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Every person is unique in its own way, and so everyone has its own way to share his spiritual experience. Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Lao Tzu, Muhammad, Raman Maharishi, Abraham and every enlightened being experience the same experience, but the way they expressed themselves differed.

The supreme soul is one and experience of it cannot differ. But when the experience comes in words, it takes a different form of expression. The expression comes in the form of words, and mind comes to play its role. Each mind is different from the other.

Attachment with the Physical Form.

People are attached with the physical form. Attachment with the physical form doesn’t stop only with our physical body, but we too get attached to the things that give soothing feeling to our senses.

The person who has never experienced life beyond the physical world will never know any other experience of life. His life will be limited to his own physical body and everything that exists on a physical level.

The Chakra Book: Energy and Healing Power of the Subtle Body

There is a life beyond the physical form, that is more joyful and bring more bliss to life. When the person rises from the physical form consciously, he comes across space within, that is more expressive.

In life the person always looks for two things, one is happiness and the second is constant growth for inner satisfaction. This is the inner mechanism of life, that cannot be altered. To grow and evolve with life, and develop a better perception towards life, it’s necessary for the person to rise above the physical form.

Invisible Astral Form.

The physical body is not the primary body of a human. It’s the secondary one. The primary body is the astral body that allows the process of life from within. The astral body is an emotional body.

The astral body is attached to the physical body and gives us the sense of different feelings and emotions. Astral body once detaches from the physical, gives you deeper spiritual experiences. The soul is recognized, once the astral body is detached from the physical one. You have Spirit (Life Energy) in the Body

When the mind thinks thoughts and imagines pictures, it gets registered in the astral body. Normally we think more negative thoughts than the positive ones, and thus, the heart always feels heavy. All types of negative, as well as the positive emotions, does get stored in the astral body.

If the past experiences are not so pleasant, the mind creates negative thoughts and if we hold those thoughts for long, soon it starts manifesting the similar types of thoughts and experiences in our life.

The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

You cannot allow your mind and heart to occupy by negative thoughts and emotions, but you have to figure out ways, to rise above them. In the initial stage, you may need help, but once you learn the art of creating positive thoughts and emotions, you will climb the ladder with life.

Meditation works on a deeper level of the mind, to slow down the thoughts and change the quality of it, to allow the positive thoughts and emotions to emerge from inside. Meditation is an act to observe your mind. When you observe, your life energy begin to shift upward. When your life’s energy shifts upward, your mind and heart begin to form positive thoughts and emotions.


Before we understand soul-consciousness, it’s necessary to understand the soul. The soul is a life energy in the body; realized, when you take the attention of the mind inward and experience life beyond mind.

With the soul-consciousness, the astral body doesn’t accumulate unnecessary emotions, as the mind is focused on the soul. When the mind thinks useless thoughts, the heart feels heavy, and the emotional debris gets formed, but when your attention remains on the soul, you do the task on hand, at the same time, remain aware of the soul. With the soul-consciousness, the mind remains in control and can be directed in the desired direction.

I am the Soul.

If you receive the designated post in the outside world, the mind develops the identity of that post and you identify yourself with the designation, as your second identity. After enlightenment when the person realizes his soul, he detached himself with the body and mind consciousness and connect with the inner mechanism of spirit and soul.

The “I” in you, likes to associate himself with anything, that becomes part of your daily living. If you work on yourself and observe more of your inner world, slowly you drop all of the illusive personality, taken over by your identity.

More and more you move towards the awakening, more and more the illusive identity begins to drop from your mind. At the end, you remain with the identity, for which nothing remains to cling to, and that time, you come face to face with yourself.

With life, what’s important is, how you understand life. Life has its flow. If your understanding tells you, that life flows with the mind, you simply block the gate of life, that flows from much deeper part of your mind.

Life is not limited to the mind, but the mind too has its source. The immediate source of mind can be realized as life energy, and when you remain, as an observer with the life’s energy, you realize the source of life’s energy, which is the soul. Five Sheaths that covers the Source in the Body

The soul is just the name of an empty space, in you, from where the life’s energy flows. The life energy is the spirit in the body. The form of the spirit is just like the spiritual web, the movement of which can be noticed in deep meditation.

When we consider our self as a soul, the perception to look at the outside world gets change. We shift beyond the horizon of the mind. The mind has a limited circle to follow.

After the realization of the soul, the wisdom or third-eye opens up, and you view the same world with completely different perspective. All your beliefs, ideas and conception with your mind gets shattered.

The Awakening of Intelligence

Life is all about experiences and experiment. All the experiences of life come with experiment. We cannot accumulate new experience unless we are open for a new experience and for the new experiences, you have to experiment with life.

Try experimenting yourself with the soul-consciousness, and rather relating yourself with the physical body, try to experience everything with the soul. Evaluate your experience, the other day and see the difference.

Soul meets the Supreme Soul.

The Supreme soul is the father of all souls. Every human being has a soul. When we talk about God, we so easily put him in words, but unless we experience the soul, there is no way to describe or to have a glimpse of him. Only the soul can recognize the supreme soul.

All the path of religion leads us to the soul, that can direct us to the supreme soul. With the mind, it’s hard to understand the alchemy of the inner world. To realize life beyond mind, you have to take a shift from the mind to no-mind state, to experience reality, beyond the perception of the mind.

Adi Dev: The First Man


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