Self-Realization is an Ultimate Consequences, for All Your Actions

self realization

All your subtle or physical karma leads to self-realization or enlightenment, either in this birth or may be the next or next to next birth. This is an existential truth, that can be realized after enlightenment. There are many thoughts of the sages, that gets hard for the mind to understand, as mind always have limited perspective towards life, while the sage can look at life, from the beginning till end.

Life is limitless, and actions or karma both at the physical or subtle level is a part of it. All the actions are beautiful in its own ways, provided you do each action, out of understanding, and relate some meaning to it.

If you go on, living the repetitive cycle of life, nobody is going to stop you, as nobody knows, what you think and feel, not even god, and what motivates your actions and intentions in the physical world, except yourself.

Only you know, what you do with your life, and does your life, really holds some meaning or you are simply taking a circle with life.

“Each one has to decide for himself, in which direction, his actions or karma is taking him, and if he don’t like the consequences of his present action, than he always hold the Power to choose The direction of his life.”

Great by Choice

Ultimate goals of all the physical, as well as subtle karma, is to lead you towards the self-realization.

What is self-realization?

Self-realization is to realize the truth. All the path leads to the truth if your intention and attention lie in knowing the truth. All your actions or karma on your path can lead you towards the self-realization in this very birth if you are really interested in knowing the truth.

The mind thinks that, unless he knows the destination, he cannot reach to the spot, but with the experience of self-realization, it’s all about an experience. Experience is always above your thinking.

Self-realization is an experience. It’s the realization within, beyond the state of thoughts, imagination, and no-mind state.

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Life moves forward with understanding. Only understanding helps you, to take your life to another level. If your daily life comes out of understanding, you can easily reach to the state of self-realization.

Remember self-realization is a state, from where all the wisdom and bliss of life flows. It’s not the thing of the mind, but yes, the mind can take you to the state of self-realization with right intention and attention on the path of realization.

Your intention decides the imagination, thoughts, feelings and actions with life. Your attention or focus on things too depends on upon your intentions.

It may happen that, the same work is done by many people, but each one carries the intention of his own. With the same work, one person reaches to the heights of success, while others simply go round the circle.

All the actions, that are part of your life, comes out of the spiritual energy, that you hold within your body. Your intentions or purpose or goal with life, extract the right amount of energy from within. Later it takes a form of actions. Your life, in different forms comes from within.

All your actions, thoughts, feelings and images of your mind, depends on the energy, that you carry at the moment.

The Energy Bus

With all the actions, consequences are attached to it. Each action carries its result with it, be it in the physical or subtle form. When the actions are limited, its consequences too remains limited, but when the mind is focused on the larger picture of life, or always remains opens to experience life, beyond itself, it creates space within, for the self-realization.

Self-realization is not something that happens in the moment, but the body, heart, and mind have to go through the necessary process before you experience something beyond yourself. The capacity of the body, heart, and mind should increase.

Self-realization is an experience, where the subtle body gets separated from the physical body and rise higher within the brain itself, to experience the vibrational space of the mind. Above the space of the thoughts, there lies a space in the mind, that vibrates at a higher level. The experience of self-realization happens in that space.

The thought process takes place in the mind, but there is also space, to which the person has an access, once he is able to silent his mind, and reach to the no-mind state.

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Once the mind gets silent, and reach to the no-mind state, a stage arises, where the spiritual or kundalini energy, that lies dormant at the bottom of the spine, gets awaken and detach the subtle body from the physical body. Once the subtle body gets detach, it begins to rise high, beyond the space of the mind, to experience the vibrational space.

Bliss is an experience, that comes from this space of mind. The subtle body or spirit comes down, from the experience and again the same process of life, starts within the body. The entire process gets noted into the mind, in the form of an experience.

All the karma or actions can direct you, in the direction of self-realization, if you simply bring a little awareness to your actions. Life moves forward, when you look for, something with life. You don’t get anything without asking. Somewhere deep down inside, it’s your craving, and when it comes to the surface, in the form of experience, sometimes, you too get shock and surprise.

“You cannot experience anything with life, that doesn’t already exists within. Fresh experiences of life, doesn’t happens with fluke, or co-incidence, but you consciously choose them.”


Remember the idea of fresh experience, is not to meet a person for the first time, because of no matter if you meet the person for the first time, you as a person, remain the same. The person may appear in front of you, for the first time, but your approach still remains the same.

Fresh experiences of life, happens with experiment. When you leave the old ways of thinking and seeing the world from inside, and remain open from within, to allow the life to happen. Life has its own ways, to create a path for you if you don’t become an obstacle.

To experiment and to remain open to life, simply means you are ready to rise higher. You are ready to drop all your fears and anxiety behind. You are not afraid to climb high. Even you are not afraid to drop yourself and experience life beyond.

You are ready to look at life, as it is. You are ready to see the truth. Also you are ready to experience life beyond death, and you are ready to realize and experience eternal life.

Life is a beautiful experience with all its different shades and your daily actions are part of it. If actions of your daily life, doesn’t excite you, then the problem is, not with the actions, or your job or your business but the actual problem lies in you.

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You know, the great souls, make the most of their lives, living the life, that you live. Nobody gets extra privileges from life, but for life everyone is equal, and each one gets according to his or her struggles with life.

It may appear like one may achieve, everything in this birth, and it may not be possible, for you to reach to that stage, then it simply means, you cannot see the life, as a whole.

Nothing happens on the existence by luck, chance or fate, but everything holds its process. Each person has to go through a certain process with its mind, heart, and body to understand life and to get one with it.

The successful people are more acquainted with the process of life, in their own way, in their respective field. You cannot create anything on the existence, by going against the law. You have to come to terms with the natural laws of life, to manifest your dreams or desires of life. Life is a process, and all your actions should be in alignment with the inner process.

You cannot change the process but certainly, you can understand the process, and more you understand the process, more your subtle as well as physical actions, get aligned with the natural process of life.

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The struggle or pain or suffering with life only happens when your actions are out of the process and still, your expectation out of your actions, touches the sky. The one who understands the process always keeps his attention on the process, i.e. his karma or actions, and allow the process to bring the things to him.

Life cannot play against its own rules, and this has to be understood with life. Once you understand the process of life, your actions will be aligned with it, and then your actions with life, will not be a struggle, but it will be, more out of acceptance.

When you realize that certain process is required, for the growth and evolution of your body, heart, and mind, then your pain and suffering will not bother you, but you will accept them, as a process of growth and evolution.

Things with life, only bother you, when you expect something, and life turns out something else. When you get to know life, you drop all the expectations from life, and, become one with the natural process of life.

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