Single-task or Multi-tasking from psychological and Spiritual perspective.

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A single task is to do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is to stay engaged in more than one project at a time. Multi-tasking doesn’t only limits of doing more than one tasks at a time, but it also includes, staying engaged in more than one project at a time.

Some people believe in multi-tasking and hold an idea, about getting more things done in a lesser time, while the people who do one thing at a time, feels more connected to the moment, and like to shift from moment to moment.

From the psychological perspective, when you see, what goes on into your mind, when you do multitasking or single task, you can get a better picture of the two scenarios.

With the multi-tasking, it’s hard to keep your mind to the moment. Your mind is always jumping to the next. Most of the time, it’s the restless people, who follow the course of multi-tasking.

Our life on earth works out of ideas and beliefs savored by the individuals. Some people like to achieve more in one lifetime, and for them, multitasking appears to be the most efficient way to achieve their goals. It’s altogether a different matter, how much they achieve and what kind of success they cherish at the end of their lives.

When you see life as a whole, you will notice that life believes in quality and not quantity. The life is constantly moving towards the qualitative life and not the quantitative one.

The multi-tasking somehow limits you towards the quantitative life. You may be able to do more, but the thing is, what purpose it served with life?

Just adding things to that which already exists is simply a waste of time. If you cannot create something new and fresh in life then it’s of no use. You have simply repeated the same circle of life.

To produce something fresh and creative, you need a focused mind. The mind has its own nature. It cannot think two things, simultaneously at one time. It can only think one thought at a time. You can try for yourself. Try to shout it loud two names together, say jenny and Jones.

You can only take one name at a time. The other name follows the first name, but you cannot take both the name at the same time. This is how the mind works. The mind can think and imagine one thought at a time. Your heart can hold one feeling or emotion at a time.

When you consciously spend some time each day to know your mind, one day you will realize that you have only one mind. Everything that appears in the form of thoughts, imagination, logic, reasoning, judgment and various other functions of the mind comes from one mind. The mind exists as a whole in you.

When you do one thing at a time, you direct all your attention and energy in that one direction and you bring the best out of your efforts.

Even if you see the working of life, you see one moment is happening after the other. No two moments of life happens together, rather one follows the other. This has to be the natural ways of life.

No matter what you do in your life, follow the course of one thing at a time. This will connect you with the natural ways of life. The mind as we understand is not only limited to our individual understanding, but it’s also part of the cosmic order that governs the universe.

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The magic of it can be realized if you follow the natural ways of life, and explore the full potential of your mind.

When you start working on any task, it’s not only the body and mind that gets into work, but you also have the vital energy along with the spiritual energy that works through you and serves you to accomplish the task at hand.

The vital energy, as well as the spiritual energy, is not divided anywhere and simply moves in the direction of the mind. If your mind is divided into multiple tasks, your energy too gets split inside, and you cannot make most out of it.

With the multiple-tasking, the mind lives in duality. It’s only by doing one thing at a time; you stay connected with the mind that works as a whole.

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Doing one thing at a time also has a spiritual advantage. From the spiritual perspective, you are not limited to your body and mind, but you also have very much active spirit in the body along with its source.

As I have mentioned above, about the vital energy in the body. So, here you have the physical body, vital energy (Derives from food), Mind, Spirit (Subtle energy), and the source.

When you do one thing at a time, you strike a chord, between the body, vital energy, mind, spirit, and source. You feel connected deep down inside. You just cannot fail by doing one thing at a time. You work with the life that is happening as a whole.

You have heard many saints and sages, follows the same principle of living one moment at a time or if moving, taking one step at a time. This is the only life lesson that every sage follows.

All the wisdom of life contains, in this simple truth of life. In the moment of life lies the truth. In the moment of life, you connect with the eternal process of life. It’s only in the moment, you rise above the surface level of the mind and connect with the higher consciousness. The moment connects you with the magic of life but it can only happen if you move with one thing at a time.

All the success and achievement and goals and purpose of life follow if you go on doing one thing at a time. Following the course of single-task, not only adds quality and efficiency to your task but you can also see far ahead, by following the course of one thing at a time.

Sometimes, when our mind is caught up in too many things, we miss to see the path ahead and get caught up in the moment. But at the same time, if we only follow the course of one thing at a time, we can feel peace in our head, and still move ahead on our path of life.

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