowing yourself, you can understand the reality of outside life, as well as the subtle life, that takes place in each individual.

You hold the power to change your perspective, as you are the creator of your perspective, and more importantly, you can also experience life, beyond your individual’s perspective, by knowing and studying your individuals perspective towards life.

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