Planning & Scheduling brings certainty, with uncertain Life


Life is uncertain, and you can expect anything out of life. With uncertain life, the only certainty is planning and scheduling. With life, you can expect anything. If you already carry an idea or pre-conceived notion with life, it’s bound to fail with life.

The important thing to understand is, that you cannot plan for everything, but still, planning and scheduling is important. When uncertainty hits you in life, everything simply falls apart, but at the same time, if you have a proper schedule or planning with life, you can get back with life, as soon as you clear the mess.

It’s a tendency of a human to simply relax with life when things are going smooth or when he is experiencing the happy days. The life’s wisdom teach you a different way, where he wants you to remain even, with all the different shades of life.

You cannot take anything with life for granted. If you are simply alert and aware with life, it takes no time for you to get back with life, but if you live with the laid back attitude, even the small pebble in the shoe can hit you hard like a rock, at the moment.

Planning and scheduling with life put you into the process. You don’t act on things, that you don’t wish to make it a part of your life. If your actions are towards your dreams and desire’s, you will certainly progress with life, but as you grow and evolve with life, you realize that you have bigger responsibilities to serve other than yourself.

“Everything and everyone on this earth are interconnected, from within, and one thing impacts to another. If something hits your inner circle, you feel the vibes. You cannot ignore anything on this earth, as everything is included.”

It’s not necessary that you have to taste the failure, to learn the lesson’s of life, but with anyone into your circle, gets down with life, somehow it puts you off the track, from your life path. Life affects you, as much as it impacts anyone in your circle.

When you remain awake with all the different situations, you make the most out of every moment of life. You see the good things in everything and change the direction of the most unpleasant situation, into a pleasant one.

Life is not built in a day, but you have to go through the process. You can carry the surplus energy of this day to the next. If you are filled with life in the moment, you can carry out the most difficult task with utmost ease.

The life is a carried forward process. All your deeds count. When your every act makes you feel good, you simply fill yourself up with goodness from the inside, and later when the need arises, you share and utilize it for others.

“Life is like a ladder, where you climb the staircase. You cannot foresee the future, but you can certainly look back, to learn the lesson’s of life.”

Life Lessons

The planning and scheduling with your daily life put you into the habit of analyzing and evaluating your daily life, and thus you learn the life’s lesson out of it.

The understanding that you develop with daily analyzing and evaluating different situations of your life, develops the path for your ultimate freedom.

It’s not necessary that you go through each experience to understand life, as most of the life’s experience simply repeats itself. If you are open to life and have a habit of learning, you can develop the understanding towards life, from others experience.

Only when you try something new with your life, you have to experiment on your own.

The path of wisdom and bliss too has to be a cover on your own. No other person holds power to deliver the wisdom of life or bliss into your life. You certainly can have a glimpse of it, in the company of sages, but when it comes to personal experience, you have to create and follow your own path.

The process of evolution with different situation and experiences is to bring you closer to the experience of wisdom and bliss, into your life. When you take life in your hands and start creating life out of personal choices, you bring awareness to the moment, and you accelerate your process of growth and evolution.

Everything under the sun happens through the process. The life follows the process and thus it’s certain. If you understand the process of life, by connecting with your inner self, then you rise above all the planning and scheduling of life.

The planning and scheduling are the thing of a rational mind, which is stuck at the time. With the rational mind, the world view is always limited to the time and space and thus, planning is essential for the rational mind, to keep up with life.

With the rational mind, it’s not possible to understand the entire process of life, in the moment. The life takes place every moment.

If the mind is not capable enough to live responsive life, every moment, it has to go through the process of planning and scheduling, to put the necessary order with life.

“You have to rise above the rational mind, to understand the process of life, and the best way to break the wall of the rational mind is to put yourself into the schedule and planning with your daily life.”

Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

The scheduling with the daily life helps you to understand the same repetitive patterns of life, and then it becomes easier to drop the rational mind and connect with the world of intuition or imagination.

There is nothing uncertain on this earth, and everything moves according to the internal process of life. It’s just that when you are less aligned with your inner-self, you cannot see the synchronization between everything that takes place on earth.

The more we connect with our inner world of intuition or imagination, we come closer to the patterns of life, and when we show courage to drop our imagination of the mind along with the individual personality “I”, we experience the perfection in life.

As Gautama Buddha has rightly said, ” “When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”.

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