Strive to overcome Obstacles in life

overcome obstacles in life

This post was most recently updated on November 14th, 2018

We all have problems in life, and many times this problems becomes so huge in our heads, that it becomes impossible to handles those problems in our day to day life.

It puts us down at every step. Well, over the time I have realized that, no matter what situation you are into, if you are willing to come out, life serves you at every step.

It may appear that life is a mess, and you will never come out of it, but when you consciously put your best foot forward, slowly you notice yourself coming out of the mess.

Life is a mystery, and it’s not always against you, but it very much exists to serve you, provided you stay open to life.

Our mind likes to remain occupied into problems, and thus we don’t see the ways to overcome the obstacles in life.

When we consciously look for the ways to overcome our obstacles in life, we experience the magic of life.

Many times, we wait for the troubles to grow so big, that we respond at the last minute. And, then we feel it’s too late.

Over the time, I have mentioned in my blogs that, life is all about understanding. Unless you live every moment of your life with understanding, life can slip from your hands at any time.

You don’t create your problems in a day rather you grow it over time.

You have to be well aware of your life every moment. Every step you take in your life should come out of awareness.

We all perceive life at the level of mind and assume life happens at the level of mind, but that’s not the case. Life takes place way beneath the mind, at the level of energy. It’s the inner moving energy that gives rise to the thoughts, feelings and imaginations of the mind.

When we try to understand life, with the perception of the mind, we always fall short of life.

This is the only problem arise, when we caught up into the daily problems of life. We just couldn’t see our life from a different perception. We simply get caught up into our perception, and couldn’t see our lives from any other perception.

What we see in our minds remains the truth for us, but that’s not the actual reality.

You always create your reality in the moment. You have the power to design your life, at the moment. No matter what you have experienced in the past, but the time you pledge to make the difference to your life, you notice the change in your life.

Life requires hustle. When you are in a deep slumber, it requires deeper hustle, to come out of the slumber.

You have to take the responsibility of your life. When you take responsibility of your life, you can bring the necessary changes with your life.

When you think, its somebody else’s job or you have the third person to blame for your situation; in that case you can never come out of your trouble.

You have to understand the fact that, you need the change, and not others and thus all the striving is required from your side. You want to see your life different than what it exists, and thus all the efforts are required from your end.

We are habituated to follow the road routine, and expect the miracles in our lives. Life doesn’t happen that way. What you give, you receive. If you give the same thing every day to life, you will receive the same thing back. If you push yourself beyond your limits every day, life too respond to you in a similar manner.

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