To Create or Express, yourself is Equally Important for Life



The highest experience for the human is self-realization. The self-realization is a state, where you experience yourself beyond the mind, body & heart, and experience yourself, as pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is a state, where you simply realize yourself as pure energy and vibrations. This pure energy and vibration are, what gives you blissful experience, to each cell of your body.

Does life end with the self-realization or something still remains for the sage to offer?

What remains after self-realization, is an expression. To express one’s experience. All the spiritual and religious path are part of an expression, of enlightened beings, or the one’s who have realized their higher self.

You cannot separate yourself from expressing yourself, or from creation. As a human, you are born to create. You are here to expand yourself with your body, mind, and heart.

The only difference between the sage and an average man is that the sage has already experienced his source and make the best use of his body, mind, and heart, consciously to express himself, while an average man, struggle with the expression, out of his little understanding with the mind. The nature of the mind is to repeat itself, from its past experience and impressions.”

The life limit itself with the mind, while with the pure consciousness, your perception expands from limited consciousness of the mind to the unlimited consciousness of life.

To view life with pure consciousness is to perceive life without the interference of your own past experiences and impressions accumulated by the mind, and see the situation, things, or people with its original nature.

Everything that happens on earth, has its source, and a natural process. With pure consciousness, you see life manifesting out of the natural process and its current position in the process.

With the mind, you only perceive half of the situation and miss to observe the past and future of the thing, situation or people, and that’s the reason the mind creates more deception with life.

Pure consciousness is to have an open mind and to have absolutely no pre-conceived idea about life. With the pure consciousness, you respond directly from the source.

With the pure consciousness, you understand the nature of things and the process of its manifestation. You don’t follow your own idea or experience into different situations or with people, but you simply follow the natural process of life.

To create and to express yourself is the most important aspect of the human life. At no stage of life, you can stop yourself from expressing yourself. Every act you do, and every step you take, directs you towards creativity or expression.

“Each person create his life out of his understanding, but no one can restrict himself from the creation, or expression at any moment. If you think, you are not doing anything outside, inside your thoughts, emotions and energy are constantly creating your life. “

All the expression and creation is part of your understanding. The way you perceive and understand life, you express yourself with life. If you grow with your understanding, your perception improves towards life, and with the perception, your expression too improves with life.

You might have heard several times that, all the growth and development of human takes place from within. Within indicates towards your understanding and perception towards life.

With all the situations, events, and experience of life, you either have your own perception, or you develop a new perception in the moment if the things take place differently than your perception. So either you act out of what you know, or you learn something new in the moment, and wait for the future, for its expression.

The understanding and perception are part of the mind. To improve upon oneself, you have to work upon your mind. There are two ways you can grow with life.

One way is to work on yourself, to grow and develop your understanding towards life, and create life or express yourself, out of inner understanding, and the second one is to simply run outside without understanding, and move from one corner to another, to fulfill the little desires of life.

If your idea towards life, simply keeps you in the outside world, towards the creation or expression, you cannot grow, or innovate with life, but you simply repeat the same circle of life.

To innovate with life, you have to grow and evolve with your body, mind, and heart. You don’t need any other instrument other than yourself, to measure your inner growth. When you work on yourself, you feel the growth from inside.

As you start to feel your growth, you become more confident with your expression. Life comes from inside out. It’s all about connecting the dots of your imagination. Once you know the art of imagination and have the courage to act on it, you can create life out of it.

When you have your own desires and wishes to fulfill, you restrict your power of imagination. The imagination is part of the mind, that explores when you are open to life, and allow the life to talk to you. Your job is to simply follow your imagination, and bring it into your life.

This can happen, if, for you, the priority in life is life itself, and not you and your desire’s. For the majority of people, the little desire’s are the priority and not an understanding towards it.

“People are less concerned with the process of life, and are more interested in the result. Life is the process and the result of your effort is just a momentary experience of life.”

All the different forms of physical exercise, breathing techniques, meditation is the way to remove the inner waste and develop better perception towards life.

Your own desires are no more than a cloud, that hovers into the mind for some time, and if you follow them, it leaves you empty-handed, while the imaginative mind always connects you with the present moment or present life, and creates a step by step process to you, for the creation and innovation to take place.

Either it’s a Steve job, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla or any other creative genius on this earth, somehow knew, how to connect the dots from their imagination. Sometimes you receive the signs from outside, and sometimes you receive the direction from inside, but this can happen, if you are open to life, and simply don’t run after life, without understanding.

Life is a miracle every moment if you can simply perceive it in that way. It always knows what you need in the moment, and gives you exactly what you want, in terms of experience. If you hold your own plan for life, you simply fail to understand the process of life.

It’s necessary to have a plan so that you can at least move from the current place, but rigidity with the plan makes you blindfolded towards the natural signs of life.

Life is a process of evolution, where each day human awareness grows with life. When you observe the collective awareness of a human, before a decade and now, you will notice the growth in collective human awareness. Different technology, new inventions, creativity are all part of growing awareness. If you observe the child of today’s generation, he is more evolved than the child of the past decade.

The collective human awareness grows with time, but on an individual level, you also have the power and choice to grow your awareness and gets better with life. When you grow and transcend your awareness on a higher level, you become the source of the transcendence, for everything that happens around you, be it the situation, event or people.

You can create and innovate with life on a daily basis, if you resolve yourself, to work on yourself each day. If you consciously create or innovate with life, you will never get attached to your creation, but as your work gets over in the moment, you move on to the next task, to carry on with life.

Every human has a longing, to know his role with life and the purpose of his existence. When you begin to work on yourself, you connect with the natural process of life. When you grow with the natural process of life, you start to receive all the answers of life from within. The source of life is within you.

It’s not necessary that you learn everything in the moment. All that is important is that you begin the process, to know yourself. As the process begins, the life is sufficient enough, to bring you closer to the higher self.

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  1. Totally agree on the nature of mind you mentioned. Thus, it is up to you who can choose good or bad words to be repeated in your mind. You can be compassionate whatever you think.

  2. I did not read most of it…because I already know or understand most of it. Just saying that there are one more person here who shares this perspective understanding.

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