What is Awareness, Consciousness or Divine Mind?

divine mind

Awareness, wakefulness, nothingness, voidness, consciousness, divine mind seems like big words for many, but when it comes to the realization of all of these terms, it comes to one experience, i.e. pure state of mind.

The mind is one. You have the whole mind that is not divided at any point. When your mind is absolutely empty, without any thoughts, imagination, dreams, desires, experiences, impressions, holding no idea for the past or future, you experience the mind in its purest form.

See, when you experience life with the mind, the things that seem important to you is what you think, what you imagine, your personal thoughts, your ideas, your experiences, your past, and future, but when you move towards the pure state of mind, all the above things seems irrelevant.

You have to drop all these things, that you consider valuable to experience the pure state of mind. The word awareness or consciousness is nothing but the pure state of mind.

The cosmic intelligence or higher intelligence or super intelligence is nothing but the pure state of mind.

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In the pure state of mind, life reflects with its natural color, i.e. transparent. Remember life doesn’t hold any color of its own, but it’s always you add color to different situations, events, people, or experiences of life.

Life is naturally flowing like a river, and when you see the flowing river, you may add whatever you want to it.

There is no issue when you add your own colors to life but at least you should know, that it’s your color that you add to life, and it has nothing to do with anyone else or life as a whole.

When you simply understand this truth, that you only perceive life out of your individual perception, you at least keep space in you for expansion. Your mind remains open for life. You can accept something fresh or new with your life.

You don’t get afraid out of change, but you understand that something bigger exists, than your individual perception.

It’s not necessary that you realize the truth at this moment. The important thing is you stay open to life.

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Sometimes when we don’t understand the truth, it becomes easier to get caught up in the complex formation of words, and then spend time in chasing the experience, that doesn’t even exist.

There is no life beyond your mind. All the truth exists in knowing the nature of your mind. Either you can remain caught up in figuring out the awareness, or consciousness or divine mind, or you can directly look into your mind and know the truth for yourself.

Life only seems complex, when you look for the solution outside. If this simple truth can become clear to you, that everything that you wish to know with life, exists in you, then you can set yourself free from all the confusions of life.

Enlightenment is nothing but to experience your own mind.

The Independent Mind: Learning to Live a Life of Freedom

Many times, words become so confusing that you simply remain lost in figuring out the words, but you find nothing of sort inside.

Say for e.g. ego, personal identity, individual identity may create so much fuss outside, but when you look inside your mind, you don’t find anything of a sort.

When you are on the spiritual path, and you are looking for the answers outside, there is an ample of reasons, for you to deviate from the path. The path of the ultimate truth is straightway inside.

If Buddha realized the truth, it came from inside. When, Krishna, Christ or any other enlightened being, ever realized the truth, it only came from within. If you chase the truth outside, there is only one option for you and i.e. to get lost.

It’s good to learn from the experienced man so that you can move deeper within you, but if you are only looking for the truth outside, without realizing it for yourself, then that truth can never become a reality for you.

The experience from an enlightened being can serve you to move inward. He can show you the path, but every step on the path has to be taken by you. You can learn to walk, from others, but always keep in mind, that walk has to be taken by you.

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If you wish to know about the mind, the universe, god, or the process of life, there is only one way to come to the realization of all of these, and that is to move inward.

Remember when you realize the pure state of mind, you don’t need any realized master to confirm that, but you can confirm it for yourself. With the pure state of mind, either it’s the external reality or internal reality it becomes absolutely clear to you.

To experience the pure state of mind, you have to go through the internal process. It’s not a one-day event, but you go through the process of inner cleansing. Nothing of the waste remains in you.

You get free from all the attachments of life, and life that happens at the moment doesn’t only remain in the form of words, but it becomes a live experience for you.

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You can only experience the present moment reality, the time you connect with inner life. You have to have life throbbing in you. The inner life, which is the source of outside life. The life that lies beneath the mind, and can only be realized, with an empty mind.

When you only believe the outside reality, you simply create a circle of life and remain caught up in it. When you yourself create the circle, you never think to come out of that circle, because you don’t even know that such kind of circle exists in the first place.

You pick the things from outside in the form of impressions. You make the choice and decision out of the inner impressions. This choice and decisions become your external reality. This external reality again is captured in you, in the form of impressions, and the circle of life begins.

The truth of life doesn’t only free you from the repetitive circle of life, but you can also see the truth of your own life. You can figure out what is real and illusion in your personal, professional, or spiritual life.

Freedom: The Courage to Be Yourself

All your stress, worry, confusion, pain or suffering is not related to the outside life but the way you perceive life, and your perception can only be your individual perception until you realize the absolute truth of life in you.

Why it’s important to know the absolute truth?

So that you can take the complete responsibility of your life and understand that anything that comes to you, with your life is your individual creation.

You don’t look for life somewhere else but in you. This doesn’t only limit you to yourself, but this opens an unknown door for you, that you never even thought may exist in you.

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