The Experience of Spirit & Soul.

spirit and soul

He is fine at his place (Soul), I am at ease, at my place (Spirit). I am with him, although there is a distance between us, but just by being with him, my life seems to get lifted. I am not even trying to be with him. I am standing here, and he is standing far away from me, but I can see him, and I am not making any effort, to be with him.

The reason is, even if I try to do so, and I pull out all the energy that, I have, that too given by him, I will not be able to reach him, but I will come to my spot again and again. Than what should I do?

I can stay where I am, and I can accept his presence, even far away. Not trying to get near to him, but accept him myself and the present situation as it is, and just by accepting the present moment, I don’t have to strive for anything, but savor the bliss of the present moment, in his presence. I know, both are present with me, and still I like to go around the entire world, to encounter the truth, that exists within me.

The moment is total and complete and nothing remains for me to achive and nowhere to go, because him (Soul), and me (Spirit), both are present inside. So where should I go, in search of anything. The creator is within me. The creation is within me. All I have to do, is to, be with the creator and his creation. With this I drop all the things, that doesn’t serve the purpose of my life, or the things that separate me, from the truth of life, and take me, into the world of illusion or temporary world.

I have strive hard, to become one with him, but more and more efforts I make, more I fail. For the things that exists inside, I have strive harder to attain them outside. I have learnt the art of being present in the moment and feel contentment within myself.

By hurrying to achieve something, or considering even, that I can fulfill all the obligations of life, seems like a meager thought. The thoughts, feelings and action is a continuous process and you can never rise above it, unless sit aside and look into your life. You repeat the same process over and over, and never get tired of it. You don’t reach anywhere with life, either with understanding or any sort of achievement, and the achievement that seem like an achievement, means nothing to the inner world, as it always wants something else, other than your achievement.

You cannot go on doing things, that doesn’t lead to the inner satisfaction or inner fulfillment.

I am free, without any boundaries. Life happens. Without my interference, too life happens. Its simple and I always made complications out of it. I always did things that doesn’t really matter, for the sake of others. When the attention is outside, no matter on what, and if your choice and decisions are based on the outside world, you only create mess out of your life.

Everything takes place, out of natural process. Whatever you dream or desire, does take place. Yes thought comes, feelings comes and action too comes, without your interference. It’s not necessary that you have to put your ego everywhere.

Mind, heart and body functions in a beautiful way to make the life possible on earth. The interference of “I” or personal identity, is just to spoil the natural flow of life. Whenever the things becomes personal, life gets limited. Every moment life flows in abundance, and is absolutely free. Only “I” or personal identity is limited.

Personal identity have fear to lose itself. Although it doesn’t have anything to lose, but unless the recognition happens from within, fear of life always remains.

The way has to be learnt to realize the personal identity, or the self, so that we can come out of illusion. If we don’t know our true authentic self, we only change our personality, every now and then, and never come to the true authentic self.

Only the self can help the person from the delusion of mind and bring him closer to the natural process of life. The self can be a part of the existence, or it can be a part of the mind. The mind is a great deceiver, and unless you realize your authentic self, every moment, you will be deceived by the mind.

The process of mind is so quick, that its hard to get into it, and understand it. On top of it, the things takes place in the subtle realm, so you need higher concentration power to understand the mechanism of mind. The attention of the mind is free to travel anywhere. It can experience life both ways, inside as well as outside.

If its focused outside, it only gets caught up, into different experiences and impressions of life, and create his personal identity, out of it. Only when the attention of the mind is directed inward, it comes to the realization of truth of spirit and soul, into the body.

The process at the level of physical body doesn’t take place only through brain, but you also have sensational body, spirit and soul, that allows the process of life, within the body. The brain, heart and body, doesn’t carry life in itself, but life comes from spirit and soul.

All the experiences and impressions of life, is acquired from outside and thus, doesn’t reflect one’s true identity. The true identity of a person is revealed, when he is ready to drop his mind, and move into the space of emptiness.

The life of the spirit and soul initiate, once you dive into the emptiness. The realization of the self, happens with the realization of the spirit. Physical body is developed over the time, while the spirit and soul comes from the other world.

With mind, we only into the illusory world, never to reach to the ultimate truth of life. The true meaning and purpose of life can only come, when you know, who you really are, and what’s the purpose of existence.

The life on existence is full of wisdom and bliss. You can only get one with it, if you realize your true authentic self.

The life of a self-realized person is to serve the purpose of life on existence, rather to fulfill only one’s own needs of life. The realization of one’s self, opens the doors of heaven on earth.

All the beliefs, ideologies, thought process, imagination, hallucination gets drop with the self-realization to experience life, in its natural form.

The life can only be truly understood and lived with the self. The entire process of life, is to grow and evolve in a way, where we come closer to our true authentic self. For the person, who is more interested in knowing the truth of life, there is always an option for him to look within, and know the source of life.

All the wisdom and bliss of life exists inside each one of us, and we don’t have to look anywhere else to look for the solutions of our life.

“There is no real problem exists under the sun, except unfolding the human’s mind to his original nature, i.e. the realization of self.”

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