The Life Energy is the Solution, for all the Problems of Life



The life energy is the higher quality of thoughts and emotions. The negative thoughts and emotions, pain, sorrow, fear, suffering, insecurity are the lower quality of energy. To overcome the lower quality of energy, you need to transcend the lower energy into the higher one. The solution immerses from the higher flow of energy.

When you are caught up in a situation and look for the solution of a problem, you don’t find an immediate solution and in the process, you suffer. In those moments of time, if you let go of your query and move on with life, the solution emerge by itself.

Life is absolutely practical if you can understand from within. The way tree grows, the child becomes young, in a similar way on the existence, everything has its process to unfold. With life, nothing happens all of a sudden. Every physical or subtle reality has to go through its process before it reaches its state of realization.

All the life’s query comes from inside, and on its higher level carries its solution. The person who holds the query, also holds the solution within himself.

It’s easier to believe what others say, but when the time comes to believe oneself, people look for confirmation. It’s hard to believe oneself unless you receive the stamp from outside. The external reality has become the benchmark for everything in life. You fail outside and you succeed outside, without putting any consideration to the inner world.

Life works differently than the way human thinks. The life can only stretch with your thinking patterns, to a limit, and after that, you have to come back to the ways of life. You cannot move beyond your inner flow of energy.

You need to believe yourself, the way you believe your worry, stress, anxiety, and fear than only you can look for the solution from within. You feel everything that goes inside, but you never trust yourself enough, to overcome the problems of your life.

There is no definite problem, and so there cannot be a definite solution. You create problems by living life and in a similar way, you can rise above the problems of your life.

The problem lies in your perception and there lies your solution too.

Where does the perception come from?

From your inner movement of life energy. The life moves from lower to higher, in terms of energy. As your energy rise higher, it transcends your thoughts, emotions and perceptions towards life. Your response to the situation of life change with the change of energy, and thus with the transcendence of inner flow of energy, you transcend your life.

The spiritual world is as practical as your material world. In the material world, you expand horizontally, while in spiritual world you grow vertically. To allow the life energy to grow vertically inside needs patience.

The spiritual growth happens at the back of the spine. The spiritual energy is locked at the bottom of the spine, slowly rise up with the inward attention. As you have more life energy flowing inside, you become reckless to do more outside. Unless you know to channelize your inner flow of energy, you cannot create anything out of it, rather you simply waste your energy with the useless actions.

On the existence, everything is important, but certainly, not everything is important for you. You have to choose what’s goes with your purpose of life, and stay with it, till the end.

Patience is the key. You cannot force the process of life. You can just allow it to happen. If you exert the force, the energy flows outside or get stuck inside. The life energy knows your desires. The time you allow the free flow of life energy, all the dreams and desires of life gets fulfilled effortlessly.

Allow it to happen, and the energy transcends on a higher level. It’s practical and even the experience of it can be noted inside.

People have a tendency to use the force to make the things happen. So they miss to understand the inner mechanism of life.

As your energy transcends, your wisdom and bliss grow, and thus you can share more with life. Life reciprocates, and you create the chain of giving and receiving.

The Old Patterns needs to be Broken.

There is no limit to the spiritual growth and transcendence happens even after the enlightenment. Enlightenment is the first experience of the higher world, and with it, you enter into the mysterious world of spirit.

The mind, body, and emotions expand with the higher energy and life are viewed with absolute clarity.

When you connect with the inner world, your awareness grows towards life. When your attention is merely outside, you can only see the effect of the action, and thus decides your future life only out of effect, but when you connect with the inner world, you connect with the cause and effect of life.

The inner world is the cause of the outside world. The outside world is merely an effect of the inner world, and thus when you follow anyone blindly, you get into the pitfall, because you cannot see the cause behind others actions, and just looking at the action (effect), you jump to the conclusion, to make their act a part of your life.

Inner World is the Cause of Outside Life.

The inner world is formed with the images, thoughts, emotions, and energy. It’s the cause of the action and gives the inner world the physical form in the outside reality of life.

Each one designs his life, as per his inner world. If you evaluate your life, on the basis of that which is happening outside, you may come across many unforeseen situations of life. Outside evaluation of life doesn’t bring clarity to life. Only when you connect with the inner world, you understand the internal and external reality of life.

You hold the power to change the effect of your life if you can connect with the inner world. Awareness is to become fully conscious of the situation, moment, people and experience of life. Just with the awareness, the thing starts to shift for the better.

Ways to Connect with the Life Energy.

This omnipotent energy makes you free from the ignorance and connects you with the wisdom and bliss of the higher world. As you grow with the energy, you get closer to the higher world.

The higher world is not somewhere outside of us, but it lies within us. All we have to do is to connect with it and experience it within. The wall that stops us from connecting with the omnipotent energy is our desires, our fears, and insecurity with life. Our feelings, emotions, and our very own thoughts and imagination of the mind become the obstacle.

As the energy rise higher, you leave all the feelings, emotions, impressions, and experiences of life behind, to connect with the omnipotent energy. This energy takes you further, into the higher world, and helps you to recognize the soul.

The experience of the higher world, happens in the presence of the mind, but not in the mind.

It’s not the imagination or visualization of an individual, but its a real authentic experience, that the person goes through for himself.

The pressure on the physical body through any form of exercise serves you to remove the physical, emotional and mental debris so that pure energy can flow through the system.

Breathing technique also helps to clean the internal system and rise your energy to a next level. Meditation plays a key role in cleaning the mind, body, and emotions and opens up the chord at the bottom of the spine, to allow the omnipotent energy to clean the entire system, to experience the higher world.

With meditation, you can allow yourself to stabilize in the higher world, and operate in the physical world. Even a little practice of meditation, or physical exercise every day, can help you to purify your energy and take your energy to the next level.

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