The Life Manifest, When the Time is Right


The life manifest’s, when the time is right. This doesn’t mean you have to wait, for the right time with your action. You have to keep on making the right moves and when it’s time to reap, you manifest your desires in your life.

No wonder you can hurry with life to accomplish things, but you don’t learn anything out of it or grow with it, and instead, move into a repetitive circle of life. You grow when you allow the life to happen and observe when the things unfold.

Patience is life. Even the great sages, fail to have patience. It needs tremendous acceptance towards oneself along with life. It’s not possible to accept life if you cannot accept yourself.

It’s not that, you don’t know when you hurry to get the things done, or you don’t know, how to allow the life to happen by itself. Every human has little or more insight into life, where he knows when the time is right. It’s only the idea to have control over life, allows you to run over life.

The simple way to understand the process of manifestation is to understand love and fear. If you are out of love, the time is right and if you are out of fear, anger, frustration, insecurity, you are hurrying with life. Sometimes its lower emotions and sometimes, it’s the greed of higher power that compels you to have all the things at once.

“All the struggle with life is to get to the level of understanding, where the life happens through you and you too allow it to happen without resistance and in total acceptance.”

The Deepest Acceptance: Radical Awakening in Ordinary Life

You resist everything, which is against you or towards the things that don’t happen your way. When you resist towards anything, deep inside, you are resisting against your own self and towards the existence. With the resistance, you create more complexities with life.

To have an understanding, that anything that comes to you from outside, comes out of the natural process of life, and the only way to overcome it is with acceptance. Only by accepting the things of outside, you can transcend the inner energy to rise higher, to bring more light into the situation.

Once you transcend yourself with acceptance, you also receive the understanding towards the different situations of life. But with the resistance, towards inside or outside life, you miss the lesson, that you could have learned out of life.

Every individual behaves out of its nature. When you get into the situation, that includes people, that means, again you come across different nature of the people. The life brings you what you carry within.

When you get into the situation, for which you have not planned, that means your inner nature, has attracted that situation into your life, and the best way to deal with such situation and understand them is with absolute acceptance.

“The seed of manifestation of the outside life lies within you. Your inner world creates your reality and attracts the situations and people into your life.”

Just Ask the Universe: A No-Nonsense Guide to Manifesting your Dreams

If you live with understanding, you can change the outside situation or person, the way you desire, and thus when you are balanced from inside, you can only attract the balanced life from outside. If you face your past or the people or situation that behaves against your nature, you too accept them and transcend them for the better, with your understanding.

The resistance to life happens when you think the world always behaves against you, but in reality, you live below the basic nature of your reality. If your understanding is lesser than the people around you, you fight with life at every step, and if your understanding is higher, you can tackle any situation or person around your environment and not only that you can also serve them to bring the best out of their abilities.

Everything is energy. From your body, mind, and heart, to the different situation or people, are all but energy.

When you learn to flow with life, you use less effort and more intelligence to flow with life. You connect with the inner source of energy, to judge the outside situation and act accordingly. You always keep in mind that, your inner energy is always more than it requires for the outward task, and when you feel like you are lacking the inner strength, you don’t fight or stretch, but you sit back and fill yourself with energy to again get back on the task.

“Fighting or resisting with life, is part of ignorance, rather hold back, sit and analyze, & move with the best solution, is the highest intelligence, you can show at any moment of life.”

Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing

There is always an intelligent path, available for every task. You don’t have to suffer at every task, but you can rise above it with ease if you learn the art of patience. Patience allows you to choose the things wisely. Life is a composition of people, events, situations and different impressions and experiences of life. When you are at ease with life, you choose well, and when you choose well, it shows up in life.

When you live life with understanding, you realize that you are merely an instrument, through which life happens. The body, mind, and heart attract life out of its nature, and the things happen one after the another. You are neither your body, mind or heart, but the transcendental part of the mind, who grows with the different experiences of life.

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When the individual personality “I” realize himself, he participates in the game of life, with his body, mind, and heart but as a detached observer. The life happens, and with the heightened awareness, he too makes a choice wisely. When he understands the mechanism of the mind, body, and heart, he knows what to expect from life and how the outside life supports him at every moment.

When the transcendental part of mind “I” identifies itself with everything, it stops the free flow of energy from within, and can’t see the situation or people, with a clear perspective. The identification with everything acts as a shadow for the mind.

Make a choice to rise higher with every event. Your outside reality is a result of your inner thoughts and emotions. When you work on yourself inside, you are less and less bother to create the things outside, as the outside life cannot help itself but bring what you carry inside.

The people those who are successful, are not the ones who wanted to be a football player and are playing basketball. They are the ones who chose to follow their heart, and in return received the gift, of life.

When you connect with your inner world and follow your heart, you connect with the life in existence. Once you learn the patterns of life, then you don’t follow your plan, but you connect with life to allow the things to happen.

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An individual comes on this earth for a shorter period, and the life is ever-present on the existence, before his presence, and after his departure. His role is to learn and understand his role, and play as best possible.

When you come to life, it supports you every way. Life gives you the mind, heart, and body to bring the best to the existence. But when you get lost in the personal identification and forget your role, you ask for pain and suffering with life.

Imagine yourself to be the part of the existence, and try to look at your world. You cannot find more than a handful of people connected to you, in your everyday life. All you have to do is manage your relationship with those few and you are done with life.

The nature of the mind is to stretch everything, either good or bad. You need to know how to shift the attention of your mind and guide him in a right direction. Rather forcing yourself to life, the situation or people, be more flexible with life and bring more trust to yourself. This will allow you to manifest everything that you wish to have, and you will always have a lot more to share with others.

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