The Nature of Soul is to Observe

The Nature of the Soul is to Observe

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If I think with the mind, there are several questions, which I come across with life.

Does soul exist?

How does God look like?

If God and soul do exist, why I cannot experience within?

How can I figure out the soul, within?

Soul and God do exist, and it exists nowhere else, but within you. To figure out life, soul, spirit, or God, you have to prepare yourself, to experience life beyond yourself.

When I say, beyond yourself that means, beyond the identity, that you hold, into your mind. You have the personal identity of your own, out of which, you cannot perceive life.

If I talk about God, anything in relation to God should go, according to the idea, which you hold about God, within yourself. If anything, that is beyond the idea of your mind, you or your mind immediately negates, that idea about God, and you look for God, that fits, the way you or your mind can imagine.

Now, you and your mind are same? No. You are different and your mind is different. Yes, you can attach yourself to everything that goes into your mind. You choose to attach yourself to the thoughts and imagination of your mind or you can negate them, it’s your choice.

So, you are different, with everything that goes into your mind, but you have a choice, to either accept or reject, with anything that goes into your mind.

Now, if you are not your mind, then who are you that make a choice with the mind?

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You are the individual identity, that comes up, when the subtle thread of the spirit, comes in contact with the brain. Your individual identity remains, till the subtle thread of the spirit, exists into the brain, heart, and body. When it detaches itself from the body, you lose your identity too.

Now, what is your identity and how it develops?

Your identity is the accumulation of everything that goes into your mind, everything that you feel into your heart, every sensation you experience inside the body, and your physical appearance, i.e. your body.

With the conscious effort, when you recognize yourself beyond the physical appearance, beyond the sensation, beyond the feelings and emotions of the heart, and beyond your thoughts and imaginations of the mind, do your identity still remains? Yes.

When you drop everything that you hold within, your identity still remains, but without any accumulated stuff. Now, when you drop everything, to which your identity has accumulated from the past, the identity looks for something, that is real, and that doesn’t change, or doesn’t pass with time.

You all know this truth that from the external experiences of life to your physical body, from sensation to your feelings and emotions, including your thoughts and imagination everything change. You cannot hold onto to it, forever.

When Everything Changes, Change Everything

Say, for e.g., when you were child, you relied on your parents, but as your understanding grows towards life, you took the responsibility of your own, and now you use, more of your own intelligence and experience, rather ask everything to your parents.

You know, that anything that you get from your parents is temporary, but in the longer run, you have to stand on your feet. So as your understanding grows with life, you try to stand for yourself, with everything.

You begin to take decisions of your life. You make different choices with your life, and you gain the necessary experience for your life and learn the lessons from your mistakes.

In the same way, when you drop all the acquired clothing from your personality, first time, you experience the individuality, within the body.

Now, you don’t have anything to cling too. No security, no safety, no past and no future, simply the moment, and search for the truth.

When you stand as an individual within yourself, you move deeper within your own mind, to look for something, i.e. more authentic and permanent. Beyond the nothingness of the mind, you experience within you, the subtle thread of the spirit, which seems more long-lasting than the nature of the mind, heart, and body.

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Remember, with life, you can only hold onto things, that you understand. You can never lose weight, attain success, or achieve your dreams, unless your mind, understands the process of it.

With life, there are no jackpots, but you have to go through the understanding process before you achieve anything with your life.

The subtle thread of the spirit is part of the soul. The realization of the subtle thread is, not an end of the spiritual journey, but your real journey of life starts when you realize the subtle thread of the spirit.

You learn the process of detachment of the spirit, from the body.

With life, you can only understand the process and become one with it. You never create anything new, but you simply align yourself with the process of life.

You know your breathe. Its not your creation. You can know, your sensation, you don’t create your sensation. You can know, the internal process of life, and you simply get aligned with it.

Life is all about understanding and knowing different aspects of it. All your growth and evolution depends on upon your understanding towards life. You understand and then you walk upon it, to make a part of your life.

Without understanding, there is no life. Either you act out of understanding or act to develop understanding out of your action.

The Book of Wisdom

Once you learn, how the subtle thread of the spirit, gets into the body and moves out of it, you simply follow the process. You create a condition, within yourself, where the process can take place.

You don’t engage your mind with anything; rather your attention remains inward to understand the internal process of life.

Once the subtle thread of the spirit gets detached from the physical body, you realize the soul. Your identification with any part of the internal as well as the external world remains unless you realize the truth.

Once you realize the soul, you cannot identify yourself with anything other than the soul. The identity needs identification, and when the identification is, the eternal truth, your life begins to transcend, according to the way of eternal.

Your mind is always after something, but the nature of the soul is to observe. Can you observe with the mind?

Experiment with yourself, and you will have an answer. The mind doesn’t know how to observe. Its very nature is to keep rolling, and why mind rolls? Because the energy is behind the mind, that never allows it, to get steady.

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Now, unless you realize the movement of inner energy, you cannot direct the energy, in different direction. Once the movement of inner energy is realized, you can consciously direct it, outside to manifest life, or you can direct the same energy inward, to be the absolute truth.

The soul is the absolute truth, beyond which no experience remains for you to experience. The only purpose remains, after the realization of the soul, is to make your identity, one with the soul. Each moment of your life is spent with the soul.

You place yourself into the soul and observe the nature of life.

The process seems simple, but before you become one with the soul, you have the strong current of the subtle thread, that needs to be directed inward.

The process of life is such, where the subtle thread of the spirit, passes through the brain, heart, and body to experience life, but with the realization of the soul, you direct the subtle thread inward, to experience life, with the soul.

The subtle thread of the spirit can expand and contract within the body. When it expands, it passes through the brain, heart and body to experience life, and when the same subtle thread of the spirit, contracts, it moves back towards the source.

Living with Kundalini

The subtle thread of the spirit carries the energy of life, for the brain, heart, and body whiles the role of the soul, is to charge the spirit. The spirit feels charged up and rejuvenated when it contrast itself into the soul. This is an experience, to which the ancient sages, has termed as the state of samadhi.

Now, if your life is limited to the identity of your mind, re-evaluate the path, you have to cover before you reach to the experience of ultimate.

Soul observes, and just with the power of observing life, it creates, operates and manifests life. Soul vibrates at a higher level, beyond the usual frequency, of the nature of life, which exists on earth.

Both the internal and external life gets clear to you, at a higher frequency. In meditation by following the individual identity of the mind, you can begin the process towards the soul.

In the Sanctuary of the Soul

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  1. ‘Breath’ – (heart -beat-earth) ‘and man became a LIVING SOUL’. We do not have a soul – we are a Soul. There is nothing immortal about the soul. When we die we become dead souls. However, we do have a Spirit – a human spirit. Eccl.3:21 Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?

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