What is the mystery of life?


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Spiritual experience reveals all the mysteries of life. The ultimate spiritual experience takes you beyond your individual identity and gives you a glimpse of the spiritual world. Those are the moments when you realize you are more than the body and mind or the individual identity, and you carry the soul in the body.

Slowly you realize the truth of life, that takes place not only within but outside. Before the realization of the truth, you live in your mind, but once you realize the absolute truth, you come out of your mind and directly look into life.

The life is all about experiencing the ultimate truth, and become one with it. As you get closer to the truth, further truth reveals itself to you. Life has no ends, either in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual world.

You can go on exploring on your spiritual journey and the nectar of wisdom is found from within. Your intent is needed to explore. You can reach the summit if you put your heart, mind, and soul. The higher truth is realized within.

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Each one knows the highest truth of life for himself, and somehow he makes all the efforts to live that truth. The true seeker falters, and sometimes the life’s situation and people put him off the path, but he always remembers the truth and tries to bring his life closer to the truth.

The seeker always looks for the highest truth of life and match his life’s step accordingly. Growth happens when you search for something more than what you know, and then do everything to make that truth a part of your life.”

Whenever you hear something, that goes against your beliefs, you try to run away from it, never bother to figure out the truth behind it.

The truth is experienced in the moment, but to experience the truth the body, heart, and mind need to be prepared for it. Your body is a home for the spirit and soul. Spirit and soul are not mere words but the experiences of a human.

With the mind, you don’t experience life beneath the mind. The mind always remains engaged in the external reality but never seek the truth about himself. When the same mind is directed inward the truth of life is revealed.

The mind is a bridge between the external reality and the ultimate truth. Take the attention outside and explore the outside reality and take the same attention inward and experience the ultimate truth of life.

The Ultimate Truth

When the seeker chooses to move beyond the reality of mind, he comes across the world full of silence, love, peace, bliss and wisdom. In this space, he lacks nothing and feels fulfilled from inside.

The experience of the ultimate truth is not just a single experience of climbing an Everest, but it’s an experience after which all other experiences of life shed away and you spend rest of your life, settling into that single most experience.

Truth revealed.

The life doesn’t show all at once, but tests the person at every step and look at his capacity to understand the truth and live the truth.

You only receive, what you ask for. People ask little, as they know if they ask more, they have to pay the higher price for it, and so they avoid to ask more from life. They have all the excuses to play little. But the one who asks with an open heart, the life too is more than willing to share with an open heart.

With life, everything is available if you are ready to work towards it. The path is always there. The person is needed to walk the path. Each mind holds the path. As you start to walk over the path, further truth is revealed to you.

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Till you live with the identity of the mind, there is always be a difference between what you are and what you are trying to become. There will always a gap. To fill the gap, you have to rise above all the identity of the mind and learn to live a life beyond the surface reality of the mind.

The surface reality of the mind is the accumulated experiences and impressions of the past. When you rise above the surface reality of the mind, you connect with the moment.

The process of rising and fall is part of life. The sages in the east say that at least three hours a day should be spent on self-improvement so that the person can cover the distance of mind and soul in one lifetime.

Live in Truth.

Many people think that enlightenment is the ultimate experience of life, but the truth is, the enlightenment is the first step towards the ultimate truth. Till then, you only live with the circle of the mind.

The real journey of life starts after enlightenment. Only then you realize the purpose of life and accustom your step with the natural order of life.

The mind is accustom to a certain way of living, but after enlightenment, the life energy is shifted inward to become one with the ultimate truth.

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Before enlightenment, the whole life energy is shifted outside, and it’s impossible to believe if there is anything exist inside. The enlightenment is the first-hand experience beyond mind. Once you experience the state beyond mind, all your energy turns inward to realize the deeper truth of life.

Our own little ego becomes the hindrance, for us to attract the goodness in life. We cannot think beyond our-self, and look for the security at every step,while life has its own way of getting things done.

Understanding life.

Understanding is the light, that takes life forward.

You cannot hold onto small things, and expect big things in your life. You have to learn to drop small things, to achieve something higher. The lower life needs to be left out for the higher life.

Life is made up of different experiences, and understanding helps you to drop the not so useful experience and accept the ones that takes your life forward.

When you live your highest truth, you grow and expands from inside. If you are growing from inside, that’s the real growth, while your material life can never be the real evaluation for life.

The road on a higher plane is an exciting ride, but don’t expect to be a smooth one. You only get strong with the hurt and bruises. The higher you rise, the more excitement comes on the path. People think that excitement and adventure are possible only outside, but the inner journey is more exciting and thrilling than any other journey of the world.

When you rise higher from within, you make everything to your advantage. The situations and people overpower you, only when you feel weak from inside. If you have a necessary strength within, you can overcome any situation of life with the little intelligence. You hold all the wisdom of life inside.

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