Visualization gives you Clarity of Path

Visualization gives you Clarity with the Path

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When it comes to life, the words do not suffice. Actions are required. Actions are part of life. The intelligent ones make the use of non-action as well. When you visualize and clear your path in advance, you make full use of both the action and non-action.

Clear your path in advance for a smooth ride. When you know what you want, and how to go about it, all that is left out for you is to walk on the path. The hurdle is not the path, but the clarity of mind. Once the mind is clear with your life’s plan, the path is designed by itself as you move towards your goal.

The Daily Actions of Life.

The path of life is the action that you execute each day. Once you are clear with your daily action plans, the execution part becomes effortless.

Life only asks you to play your part well, and the other side of life is taken care by existence. Your concern with life has to be to play your role well.

The people those who are worried, and always looking for the support have somewhere played small with their life or failed to play their part correctly. When you walk on the path, the instant solution for your problems may not be visible at the moment but as you move on with your journey, it emerges on the path. The existence has many ways to serve you. All it needs you to trust yourself in the moment.

Every action has its cause and effect. Keep moving forward without worrying about the result.

Life seems like a mess if you go haphazardly with it. If you allow the life to unfold step by step your life too can be a smooth ride.

All the obstacles of life come from your body, mind, and emotions. If you think other people or life’s situation is an obstacle, then you need to clear the inner perspective to have a right view towards life. One thing should be clear with life that all the problems and solutions of life exist inside.

Anyone who sees the problems in life holds the problem in himself. Unless he sorts the things inside of him, he will never experience the freedom outside.

Once you learn to develop clarity in your mind, you can also understand how different situations becomes a part of your life and why people respond in a certain way in different situations of life.

If any reason for you to fail on the path lies then it lies only in you. There is no other reason besides you. Once you work out your things inside, and allow the things to flow in order, you experience the similar life in the outside world.

Life is all about priorities. Set your priorities in order and execute your daily plan accordingly, and you will never miss anything in life. You lose when you want something else, and you spent the most important time of your life doing completely different things altogether.

Your daily action plans should be according to your dreams and desires. You just can’t think something else and act on different things and expect a miracle with life.

When you look outside, you want everything, but when you move inside and recognize your desire’s, your idea to accumulate things gets narrowed, and you only look for the essentials in the moment.

To connect with the inner world is self-satisfying and thus you don’t need anything from outside to fill your inner world. The real life is not what you see with your senses, but what you feel in your heart. This you realize only at the time of death.

Your heart knows what you really want out of life, and thus whenever you follow your heart, you accomplish all the desire of your heart. Your inner world knows your priorities with life and thus it’s important to connect with your inner world. When you live from your heart, it’s easier to direct your energy and attention in a single most direction. Mind stays focus with fewer goals.

There is no problem with the different desires for life, but the desires have to be in alignment with the inner world and one desire should not be overlapping other.

When your mind can conceive something, it becomes easier to achieve. All you have to do is to follow your mind’s instruction, to manifest your picture into the reality. When the mind is clear with the picture all the thoughts are directed in that one direction. 

Even in the worst circumstances of life a single step is visible to everyone. If you know how to take that one step, further step is created for you.

It’s not about faith, but it’s the mechanism of mind. The mind has a tendency to think in one direction. You give him the direction, and he will go on thinking in that direction. If you have a control over your mind, you can anytime shift the direction of your mind.

The clarity of mind helps you to see the things and provides you with several options, which otherwise you might have missed on the path. The quality of action improves when you are clear in your mind.

To visualize the path in advance serves you to evaluate and contemplate the best possible options to act on the path. You can foresee the obstacles, and remove them before hand with the art of visualization.

When it comes to visualizing the life in advance, you don’t see the future reality, but you see the action path to walk upon.

Future is not something that is ready-made available to you, but you create by walking on the path, out of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

When the picture is clear in the mind, you need necessary emotions to act on the path. The action becomes powerful when it holds the support of thoughts and emotions. It’s not only the action that derives the result in the physical reality, but your quality of thoughts and emotions too decides the fate of the result.

When the thoughts flourish, the emotions too flourishes with it. When your emotions too support the picture of your mind, then it’s the best time to act. The power of action depends on the thoughts and emotions.

When your complete mind, body and emotions are in alignment with the idea, the path of action becomes effortless. You go with the flow and the things get manifested by itself.

Many people find fault with life itself, and sometimes even with the situations or people, but in reality, the only reason you miss what you really want out of life is, when your mind, body (actions) and emotions are not in synchronization. Once you learn to adjust your inner world, outer reality cannot be different.

Life only reveals the path and not the destination. You have to walk on the path & discover the destination for yourself. The flow of life is of least resistance. The ride of life is effortless. Your job is to be available for the existence, and the life itself is sufficient enough to take you, where you are inclined to be.

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