The Wonder of Life is in the First Step



The wonder of life is in the first step. There are no predefined rules for life, as you move on the path, you create your own rules. Certainly, a definite process of life does exist, but you can choose your own path, to reach to that process of life.

Once you understand the process of life, you simply drop your understanding and simply follow the natural process of life. Life is an open gateway in every moment.

To become one with the natural process of life is the goal, but the path to the goal is different for everyone. Life is all about understanding, and each one understands things, in its own way.

One person’s understanding can take him through one path, while another one prefers the different path. The experiences and impressions of life come out of probability. Sometimes, the cause doesn’t derive its effect in the moment, as the cause has to go through many probabilities before it achieves a defined result.

It may happen that the effect takes the time to arrive, for your action, but the result cannot differ from your action. It all depends on you, to choose the right action, depending on the result, you expect from life.

All the ideas, imagination, thoughts, dreams, and desire are the possibilities of life. The life shows you first step, and then you decide, what to make out of it. The wonder of life is in the first step. When you walk on the ideas, imagination or follow your dreams of life, further steps are created by life.

When you develop the power to observe your mind, you realize that the steps to your dreams and desire’s are created into your mind, and not the outside world. So it’s better to stay connected with oneself, for next step, rather wait for the things to happen outside. But unless you take that first step, life doesn’t reveal the further steps for you.

When you don’t understand, how to move forward with life, simply remove the dust from your mind, heart, and body, to see the further path.

Life is  not to know everything, but simply develop an understanding, where you realize this truth, that life is bigger than who you are, and it cannot be confined, within your logical mind. If your life is already sorted out, and you know what to do with life, that means you have closed all the doors of wonder and awe with life.

The life is understood when you accept life with all its colors and simply move into the gaps of unknown. Once you learn to transcend the logical mind, you begin to explore the intuitive and imaginative part of life.

When you live with the rational mind, life never interferes, and allows you to go through the various experiences and impressions of life, and leave you on your own, to go through the process of life.

Only when you show courage to walk on the unknown path and look forward to creating life, bigger than yourself, life starts to show up. You begin to receive different signs from life.

You start to understand the life process better. All the resistance, hatred, and anger towards life and others is only because you experience life with limited possibilities.

The rational mind doesn’t know any other life, other than his past experience and looks every experience in the present, with respect to his past. This past experiences of life too happen to him, and he holds no control over it. So the rational mind, don’t know how to come out of his past, and really don’t want to come out of his past.

Life is unlimited, immense and full of possibilities, but your rational or logical mind keeps you small with life. The rational mind holds you so tight, that you cannot see the world, beyond your daily repetitive process of life.

“You are not bound by the world, but your own belief system and experiences and impressions of life, and who can make you free from the bondage, other than yourself.”

Imagine you have an idea or a dream. It’s just an image into your mind. When you begin to take active steps towards the idea or a dream, life creates further steps for you.

Now with life, you cannot see all the steps, unless you take that first step. When you take that first step, you direct the energy of your mind, heart, and body in that direction.

You direct your flow of life, into that direction. Slowly the ideas, or dreams or imagination of your mind, starts multiplying, and you begin to see further steps, to move forward with life.

The physics of science confirms this truth of life.

“An idea or a thought is nothing but an atom or sub-atom of your mind. If you hold the idea or thought, the atom or sub-atom begins to multiply. The thought, idea or image you hold longer into your mind, it becomes your reality.”

Your reality is not the reality of your spouse, children or your parents, but your reality is always limited to yourself, whatever you think or feel inside all the time. All the members of family carry different perception towards life.

It may sound weird, but this is the truth of life. This is the only reason, the child born and raised by the same parents, create absolutely different reality for themselves.

Any person, who catch the disease, is because of the thought or an image he holds into his mind. If you haven’t explored the intuitive or imaginative mind, you may hold onto the negative thought or image about yourself, and it goes on developing into your unconscious mind, which later turns into a disease.

Only when you connect with the imaginative or intuitive mind, you tend to change the thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Don’t accept anything unpleasant, into your body, either its feelings or emotions or the stress within your mind. Take time out for yourself, and correct your internal world, before it turns into a fatal disease.

“The life that you experience, doesn’t come out of blue, but your own thoughts, ideas, feelings, and action, creates the physical reality of life, and this reality grows and develops with the perception, you carry inside of you.”

If you go on blaming the outside world, you simply  miss the chance to make the correction with it.

The life on the existence and with mind holds an ever-expanding nature. The outside life and mind are interconnected. The mind is part of the outside world. Whatever the thoughts or ideas or imagination, you hold into your mind, you have the power to manifest in the outside world.

“Everything under the sun is inclusive and not exclusive. Only the source of life is exclusive. You too have the source of life within you, which is exclusive from the mind.”

You cannot desire something, that you haven’t experienced with your life.

If anyone creates something, that he has never experienced with his life, that means he has either followed his heart or intuition or explored the power of imagination.

The ready-made path of life is not available to anyone, but each one has to create his own path. To create or innovate or discover something new with life, you simply have to improve and get better with what you have, and the time you get better, you begin to develop a far-sighted vision for life.


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