Experience Life Beyond Logical mind

Experience Life Beyond Logical mind

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When it comes to let go, with life, people carry different ideas. Some think to let go, means to forge your responsibilities and sit and do nothing, while for some to let go means to surrender to life, when the things are not happening through efforts.

To let go, is a way, to have an access to life, which is beyond your logical mind. With logical or finite mind, everything is limited. You try to understand things, or you try to reach the conclusion of the things, but when the mind, doesn’t have any solution for the situation, you don’t know, what to do with it. 

When you simply let go with life, another dimension of life opens up for you. Remember, in any moment of life, you always have an option to take one step forward. Even with the limited mind, you always can see that one step.

Let go, means to simply leave your hold on life, and walk on that one step that you can see. That one step holds the power to create further steps for you.

To let go doesn’t mean the abandonment of action in anyways, that many people think, but to let go, is to connect with the higher flow of energy and touch the different dimensions of life, where the further life, is possible for you.

The act to let go, with the things, situation or people opens a different dimension of life. The act of letting go, simply allows your spiritual energy to rise higher, and you can have the access to the mind, i.e. beyond all the logic.

Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic

The mind is divided into two parts. Finite mind, and infinite mind. There are no other possibilities with life. Either you think limited or you connect with infinite.

If you can understand things, before the action that means, you act out of finite mind. Your mind can evaluate, analyze, create logic out of it, pass a judgement and do all those things, that is possible with the finite mind. With the finite mind, “I” remain higher.

When your actions comes out of ego, you cannot rise above with, whatever you create, out of your action, because your action always remains limited, and the result, out of your action too remains limited.

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You can only experience the infinite possibilities of life when your actions stay bigger than yourself. You act, not because you understand, but because it comes from your heart and even if you don’t understand, still you are compelled to take those actions. Such actions, lift your life and takes you higher with life.

Remember with the mind, there is a finite space, in between there is an individual personality “I”, and on the other side, there is infinite space. This finite and infinite is a space of the mind. The space of the finite is filled by the person with the memories, while the infinite space of the mind remains unexplored.

If you choose finite, or out of logic, you remain limited. There is no trust, but there is security. With security, you always remain finite.

How possibly, you can fly with life, if everything remains in your control. You only can fly, if you choose the act, i.e. bigger than you. The life is bigger than you, and one more thing, people think that they don’t have anything bigger than themselves, then that’s another lie, because every person, holds something in his heart, that is bigger than him.

Infinite or imagination is not just the possibility, but its a part of your mind, which you can get access to, and fly as high as you want. Imagination is a subtle reality of your mind. It can become physical, if you can hold to your imagination, and take necessary steps, to make it, real.

The only one, who stops you from experiencing the infinite is you, standing in the middle, between finite and infinite.

From the Finite to the Infinite

Let me tell you, one more thing, life is not only limited to finite, “personal identity” and infinite, but there is something more to you than all of these. The idea about physical or subtle manifestation is finite,”I”, and infinite, but there is life, too, that exists beyond all these notions of the mind.

Remember, with the mind, all the finite,”I” and infinite lies, but beyond these too, life exists, that allows the above process of life. There are creative and innovative people, who explore life and live life beyond themselves. These people make good use of infinite mind or the mind of imagination and intuition, and explore life to create and innovate with life.

They allow the life to happen to them. They let lose themselves and switch from the finite to the infinite world, where different possibilities of life, is possible for them. To the finite mind, that which seems impossible, for the infinite mind, it’s more fun and child’s play.

But life doesn’t end with the infinite mind because even with the infinite mind, the individual personality prevails. Everything comes out of you, in the form of creation and innovation, but still, your individual personality stands at the top.

Yes, at the time of creation and innovation, the creative people, put themselves aside, but when the things are manifested, the individual personality still comes into existence.

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With the finite mind, life always remain limited and the personality identity, makes a choice, where everything seems to be known, and every action comes out of security and surety, and remember all these things, takes place in the unconscious mind, without you, even being realizing it.

With the infinite mind, you begin to explore different dimensions of life, but the personal identity always remains, unless you realize the source of life.

It’s hard for any person to understand that life happens through him, and there is something more beyond his personal identity. The source of life is not only the brain or mind, but there is something more inside, that allows the functions of brain and mind.

The brain is a physical part of the body, while the mind is the subtle part, that triggers the brain, and where all the thoughts and imagination and all the experiences and impressions of life, gets stored, in the subtle body.

The personal identity or Ego of an individual gets drop, when he recognizes in him something beyond himself.

The Unlimited Self: Destroy Limiting Beliefs, Uncover Inner Greatness, and Live the Good Life

All the creation and innovation of a person gets registered into his personal identity, and the personal identity goes on to, become bigger and bigger, without realizing that, there is something more to life, other than the subtle personality that exists inside.

It’s important to move from finite to infinite. Life is a process of evolution, and the process takes you, from one shore to the other. The personal identity experiences the logical mind enough, and when it gets tired from the repetitive process, it begins to explore the intuition or imaginative part of the mind, that allows it, to experience life, beyond himself.

All the creators and innovators sometimes get lost in their creation, and never look for the source behind the creation. The illusion of the personal identity is such that, it never allows you to look beyond itself.

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From the child’s birth, it’s not only the physical body that grows but along with it, the subtle identity of a person too grows inside of him. The child grows with both the physical as well as subtle identity.

The physical body is visible and thus its impressions get stronger and more he looks himself in the mirror, more impressions get stronger in the mind of the child. At the same time, in the subtle body, the child goes through different experiences and impressions with his or her life, and develops a personal identity, out of it.

Now, unless you know about, the subtle personality, that you have developed over the time, how can you drop it, and unless you drop it, how can you realize that the life is possible without holding personal identity into your mind.

The life is possible without any personal identity, and it can only be possible for you to know, if you can experiment yourself, with your life.

The best way to understand the subtle identity is to direct the attention of the mind in a right direction.

The personal identity is something, that exists in your mind. You don’t have to do anything, but stay with it, and notice your own behavior, in different situations, events, and experiences of your life.

The Search: Finding Your Inner Power, Your Potential

There are seven days in a week, and usually, life repeats itself, every week. Usually, your Sunday repeat itself. Out of one or two events, most of the activities are the same.

If you begin to observe your personal identity, into different situations, you will understand who you really are, and once you understand your true personality, then there is a possibility to bring the right changes with it, and later completely drop it, so that you can find something, higher than the individual identity of your mind.

The purpose of life is only served, when you realize something within yourself, above the individual identity. You are not just the subtle or physical identity, that you carry with you, all the time, but there is something more that exists in you.

Try to be with your personality, in all the seven days of the week. Don’t try to change anything, but simply be with yourself. Only with the awareness, of your personality, you will notice the shift in your life.

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To let go with life is the first step, to rise above the logical mind, and move into the higher dimensions of life, i.e. to have access to your imaginative mind. Once you have an access to your imaginative mind, you get in direct touch with the infinite possibilities of life.

Always keep in mind, that life doesn’t end with the creation and innovation and there is something more lies within you, for you to experience beyond your personal identity, and that experience is possible when you are ready to drop yourself.

Before you have an access, to the higher life, you have to go through step by step process of life, with awareness. The awareness is not required for the world, but about yourself.

The life begins and ends with yourself, the only thing is when you choose to start the journey, that brings you back to the same source, from where you have initiated the process of life.

Let Go

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