Ultimate Goal is to Establish Oneself, into the state of Self-Realization

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The journey is from Toe to top of the Head, and it takes many life-times, to accomplish this feat.

You move with a goal. You have to have a purpose with life. Purpose adds meaning to life. Goal or purpose doesn’t detach you from life, but it serves you to embrace everything with life. For Goal, you need a path.

Unless you have a path, you cannot reach your goal. Goal and path go hand in hand. The goal is a destination, the path is a route. If you don’t have even one, you lose the track of life.

Without Goal or destination, you will never know where you are heading towards life. In the same way, if you are not clear about the path, you have been given beautiful mind, which can create a hell out of you.

Your mind can create hell for you if you live without path and destination. When you have the destination in mind, you can take different paths. You can go for, the thousands of adventures, with your life, but the destination has to be clear to you. You can take any path you want. it can be, of your choice, but the Goal and the path should be remembered always. It keeps the mind in check.

The path and goal with life, is a wonderful tool to keep the mind in check, all the time.

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The mind has strange ways, to change the path of your life, without your knowledge. You will never know, with which desire, your mind is guiding you towards different paths, and the time you realize, it will be too late for you to repent.

The ultimate goal of life is to establish oneself, into the state of self-realization. The identity of oneself, with the identity of the mind, is very limited identity. There is much more beyond to look for and experience.

All the transcendence with life happens with the personal identity of the mind. With the life, it may seem like changes are taking place outside, but in reality, all the change takes place within.

When you begin to search for meaning in life, your attention shifts inward. With the inner attention, you begin to understand yourself. To understand oneself means to understand one’s own personal identity. You try to understand, how you have developed your personality over the time.

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You are not limited to your personality, but there is much more hidden within you. The time you search for something, bigger than your personal identity, you realize the spirit and soul in the body. You can name the spirit and soul by any other name and the name has just been used, to give you the understanding of an experience.

The realization of spirit, drops all the illusory part of the personality created and experienced with the mind, the personal identity, that initially relates itself with the thought process of the mind, feelings, and emotions of the heart and with the physical appearance, slowly and gradually, drops its identification, with all of these, and begin to look for more within.

As you go on accumulating experiences and impressions with life, the spirit of the subtle thread, ties around the physical body. The sensation is part of the spirit and thus, any experience you go through in the present moment, you experience it through sensation.

Once you have an experience, it gets stored in the subtle body in the form of subtle experience and in the brain, in the form of an image. All the experience gets stored in the brain, in the form of an image.

The brain collects the data with the help of sensory organs, while the subtle body collects the data with the help of sensation. All the experiences and impressions get registered within you, in these two different forms.

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All the data that you have gathered through sensory organs, is lost when you leave the physical body, and all the subtle data through sensation that gets registered into the subtle body is carried forward to the next birth.

When you realize the spirit, the personal identity cannot hold its identification with the body, and realize itself as a spirit. Spirit carries the subtle thread, which works through the brain, heart, and body to experience life.

With the realization of spirit, the process of life continues, but your identification with the personal identity, begin to lose away, and you connect yourself with the spirit. As you realize the spirit or the subtle thread into the body, you also experience something beyond the spirit, i.e. soul or an observer. The observer is a right word for the soul, as to observe is its one of the prominent quality.

With the mind, when you perceive life, you only see through your sensory organs and that too, with the perception that you already carry into your mind.

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With an observer, you still look at life, with the sensory organs, but now mind doesn’t come in the middle. The perception of the mind gets a drop, and you directly look into the life, through the sensory organs.

With the mind, you have your personal identity, along with the past experiences of life, but with an observer, you directly look into the process of life.

The life doesn’t get over with the realization of an observer, as the process of life, still continues. As you get into your daily routine, life will again begin its process, of developing, the identity, and accumulation of experiences and impressions into the brain and the subtle body will continue, out of the natural process.

You have to figure out the method, whereby, you can drop the subtle as well as physical impressions from the subtle thread of the spirit, and keep your spirit clean from the past experiences.

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The ultimate Goal of life is to make the subtle thread of the spirit, one with an observer. When you get into these experience, no more impressions or experience leaves blueprint on you, and you sail your life, with an observer.

It’s an ultimate experience of life, and remember, life is not limited to one experience. The time your soul and spirit becomes one forever, you accomplish the ultimate goal of life. This is the state of samadhi. These means you, stay aware and awake in every moment of your life. If you can stay awake all the time, of your life, you attain the final state, whereby your spirit and soul becomes one forever.

The subtle thread stays detach from the physical body and place itself with an observer. The subtle thread gets into the body when requires and move back to its source. An observer is a source of life, both within and outside. All the humans carry the source within themselves, as an observer. The ultimate Goal of life is to establish oneself, into the state of self-realization.

Once the subtle thread of the spirit, begin to establish itself into an observer, the personal identity begins to lose itself completely. It won’t be possible to hold the identity, into an ultimate experience.

The identity of the mind is simply an accumulation of an experience, and when you experience the ultimate, all the other experience’s of life, has to be left behind.

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The identity of the mind remains till the mind remains. It’s the product of the mind. As soon as you get into the mind, the identity gets active. The life is driven by, one’s identity. Once the identity drops all its illusion, it finds its solace in truth, which is within.

To establish oneself in the state of self-realization is a life-long process, and to attain this purpose, will take every moment of your life. You cannot stay unaware, even for the moment.

The basic condition on the path of ultimate goal is to stay awake all the time. When you stay aware in the moment, you tend to develop lesser impressions within you. Things don’t get settle down within you, easily, if you stay aware in the moment. You can avoid much waste and much nonsense from your life.

With the awareness in the moment, you can handle different obligations of life and still, attain the ultimate goal. Whether you choose a path, or choose a goal, and one follows the other. If you choose a path, goal will come out of it, and if you choose a goal, the path will come out of it.

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