Recognize the Patterns of life, & Direct Your Energy to it


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As an individual or personal identity, your role is to simply identify, the patterns of life, and direct your mind, heart, and body to it. The mind, heart, and body are an energy in different forms.

As your understanding grows with life, you try to identify the patterns of life. Your role in life is to simply explore and discover and figure out, what resonates with your mind, heart, and body and make it a part of your life.

The purpose of life is to realize one’s highest potential and be one with the source. The entire process of life is to bring us closer to the source.

Say for e.g., you (personal identity) standing at a station, and there are several trains’s (chaos with life) on the station, and one of them (Patterns of life) can take you to the desired destination (Source), what you do, you simply search for the right one, and get on the train. Once you get in, you simply enjoy the process of life, as you know the train will lead you to the desired destination.

This happens when you realized your path or experience enlightenment. To realize one’s path is to recognize the patterns of life, and the enlightenment is to get on the train.

It all depends on upon where you spend your energy, on a daily basis. Do you pick the signs or follow your intuition, or simply have picked the repetitive process of life.

Life is a repetitive process with the logical or rational mind. The rational mind thinks before the action, and thus never accomplish beyond his limited capacity, while the process of evolution or patterns of life, can be recognized, once you follow your intuition or develop your power of imagination.

The self-realization happens, when you experience the life beyond mind, and unlock the life force or cosmic energy, which is located at the bottom of the spine. All the experience of life is possible, because of the cosmic energy.

The cosmic energy and sensation, allows you to experience life with the mind, heart, and body. Every life on earth, be it the human or animals, moving or stagnant on the existence, holds the cosmic energy and sensation.

The expansion in the inside, as well as the outside world is possible through cosmic energy and sensation. The manifestation of the material world is possible with the power of the mind, heart, and body.

The quality of the mind, heart, and body, decides the quality of your experiences and impressions of the outside life. The perception at the different time of the day, depends on upon the circle of cosmic energy, into the subtle body.

It doesn’t require special effort, but an intent and awareness in the moment. Life talks to you in many ways.

“It’s not necessary that you have to observe the nature or go into the forest to understand life, but your daily situations and events, and your experiences and impressions of life, are enough to connect you with the process of life.”

When we are too much indulge in ourselves, we are not ready to listen to life. Life talks to us every moment, in its own ways. When you simply sit and allow the life to happen, you receive the response from life.

You don’t have to look anywhere else, but the life that you experience outside comes from within. Your own mind develops the perception towards life, from your experience. So to understand life better, simply look inside.

Your perception and understanding towards life depend on upon the cosmic energy that flows from within. If you begin the process, to detach yourself with all the things, that doesn’t serve you, both from outside as well as inside the world, you come closer to the experience of cosmic energy.

Every day you receive part of the cosmic energy, to sustain life on earth. It depends on upon you, what you do with the energy. Either you waste it, spending your time and energy on the things, that holds no importance with your life, or use the energy to uplift and empower life.

You cannot achieve anything real in the outside life if it doesn’t come from within. The success without understanding gives rise to fear and insecurity with life, and even if you fail in the outside life, following your heart, still deep down inside, you can still gain a sense of security.

The real understanding towards life comes from within. You don’t understand anything outside, but simply pick the signs, so that you can develop the understanding inside. All the life’s situation and people around you are for the personal development and to bring you closer to your higher self. If you understand this fact, you simply change your view towards life and utilize every opportunity that life brings to you, to your advantage.

Everyone holds themselves so tight, that they don’t keep space into themselves, to allow the natural process of life, to take place. Everyone is more interested in dragging with life, but not ready to drop themselves, so that something new or fresh with their life, can take place.

“If anything that stops you, to realize your true potential, is your attachment to your personal identity. Nothing on this earth, binds you, more than your personal identity and your own image of your mind.”

You are so much attached to yourself, that anything you experience out of your own belief system, you simply drop that idea from life.

The process of evolution or to become one with the patterns of life is to climb the higher ladder, and not to repeat the same circle of life. Each day you have to pick something higher than yesterday, that lifts you up, or push you forward with life.

You cannot achieve anything, by being at the same place. You have to explore life, and figure out different ways that go well with your heart and mind. Life is not a monotonous process, but an exciting journey, that allows you to experience all the thrills on the way. But this can happen, if you agree to leave your comfort zone, and remain open with the mind, to dive into the deeper realm of life.

“All the joy & understanding,wisdom & bliss of life, is an experience of the inner world, and outside world simply reciprocates, with your inner condition.”

The recognition of the path happens, when you connect with the outside situation or experience’s of life, and feel them inside, at the same time. Observe your thought process and different emotions, in different situations or with different people. Feel what you experience inside, and change the way you think or feel, if you don’t like it, in the moment. This will allow you to connect with the inner world while experiencing the outside life.

With the time, you experience that, all the experience of the outside world, is exactly the thoughts and emotions, that you carry inside, and the time you initiate the change with the inner thoughts and emotions, your perception towards the same situation and people change, in the moment.

The point is, your inner world allows you to perceive life outside, with the world you develop inside, with different experiences and impressions of life.

The experience of enlightenment is the same for everyone, and we all are created in the same way from inside, but when it comes to the mind, and the experiences & impressions of the mind, we differ.

“If Buddha and Christ share their experience of enlightenment with the mind, it’s bound to differ. The experience is the same, but the expression of each one differs.”

With the mind, heart, and body, the process of life remains the same, but the way each one creates their mind, heart and body, out of their own choice of experience’s and impressions of life, differs.

We have to simply recognize the process of life, that takes place within all of us, and try to get closer to it. This process itself is the doorway to the cosmic energy and further into the higher world of vibrations.

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