Understand the Internal and External pressure of Life

Understand the Internal and External pressure of Life

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Life builds up slowly its pressure on you. It only brings to you the pressure that you can handle. All the situation, events and people in the external world, sometimes feel like a pressure and that has been observed by almost everyone.

If you look into the pressure of the external world, the truth of life will reveal to you.

Is it the pressure from the external world is real, or it’s your own inner complexities, that doesn’t allow you to understand the external reality of life, at the moment?

Both the external and internal life happens within you. You don’t perceive the external life as it is, but you only perceive, what your mind wants you to see, in any given condition. Also you have an internal pressure too, which you are not familiar with.

You only see the external world, and your idea only remains limited to the external reality and thus, anything that happens in your life, you always have something from the external world too blame for.

But, what if you are experiencing internal pressure, of which you are unaware of, and you go on blaming the external conditions of life, for your present situations?

How you experience external pressure, internal pressure and the pressure of life, beyond both the external and internal pressure that can only be experienced, if you understand and rise above both the external and internal pressure from within.

If you really want to understand life, you have to stop pointing fingers at others and begin to understand every aspect of your life and see how it shapes in different ways.

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If you give up into the external pressures of life, then you cannot understand the internal pressure of life and free yourself from it.

Life is not limited to what you experience outside, but it’s only the effect of, what you carry inside. Yes, you can understand the cause of it, by understanding its effect, but if you consider the effect to be the cause, then you simply create an elusive reality for yourself.

Anything that happens in the external world is the effect, cause of which exists, in the internal world. The effect can serve you, to understand the cause of it, but if you search for life, only into the effect, then you create more chaos with your life.

The external pressure with the situations, people or events of life, is only felt when you jump into life, without understanding. Your daily life only seems like a hell, if you don’t know, where you are heading, with your life.

You have to be clear with all your external choices and decisions, and once you are clear from inside, it becomes easier for you to manifest life, out of your desire, and then no situation or person of the external world seems like a chaos, rather everything serves you in the present moment, in the process of your manifestation.

Your perception of the external world comes from the internal world.

You can adjust your perception towards any situation, person, events or experience of the external world, provided, you connect with the internal world. Once you connect with the internal world, you realize how life forms in your internal world, to create the outside reality of life.

The internal world too is complex, and unless you understand the internal world, and make it simpler, anything you perceive out of it or manifest out of it, will lead to, more chaos in your life.

The external reality can only bring the change into the internal reality if you give it the power to do so. If you are already connected with the internal reality, you can simply negate whatever comes from the external reality, and make your internal reality your external reality with the power of will and determination.

You have no clue, of what’s going on, into your internal reality, and thus, the external world holds power over you. In the external world, nothing can be a problem, if you simply clear yourself with the understanding of the internal reality.

All your reactions and impulsive actions only happen, when you are not connected with the inner truth. Life can only put pressure on you, internally and externally if you don’t understand the process of life, and simply go on living, running after your different desires.

Without understanding, you reach nowhere in life. Understanding allows you to follow the natural process of life.

You cannot follow your own plans with life, and if you do, you cannot go, too far with it. Life needs to be understood, and the adjustment has to be made according to the life plans, both in your internal and external world. Only then, you can manifest, with what you truly desire and that which is authentic.

All the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions we receive from life are the internal pressures and you have no control over them. When the internal pressure comes, you have to give up, to its pressure. You become helpless. When it comes to a flow, it drains all your energy in the moment. You don’t know what to do with it.

The only way to work with the internal pressure is to understand it. You have to know, from where does the force comes, and notice everything that takes place inside of you.

Say for e.g., in the external life, if someone passes the negative comments, it bothers you, only if you associate yourself with it. If you simply detach yourself from the comment, that comment doesn’t hold any power over you.

In a similar way, when you experience the internal pressure, by negative thoughts or emotions, simply observe them. Yes, you can observe everything that goes inside of you, and separate yourself from it.

If you simply detach yourself with the internal pressure, and simply become an observer to it, slowly you will find that it loses its grip on you.

All your stress, pain, suffering, misery is due to your attachment with it. If you don’t attach with the things, that doesn’t serve you, either in your internal or external life, slowly those things lose grip on you, and you release yourself from it forever.

No Attachments, No Aversions

There are two things that have been deeply imbibed within us, for a long time. One is that the others are the cause of our misery and second, it’s important to be miserable in life. Both are the false notions of life and can be broken out of understanding.

It’s only your ignorance, which is the cause of your misery and life simply follows its process, without bothering about, either you are feeling happy or sad with its process. It’s always your choice, either you want to be happy with the process of life, or wish you to be sad, but life, in particular, is not interested in making you happy or sad.

If you eat food, the job of the physical body is to digest the food. In a similar way, just behind the functions of mind, the natural flow of energy takes place. The natural flow of energy is such that it flows like a wave.

In the morning the waves move on a higher side, and in the noon, waves come down. In the evening time, again the flow of energy takes a higher stride and then again comes down, in the latter part of the evening. At night, again it rises high and the process of flow of energy, of upside down, follows the entire day.

The quality of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions depend on the flow of spiritual energy that takes place, behind the process of the mind.

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If you develop the power to simply observe the flow of your internal world, you will rise above all the negative and positive thoughts, feelings and emotions and along with it, with the internal pressure of life.

You only feel the internal pressure or compel to act, out of the compulsive thoughts, feelings, and emotions, because you are not aware, about your internal world.

The pressure of life doesn’t only come from the external and internal world, but the flow of life’s energy too put pressure on you, if it wants to bring the best out of you.

The nature of life is to expand. If you don’t follow the expansion program, you experience the pressure of life. The nature of life is to grow, evolve, expand and rejuvenate.

If you don’t flow with the natural process of life, life has control over your nervous system and can put you under immense pressure, to work out, anything from you. You can only understand the ways of life if you can rise above the pressure of sensation.

With the mind, each individual lives to serve his sensation in different ways, but this sensation is the only way, where life can put immense pressure on you. The sensation is the way, where the spirit and soul experience life through the brain, heart, and body.


If you can break the subtle knots of the sensation, first time you can actually realize the freedom within the body.

You are not limited to your physical appearance, i.e. your brain, heart, and body but within, lot many things happen, that makes the life possible. From breath to sensation, from feelings to emotions, from thoughts to imagination. All these are the subtle forms of life that work in the body.

Life even doesn’t end with the subtle body, but it takes something else, for the subtle body to carry out its function. The subtle world only forms within, but the actual process of action, with the physical body, happens with the subtle strings, that passes through the brain, heart, and body to make the action possible, with the body.

The subtle strings in the body are the actual cause of all the pressure that you experience both of the external and internal world. To understand the actual cause of all types of pressure with life, it’s necessary to understand the subtle strings in the body.

The physical body is just an instrument, but the real work though the body is done by the subtle strings of the spirit.

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The process of understanding both the internal and external life is a lifetime process and you have to stay awake with life all the moment, to align yourself with this process.

You may lose your awareness every now and then, but again and again, bring your awareness back to the moment.

You don’t have to understand anything, but understanding happens naturally when you are present in the moment. What you need in the moment already exists. All you need is the presence in the moment.

If you are completely present in the moment, you don’t feel the internal or external pressure of life; rather you learn the art to flow with the natural process of life.

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