What is Awareness Field and How to Become Aware of it?



Can you sense your breath? Inflow or outflow of your breath? If you can sense that, that means you are aware of your breath. You are different, the subject or object you are aware of is different, and the space in you, where you become aware of the subject or object is different, which is called the awareness field.

Now, when you sense the inflow or outflow of breathing, where you sense it? Within or outside the body? Within, right.Anything that you experience with life, you experience within your awareness field, inside your body. All the external experiences of life, that seems external experience within.

Anything that you experience with life, you experience within your awareness field, inside your body. All the external experiences of life, that seems external experience within.

You experience life within your awareness field. Your awareness field is very much alive, and anything you put your attention on, either on the subject or object, you perceive the subject or object, through your awareness field, and later any information, you receive in relation to the subject or object, too comes from the same awareness field.

That means all the sense perception of the external world is only gets formed in the awareness field and when the sensory organs look into the external reality, the perception of the external reality is possible, only because of the awareness field.

Do you sense the sensation within your body?

It’s only because of the awareness field. The awareness field is the subtle clothing that wraps your physical body, brain, and heart. You experience life through sensation. The sensation you experience out of any experience is due to the awareness field, or subtle clothing that covers your physical appearance and the subtle strings of the spirit.

The subtle strings of the spirit, we will discuss in the future blogs, and here we will try to understand the awareness field. Anywhere you touch within the body, you sense the sensation, and it’s only because of the awareness field and the subtle strings of the spirit. How to Realize the Spirit in the Body?

Now, you can become aware of your awareness field, by becoming aware of your sensation. In the present moment, if you look at your attention, it’s absolutely on reading this blog.

If I ask you, to shift your attention on your breath, you can observe your breath, and simultaneously also can read the blog.

For reading, your attention remains outside, but you only read out of the awareness field. Awareness field is the mirror, through which all the sensory perception should pass. All the perception of the sensory organs takes place only on the awareness field.

Wherever you put your attention, it gets registered on your awareness field, and your energy gets shifted in that direction, either you put the attention consciously in the external world on the subject or object, or your mind can pick anything and begin to think on the subject, and your energy will begin to flow in that direction.

That’s the only reason, conscious living is promoted, so that life happens out of your conscious choice, because awareness field in you, doesn’t bifurcate with your experience and simply begin to attract all kind of similar experiences in relation to the subject or object, you put into your awareness field. Awareness field is neutral.

Your individual identity is separate. Your attention is separate. Subject or object is separate and the awareness field is separate. You have the choice to put your attention on anything, and wherever you put your attention, immediately the subject or object moves into the awareness field. Anything you perceive is only visible into your awareness field, even the outside life.

Without awareness field, neither your sensory organs works, neither external nor internal perception is possible.

Usually, our attention is shifted in so many directions that it’s impossible, to even look at the space, where we experience life. All our experiences and impressions of life, moves in a circle, around the awareness field and thus whatever we perceive in life, it always appears in front of us, out of the past, because we see life from the past.

Unless you clean your past from within, it is not possible for you to look at life with clear perception. How to develop Clarity with Life?

Try to understand this truth of life; do you perceive life inside or outside? If your idea remains, that you perceive life externally, then it’s difficult to understand this truth of life.

When you perceive through your senses i.e. eyes, the object may be, of the outside world, but you see the object, inside of you in your awareness field.

Origins of Consciousness

Say, in the present moment, you might be having a view in front of you, and that might give you an impression, that you perceive the external world, but if you look closely, the external world, is perceived through your senses, i.e. your eyes.

Now the external reality is huge, and your eyes are small, still, your eyes can see everything of the external reality, right?

The truth is, your eyes, is no more than a bioscope and the awareness field in you, is the space, where the external reality adjust itself and you perceive the external reality, in the space of your inner awareness field.

The role of the eyes is to capture the view of the external reality, just like the camera. In the awareness field, you see the view of the external reality, but the process takes place so quickly, that it gets difficult to comprehend this reality of the inner world.

You saw an elephant. Your eyes captured the elephant and made it equal to the size of your eyes, and captured in your awareness field. Rather, eyes only see through the awareness field, and when anything that is seen through the eyes, out of the natural process, gets registered in the awareness field. Just before the eyes, there is an awareness field, that allows the perception of the external world.

The eyes is just an instrument through which you perceive the outside reality, while the back-end work happens in the mind. The role of the eyes is to capture the image from outside while the rest of the work happens in the mind.

You Are the Universe

The awareness field is plain white subtle clothing on which you see both the external and internal reality. When the awareness field is colored with different experiences or impressions of life, the life is not viewed, directly from the plain clothing of the awareness field, but it’s viewed through the past experiences.

The natural experience of the awareness field is pure, but when the layers of experiences get formed on the awareness field, the external perception of life is formed not out of the pure awareness field, but with our own past experiences.

When you look inside, you still cannot directly look into the awareness field, but you simply observe the same, external experiences into the internal world.

When you consciously begin the process of dropping, all of your external and internal experiences of life, slowly you begin to connect with the pure awareness field, which is part of the eternity.

It’s important to know about the awareness field because life itself is possible with the awareness field and once you connect with the awareness field, you connect with the natural process of life.

Awareness field carries the path of enlightenment and if you create a right intent to know your higher self. The awareness field in you can act as a guide, to take you to the experience of the ultimate.

The awareness field is a pure potentiality in you and holds all the life’s solution, not only of this world but beyond. The awareness field is specially designed for you to experience life, in all possible ways and the time comes, after going through all the different experiences of life, to realize the truth, then the same awareness field creates the path for you, to take you to that ultimate.

You have the liberty to access the entire awareness field, or you can choose to stay with the experiences of your internal or external life.

By being one with the awareness field, you live with the eternity, while living with the experiences of your internal or external world, your identity too associate itself with the experiences of the external reality, and remain limited with it.

Only when you experience life with the eternity, i.e. your awareness field, you experience the eternity in the moment.

With the awareness field, you don’t have to disassociate yourself from your daily life, but more and more you begin to experience life with the awareness field, more and more your life will switch to the eternal experiences of life.

Explorations in Consciousness

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