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Sometimes we do get into the phase of life where life takes a toll on our body, mind, and spirit. We don’t find any space to escape, and at the same time, we don’t even have the necessary energy to face life.

These are the situations, where we badly need not somebody else, but the time with the self or my time.

I am very much attached to the phrase “My Time”, and I like to use it, again and again, in-front of my wife, but on the other hand, slowly I also realize the actual importance of it in our life.

Out of my own experience, I have seen that life’s situation is somehow running over me and still I get hesitant to take time out for myself and give myself some room so that I can breathe life.

I am very well aware that, with little time with myself, the things are going to change around me for the better. But still, it gets difficult to borrow some time that can not only help me to feel well from inside but can also help me to create life around me better.

I see myself tossed between the situations of life, where I don’t have any time for myself. I am constantly jumping from one thing to another, just with a thought, that once I stop everything will fall apart. I know the truth of life, and very well I know from inside, that nothing of that sort will happen, and life is certainly bigger than me, but still with all the twist and turn of daily situations, sometimes it becomes impossible to pull oneself out of life.

The purpose of this blog is not only to help others understand the real importance of my time or time with the self but also help me understand the deeper meaning and purpose of life and associate myself with the absolute truth and not get carried away by the chaos of the daily life.

The time with the self is an actual need of a person. We all are habituated to run away from the self. Nobody likes to stay present where he or she is. Everybody wants to run around except to be at the place, where he is present right now.

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When you understand “My time” as a need, you consciously devote time for yourself. On the priority list, you will remain at the top. With life, we value things of life that are too shallow. We never give real importance to the things that matter us the most.

Prepare your priority list and see how much time you devote to it, on a daily basis. Mind you, your life is limited to what you do on a daily basis.

So, if you don’t spend time with your priorities on everyday basis, certainly you are diverting the same amount of time to something else and this creates the actual gap between the life you want and the life you live on a daily basis.

You spend your time and energy not on your priorities but on something else and this widens the gap between your actual life and your reality.

The time you start spending time with the self, you come closer to the actual life that you wish to have for yourself. The time with the self also gives you clarity towards life. When you are only participating in life all the time, you have no time contemplating life.

There are lot many things goes in your head simultaneously. You have to have time to rise above the information of your mind and see your daily life with a clear perspective. The time with the self-gives you the privilege to pull yourself away from the repetitive process of life and have clarity over life. When you distance yourself from the things, the things becomes clearer to you. You observe the same thing from the neutral perspective.

When the mind is utterly relaxed, it can look into the future. Life is in a way interesting if you develop an ability to look into the future. To look into the future, all you need is an art of seeing. With the right ability to look into your present life, you can also see the past and the future of it.

Many people miss the art of seeing. You have to understand that your mind can see life that is happening in this moment. The art of seeing is different from the art of thinking or imagination. The art of seeing is to directly look into life that is happening in the moment. The moment contains not only the present but also the past as well as the future. You have to develop an art to look into the moment.

The present situation or events of life always come with a neutral power. It’s always your power that either strengthens or weakens the situation. If you feel weak from inside, outside situation or events over powers you and when you feel stronger from inside, you can handle any situation or event that you face on day-to-day basis.

When you consciously choose to connect with the self, you grow your inner strength to face life. The mind loses most of its power by focusing on outside situation, people or events and later continuously thinking about them.

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You grow your inner strength when you bring your attention to the self. The source of all the positive thinking is life energy and when your focus remains on the self, you have more life energy for the personal use, which can be made use for personal growth.

When you spend time with yourself, you also tend to know yourself better. The natural tendency of the mind is to drift outward. Although most of the people assume they know themselves, the truth is, they have no idea what kind of life pulsates inside of them.

When you consciously put time aside to spend with the self, you start knowing part of you, which you have never been familiar with, throughout your entire life. You also become familiar with your breathing patterns, sensation, feelings, emotions and thoughts of your mind. You are no less than magic provided you take time out to know yourself better.

When you take time to connect with the self, rather participating in life, you learn to observe life as a detached observer. This is the time you start understanding the real need of life.

When you observe your daily life, for the first time you learn the different ways to experience life. When you are constantly running, you can never even imagine that you can sit silently just by yourself and simply observe life.

When you observe life, you also realize what is important for you and the things that need to be dropped from the daily life.

My time or spending time with the self is no way a waste of time rather it’s the time to prepare yourself for the bigger challenges of life. You take a leap when you grow from inside and the inner growth happens when you consciously spend time with the self.

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