The Straight Path of Life, Comes out of Wisdom



Life is a straight path. Day follows night and night following day. If you create a straight path, into your mind and simply walk all the way, the wisdom of life follows. You don’t have to look for anything else, but simply follow what you know. To act means to act out of ego, and simply follow what you know, is an act of surrender.

Act out of understanding or take action, to get understanding. Life’s wisdom comes to you, on your daily path. You don’t have to move into the mountain’s to search for the wisdom of life, but if you simply follow your life, and hold an intent to know life, life anonymously offers you, what you need in the moment.

Life is more than willing to give you, and not only willing but it gives to you if you have the right perspective to see it. When you perceive life through senses, the need remains with the material comforts, but when you touch the deeper aspect of your own self, you realize the deeper need of life, which is much more important for the existence, to fulfill.

If your plans fail with life, its just because your plans are always around your financial needs, and the life always have a higher purpose to serve, than simply manifesting the physical world on this earth.

With the mind, when you perceive life, it seems like too many things happening all at once, but in reality, each day repeats itself, in a circle. The things and situations seem new in the moment when your awareness is lesser with life, but in reality its only the result of the past. You don’t face anything new, until you have created something of it, in the past.

Even the situations, events or people that seem like new, comes to you, according to the thoughts, emotions, and energy that you create inside of you. Constant thinking about the situation, people and experience influence your feelings and emotions and later you attract the same into your life. Your Energy attracts the similar energy to you

The higher inner thoughts, emotions, and energy, allows you to perceive the situation or people, with a clear perspective, and you don’t get caught up in the situation of a moment, but rather with the clear perspective, you give your best response to the situation.

If your energy is low, even the simplest situation of life becomes complex to you.

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If you make more conscious choices with your life, you tend to give your mind and heart to your choice. Be it your personal or professional life, if you make a conscious choice  at every step, even if you don’t like what you have in the moment, you can certainly get better with it, and for some reason, if you cannot change the present situation, you find an alternate path to it.

Life is all about emotions in the moment. Life within you has nothing to do with either personal or professional life. All that matters for life is that what kind of emotions you carry in the moment. Life wants you to feel happy and joyous, with every part of life.

Life within you, don’t even bifurcates with your loved ones and the people those who are unknown to you. It simply follows the internal process, and what you think and feel for the outside world, it creates the similar world inside of you.

Many times, it happens that you hold deep impressions of the people, and you already carry an idea, about different responses of the people around you. But when you look inside of you, you realize that the other people’s behavior is merely a reflection of the image, that you hold of the people, inside of you.

Sometimes it too happens that, you might be upset with yourself, and you get into the situation or face people, to turn into a total disappointment for you, no matter who the person is, or how good the situation for you.

Life happens within. If your body, mind, and heart are in order, you bring the best out of everything, that you face in the moment, be it the situation, event or person, and if your inner order is not synchronized, even the little thing can upset you in life. How to Create and Manage Healthy Life?

It’s always your internal state that reflects outside, and when your efforts lie in correcting yourself in the outside world or creating the things outside, you disentangle with the primary source of life, i.e. your subtle world of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energy.

The nature of the mind is to think thoughts. Every moment the mind goes through the thought process. If you have to decide or make a choice with anything in the moment, it’s hard to make a choice, if the mind is already filled with the chaotic thought process. So either you create further chaos with your life or many times, it happens that you pick the things, that you have already experienced from the past, and you create the same future, that you experienced in the past.

When you decide prior hand and create a straight path for the mind to follow, you remove the chaos from life. With the straight path, the mind already knows, how to proceed throughout the day, and thus you experience less thought in your mind.

If you face the different situation, other than you have planned for, on the path, it becomes easier to understand the situation, when the mind is clear, and you can decide in the moment, either to participate or extend it for the future.

If the situation, event or people is hard to avoid in the moment, you participate into the situation and once the work is accomplished, you always have a path, to get back onto.

“The life with a straight path, allows you to align your life with the natural process of life. The nature of the mind is to expand. When you decide, what you want out of life, the mind out of its nature, creates the further path for you.”

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The life comes out of energy. All the thinking, feeling and acting part includes energy. The more you save your inner resources of energy, the better you utilize your resource at the time of action. The energy that you pour into an effort, comes out as a result.

The thoughts of the mind can either drain your energy by negative thinking process or it can increase your energy level, by the right thought process. Feelings and emotions are more dependent upon the thinking process & images of the mind. How to Develop a Positive State of Mind?

When you think right, the mind remains more focus on the right things, and thus you don’t waste your energy even with the unnecessary efforts, and you become more conscious of your efforts.

The action is important if you are a standstill. The time you move, it becomes important for you to make the right choices with your actions. As your understanding develops with life, you only pick the things that lift your life.

Wisdom is not a momentary achievement, but how you understand and respond to life every moment. You respond in the moment, trusting life completely.

You simply know, without the interference of the mind. Even if the mind, wants to raise the query, it cannot, when you come out of the wisdom.

The mind has its limitation, but the knowing in the moment is spontaneous. It doesn’t need anything other than the moment. The wisdom of life is, simply is, and the whole process of life is to connect with that wisdom and experience life.

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