The Seer is Beyond Your Imagination.


Imagination is a wonderful tool to look into your future. All the creativity and innovation is a gift from the imaginative mind. People misunderstood the concept of imagination. They assume that, when it comes to imagination, they have to consciously imagine things. This is not the concept of imagination.

Imagination is a state of mind, where you let lose yourself to the point, where all your energy that flows outward, is gathered inside, and touch the point of your mind, where you can see the future, through images, and pictures.

When it comes to imagination, you don’t do anything, but the future is shown to you, in the form of pictures and images. This happens when you have sufficient energy in the moment, and you direct that energy to look into your future. Your job is to allow the things to happen, and not force the things.

When you are clear in your mind, how the future looks like, in the form of pictures and images, then it’s not an effort, to bring it into manifestation. Once the mind is clear, it becomes easier to take actions towards it. Hard work comes into the picture, when your mind is not clear with what you are looking for, with life. Then you struggle with each of your action.

The part of physical manifestation, where you can create and innovate with your life, out of imagination and fulfill all the desire’s of life, and once you fulfill your desire’s, you will realize that still life is empty. There is something missing in life, and life doesn’t get complete with the physical manifestation or only with the creation or innovation. There is something more to accomplish with life, or to know with life.

> “We all have a seer or observer in the body. The space around it vibrates at a higher level, and the observer can simply look into all the different aspects of life, as a third person. This seer is beyond all the imagination of the mind. The seer is an end in itself.”

Unless you experience the seer or observer, that remain present, while you create or manifest, you cannot have real fulfillment with life, or you can never come close to the understanding of natural principles of life.

Life initiates with the seer. The seer is the source of spiritual energy, spirit, mind, heart, and body. The life or mind is the same. The mind can never be fulfilled by half-truth. Creativity and imagination is the half truth of life. The remaining half-truth is that allows the manifestation of it.

Unless you realize the whole, the mind can never give you complete satisfaction and craving remains for one thing or the other. Once you realize the whole, i.e. seer, then you can go your way, doing things, simply keep in mind, the natural principles of life. The experience of the seer is to realize the point within, from which there is no way to go, contentment and satisfaction come in. You realize that you have to come to an end, and more importantly the end is the only point, from where life begins.

We are in a stage of life, where we have to move backward, rather forward. The journey of life can be understood, when you move backward. To move towards God, or to realize the source of life, you have to pick backward journey. It’s, like you are on a path, but you forgot, from where you have begin the journey. Everything has its beginning and its end. Now, the confusion arise. Now, you can create and innovate on the path, or fulfill all your dreams and desire’s, but the question always remains, that from where have you begin your life.

The life doesn’t begin from the mother’s womb, otherwise again the same query arises, why only this mother or father or this family and so on.

Why I do, what I do? What is the purpose, behind everything? Why are the things happening in a certain way? and how everything in the Universe takes place?

All these queries can be resolved, only when you realize the seer within. All the queries of life simply drop and you receive the solution for all the queries of life. You become one with the natural laws of life. The real beauty of life can only be seen and experienced with the source of life.

Living life, that you don’t know, why you are living. Isn’t it significant for anyone to know, why he is living life, that he is into?

Only the dumb people, go on living life, without asking significant questions, on themselves and life, and mind you, the one who asks, always receive the answer. Life is always and always for you, and never against you.

The seer sets you free from all the queries of life. With the seer, you receive the purpose with life. Not the purpose of the mind, that creates more confusion with life, but the purpose, that makes you one with the purpose of existence. The purpose which is existential. You receive the purpose, out of which the sun, moon, star and all other planets and galaxies exist.

You become one with the cosmos of the universe. The cosmos of the universe, is the order of the universe. You become one with the natural order of the universe. When your every moment, is according to the natural order of life, you come closer to the point of perfection, with every step. This is the purpose of life. With every step, the seer trains the body, mind and heart or the spirit to come closer to the natural order of life. It takes time, for the spirit to understand the natural order of life. The natural order of life, is absolutely different from your daily way of living.

We all live keeping our individual interest in mind either at the personal or professional level, while the natural order takes place, keeping in check with the needs of the existence, whereby, the need of all the individuals included. In reality, when the individual mind thinks, he cannot go beyond himself and thus he wants to grab more, by putting less with life. The natural order of life doesn’t work that way. It gives equal in proportion to the amount of energy and effort, you put into the actions. The result out of action is the energy and effort, you have put into the action, nothing more nothing less.

All our ideas and beliefs in terms of life, is limited to our individuals perception. It’s not possible with the mind, to experience life as a whole. The mind is an individual self, and thus cannot see life, beyond itself. To experience life, as a whole, you must have an experience of the seer. The seer is part of the whole. The seer is part of the spirit, but absolutely detached from it. You can draw strength from the seer.

“The seer or observer is motionless. The spirit moves. The seer or observer is a vibrations, while the spirit is an energy.”

Imagine, the spot around your location, from where you can have a clear view of the city. If you are on the path, you can only see the pavement, you are in. You cannot see the other lane, but if you have a view from the top, you can see all the different lanes, from the top.

The seer or realization of the soul is, that spot from which you can have a clear view of the past, present, and future of life, and not only that, once you are clear with your life, it becomes easier to understand the life of others. If you can see into the past, present, and future of your life, you can also look into the natural principles of life.

The seer is part of the existence and thus knows the natural principles of life. With the seer, all the wisdom and bliss of life flows. There is no experience of life, beyond the seer.

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