Take those Small Steps for a Big leap



To take that big leap in your life, take those small steps. Your big stride comes out of these small steps. It’s these small steps that create the path for you, to take that big leap into your life. It’s only with the small steps you take your life forward.

All the creativity, innovation, invention comes out of these small steps. It’s those small steps that allow you to create miracles. The scientist doesn’t discover on the first day of his experiment, but it goes on experimenting every day to create something that serves the whole mankind.

All the big ideas, insights, visions, goals, purpose of life can only be implemented to this day. No matter how big you think, you can only manifest, if you can implement your idea into reality. All the implementation of big ideas and visions of life is possible to this day. Any process in any direction can be initiated to this day. When you initiate the process by taking those small steps, you give yourself the chance to experience the miracle that is waiting for you, along the path.

When it comes to small steps, it can only be taken on this day. You have to connect with the daily life, to take your life forward. Every conscious step that you take, serves you in taking your life forward.

The big leap is possible only on this day. To take a big leap, you have to have clarity with your daily life. Every day you have a schedule to follow. Your daily schedule of life should be precise and simple. There should not be too much task that adds confusion to your life. Keep the task that is attainable to this day.

Too many things, simply add chaos to the life. With too much confusion you cannot take a big leap or big decisions in your life. Your mind should be filled with peace before you think to advance to another level.

You have to have clarity on your daily schedule and every task that you undertake every day. Once you are clear in your head with your daily task, you know what to expect and what you need to deliver with every task. It’s only the clarity that allows you to see into the future, and keep you moving forward in your life.

The life is not only limited to the action, but it also requires planning and scheduling on an everyday basis to take life forward.

The key is the small everyday steps towards our goals. Every day you have to contribute something so that you come closer to your goals. Don’t wait for the big strides, but take those small strides on an everyday basis, and no sooner you will be prepared for the big strides.

Many people savor the idea of overnight success, but the one who has already gone through the path knows that it’s not a one-day event and every day you have to participate with life and add something to life so that you come closer to your success.

Big ideas come to your mind when you have enough space in your daily life to look into life. Your mind should have enough empty space, that the whole planning and execution of the ideas can be held by your mind.

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Big ideas or big leaps don’t come from outside, but it grows and develops into your mind. You have to have enough experience with life so that the big ideas get into your head, and you also develop clarity about its execution in the outside world.

Life prepares us with different experiences. In the moment, when you go through the experience, you never realize the actual purpose of it, but as you walk along the path, the past experiences serve the purpose in the present moment.

You grow with life, not out of how much you accumulate rather how clearly you can see through life and understand the different situations and events of your life.

You already carry the path to your vision in your mind, but it requires you to walk towards your vision so that the path ahead becomes clear to you.

The next step is visible to you if you take those few initial steps. The vision of life becomes clear to you, as you keep taking those small steps.

No matter what kind of dreams or desire you savor, or what you aspire to become in your life, all comes down to this day of your life. You have to justify this day of your life. Living this day to its fullest and giving everything to this day will justify your efforts towards your dreams and desires.

Remember the life is truly magical and it has its own way to connect the things of the world. All it requires from your end is to read the signs and omens in the moment, (for which you have to stay present in the moment, and not allow your mind to wander into the dreams of the future) and follow it till the end.

Life has its ways for everything, and if you are determined to stay with your dreams and ready to go till the end, life itself creates a path for you to fulfill your dreams.

Life is simple and has its simplest path for every goal. It’s just the human mind that confuses the things too much in his head, and refuse to move forward.

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No matter what your life situation is, but if you can take those steps to come out of the slumber, and keep moving forward, there is nothing in life that can stop you, to have you what you want out of life.

Everything that is big comes out of small. There is no mystery of life that cannot be solved by taking one step in that direction. With life, everything is possible if you take that one step in the right direction. You not only learn to take those big strides out of the daily experience, but you also learn the importance of small steps, that becomes the ladder for you to achieve those big goals in your life.

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